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"This is the crappiest sacrificial dagger I've ever seen."
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December 04 2004

Original Hero Ray Gun Prop From BUFFY. "The ray gun features the removable diamond, as well as the wooden stand." Has no bids but they want $3000 to start and a $5,500 "Buy it now" option!

For me to spend that much money, the gun would actually have to be able to turn things invisible.
Or the 'Diamond' would have to be real.
Well, considering it's a seven day listing with about 13 hours left and no bids is a good indication that everyone thinks it's a wee bit overpriced!
Guess I will never be able to afford to own a "one of a kind piece of TV and Buffy history".

I do like it though. :)
Yeah, the geek in me says COOOOOL. But I would have to be a lot richer to even think about buying this. Then I would need a new house just to show it off properly. or at least an addition.
If I was gonna buy that gun, it would have to come with a naked!spike exercizing:) for me to give that kinda cash!
I know it's a lot of money but this is the sort of thing I might buy!
I've seen so many "Tablelamp that was in the background in Anya's apartment that you can sort of see in one episode" sold on Ebay which may be nice for one to own and enjoy the (tenious) connection but this, if genuine, is a key prop. One of the most distinctive items from the whole series, certerpeice to a whole episode and handled by several main characters. After the slayer scythe this must come pretty close to being one of the coolest props ever to hit the streets.

But for that price I'd want SMG to deliver it personaly....
Fox also sold this item a couple of months ago, and it went for a substantial amount of money. However that price is ridiculous. I look at props occasionally, and it seems to me that Buffy props always sell for a lot more than other shows.
Well it finished with no bids, not exactly surprised with such a high starting price. If I was rich however I probably would've gone for it :)
It's a distinctive Buffy prop, but that starting bid was pretty high. I wonder what it sold for when it was auctioned by FOX. The Buffy and Angel props do seem to have a high market value though. Didn't Angel's leather overcoat sell for $3500 a few months ago?
Hmm, they were also giving a free copy of the Gone dailies. I'm not sure Fox would approve of that! But no one got suckered into this, which actually surprises me, seeing what some people will pay for say...FAKE MARSTERS HAIR!!

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