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December 04 2004

James Marsters Finishes Filming a T.V. Movie

i wonder what channel this will be one. hope it turns out to be a good movie :)
Its filmed by USA Network so I assume it'll air there.
I don’t usually enjoy “true life” drama because - for me - actors are frequently not believable as the “real” people they portray. However, James made me believe in vampires, he made me believe vampires could fall in love, he made me believe love could lead to “soul searching”, he made me believe “soul searching” could lead to redemption, and he made me believe redemption could result in self-sacrifice. I think he could make me believe he’s the real deal in “The Pierre Heist”. I’m looking forward to the movie, and the fact that he’s so incredibly easy on the eyes has nothing to do with it.....
Well, maybe a little.
Yeah it's one of USA Network's "Original Movies" for this season.
The movie was first talked about here at:, before it was known exactly what it was.

The short version, it was filmed by Darius Films (probably in Toronto, otherwise known as Hollywood North) for the USA Network.This is based on a 2 articles that mention films being shot in Canada: Source 1, Source 2, and this outdated Futon Critic Article (I believe that somewhere on the FC site it lists the incorrect production team). For what it's worth IMDB now has mention of the film. I found all of those links listed on another board so it's not that I have too much time on my hands, really, I swear! LOL.

I've heard it will air in February but can't seem to confirm that part right now, as I can't remember where I read that. So I'd take that last bit with a grain of salt!

edited to add: I just saw where I read that. Another board, claimed that on yet ANOTHER board someone had received an email from Himber stating it will be shown in February so a BIG grain of salt is in order if you ask me. When we start seeing ads on USA then we'll know! :)

I think it sounds like it will be good, I know folks have seen the actual story on a Court TV show recently and really thought it was an interesting bit of history.

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Yes, it was filmed in Toronto. We were all on high alert for JM sightings. Didn't happen. sigh
Excellent. Excellent. (rubbing hands together)
I guess Margot Kidder is in this one, too.

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