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December 05 2004

Nathan Fillion and Morena Baccarin at Gen Con in Anaheim. Awww. There's another photo that is just too cute for words. And you can see Morena's new hairdo.

Awww, how sweet. Morena's hair is too cute!
He is sooo sexy!! Drool!!
Oh man, those are wonderful!!
I'm right there with you, Blwessels!
If Awwwwww was in the dictionary, it would have that picture beside it :)

I love how Morena smiles.
Dagnabit! I almost went to GenCon SoCal because I missed Indianapolis. If I'd known Nathan and Morena were going to be there, I woulda!

Awwwwwesome pictures.
"Adam couldn't make it so Morena stepped in". How sweet and nice of her to do something like that for all the fans!
They look so cute. I guess it's 'cos we never see Inara so undignified, but Morena has some adorable in her.
that's so cute :)
Somehow I can just see Morena describing her new haircut over the phone to someone. "It's short. Up to here" and the friend saying "It sounds so cute" a la Buffy and Anya Season 6
"Adam couldn't make it so Morena stepped in"

Hah! Okay, sorry, but I just had a hilarious (and not surprisingly hot) image pop into my head of Adam in Morena's place in those pics, hanging over Nathan (well, with the tallness it'd be more like leaning on Nathan). Giddy smile and all.

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