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December 03 2004

Eliza Dushku to guest on 'That 70s Show' in February. This will be her first TV appearance since Tru Calling ended. She will be the third major Buffyverse actor to appear on the comedy show.

The other two being Seth Green and Alyson Hannigan. There's probably been others from Buffy and Angel who've appeared on it.

I'm really surprised the show's lasted this long.
I'll bet it will be a welcome relief for Eliza. She won't be fighting evil (BtVS), running from it (Wrong Turn), or figuring it out (Tru). She may not have to crinkle up her eyebrows one single time!

Hope she has fun.
i actually think the show is quite funny.
I read some stuff back in May that this is the last season cause Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher are leaving.
Its the only role I've ever liked Kutcher in. And Fez cracks me up. I was in high school in the late seventies and I love the clothes, sets, and cars. They really are spot on.
For me, The Butterfly Effect. I loved the movie, and thought Kutcher did a fabulous job.

I do find That 70's Show funny. I'll definitely watch Eliza in it. Nice change of pace for her.
Wow, Angela, I found something we disagree strongly about. ;) I thought Kutcher was fine in The Butterfly Effect, but as for the movie itself - I thought it was repetitious, dreary, predictable, sadistic, and malevolent. It's rare that I won't watch a movie through to the end, but after about 50 minutes of that one, we switched it off. I love sci-fi, time travel, what have you, but that flick was an exercise in degradation.

But I too am glad that ED's getting a different kind of gig. I think she can give good comedy.
seth green was so funny with the GI Joes...
Also, Dean Batali and Rob Des Hotel from BtVS S1 are writers/producers of the show. Although, from what I remember, their Buffy shows were fairly mediocre.
I'd have to disagree about the BtVS episodes written by Dean Batali and Rob des Hotel being mediocre, although I think a lot of fans do feel that way about these episodes.

Personally, I really like them. For various unimportant reasons, 'Never Kill A Boy On The First Date' is actually my all-time favourite BtVS episode. I also really like the other four episodes they wrote; 'The Puppet Show', 'The Dark Age', 'Killed By Death' and 'Phases'. I realise these episodes would not appear in many people's lists of 'favourites' but I never grow tired of watching them.
I think it's great that all these stars from the buffyverse are appearing on the show. ::chants:: I WANT MORE!!! ;) I just bought season 1 the other day. Does anyone know if this is the last season?
dashboardprophet: "The Puppet Show" was the first episode of BtVS that I saw. I was blown away by the snappy and witty dialog, especially in that first scene between Principal Snyder and the gang and Giles, by the simple but effective plot feints and misdirects, and by the wonderful visual look of the show. Despite the "cheesiness" that some attribute to the first season, I felt, even then, that there was real darkness underlying the high school setting (I mean, a demon cutting out students' hearts? Forcing unwilling kids to be in a school play? c'mon . . . ) And the Oedipus denouement really should have made my list of memorable Buffy moments back in that other thread. All in all, a terrific episode.

Also love "The Dark Age" - big one for the Giles fans out there, - and "Phases" (ditto Oz), and I have a strong affection for "NKABOTFD." ("Killed By Death", alas, not one of the highlights of the show for me).

I think Batali and des Hotel did a bang-up job in helping to create and people the Buffyverse.
I thought it was repetitious, dreary, predictable, sadistic, and malevolent. - SNT

So, um, you're saying you didn't like it? :)

I confess, I thought it was one of the better movies I had seen in a while. It was much darker than I expected; I can see where it would turn some off. You might have felt slightly different had you watched it through to the end, but if you hated it already, why bother right?

Can't agree on everything anyways, that would be boring! We do; however, agree about The Puppet Show.
Killed By Death was the first episode I saw, and I thought it was great, having not seen any of the others. I still like it, though. "If Death asks you to play chess, don't even do it. The guy's, like, a whiz."

I've enjoyed the few episodes I've seen of That 70s Show, but I never seem to think to watch it.
My fav character on the show is Hyde...Steven as Mrs. Foreman calls him. ;p Danny Masterson is awesome! :D And I had no idea that Dean Batali, and Des Hotel were writers on the show! ::hangs head in shame:: I feel so dumb. LOL. I have to agree w/ 'SoddingNancyTribe' though. They played their part in forming the characters of the Buffyverse and they deserve credit. I think that they did a fine job w/ the eps they wrote. :)
It's show a few funny moments....
and since two of the shows producers were former Mutant Enemy staffers, makes it a peculiar Whedonverse connection.
I'll be watching!
Sorry, I can't add any meaningful comments about That 70's Show. I've never seen it. Alyson Hannigan guested on it a couple of times, didn't she?

To get back to Dean Batali and Rob des Hotel, I agree with everything SNT says about 'The Puppet Show'. The first season was a lot darker than many people suggest. I give you 'The Pack' as evidence of this. I have never found the season cheesy at all, just great fun to watch. I must have watched all of these twelve episodes 20 or more times and I never grow tired of them.

Dreamlogic, I am really pleased to discover that someone else likes 'Killed By Death' aside from me. I've never understood the negative reaction this episode tends to get. As was mentioned in SFX recently, "Gellar gives good flu". A very fine and undervalued episode, I think.
"Killed by Death" was also the very first Buffy that I ever saw, and it was enough to hook me for the duration! I will always love the scene when Xander stands up to Angel to protect Buffy. Anyone else out there ever wish that Xander and Buffy had hooked up for at least one season? I also thought that the bad guy of that ep was particularly creepy. NKABOTFD was also a standout ep IMHO.
Stop the madness, we all know what we want Eliza to do next. Starts with a 'Joss', ends in a 'Slayer'.

'Nightmares' was the BtVS episode that hooked me forever.
I really love NKABOTFD and Puppet Show - when I go back to season 1 these are two of the episodes I really enjoy rewatching. I feel the same as SNT about Puppet Show. I love Never Kill a Boy... because it has so many funny moments (Buffy flirting with Owen, Cordy being rude to Buffy, "Hello salty goodness", Owen giving Buffy his gold pocket watch and Xander looking as his plastic cartoony watch!) and in the end Giles & Buffy think they foiled the master by killing the annointed one when they didn't. I thought these were great episodes.
Stop the madness, we all know what we want Eliza to do next. Starts with a 'Joss', ends in a 'Slayer'.

That better not be the entire title! One girl in all the world killing everyone with the name 'Joss'? Well, there's Joss Stone but her music isn't THAT bad....
The first episode of Buffy I ever saw that hooked me was The Puppet Show, it was a very funny and whitty if cheesy episode. I mean come on, who couldn't love a perverted wooden puppet?

Lol, anyways...yes I am with Madhatter. Stop this madness, even though it's great to see she'll get a break from the fighting/running/figuring out evil beings and evil things. I'd much rather see Faith the Vampire Slayer than this.
Every time I see Dean Batali and Rob des Hotel on That 70s Show's titles I get the urge to watch Buffy. So I finish watching it then go to Buffy immediately. I loved Alyson and Seth in That 70s Show, they were SO funny. A lot of fans of the show really wanted Seth to become a regular after he hung around with the gang for a while. I wish...

But I also just wanna see Eliza as Faith again. *Sighs* I guess this is the next best thing.
I really love "Never Kill A Boy on the First Date" and "The Dark Age". The Next time that you watch one of these episodes, look for all the classic lines in them. They come by the scorefuls. "The Puppet Show" and "Killed By Death" are both good episodes and i enjoy them, especially the latters Monster of The Week, Der Kindestod, who scared the fried egg out of me!

zz9, it would only be in my wildest dreams that Faith would kill Joss Stone, therefore forever preventing her from making any more music.

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