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December 05 2004

Best Kisses - TV Guide poll. The online magazine asks "which is your favorite memorable TV kiss" and Buffyverse fans can choose between Buffy and Angel in "I Will Remember You" or Buffy and Spike in "Once More With Feeling".

Funny the genre shows like Farscape, X-Files, Buffy, and Angel are getting the most votes of all the ones listed.
I suspect there's rallying cries on various forums to get the vote out.
B with Angel in IWRY was so bittersweet, and with Spike in OMWF was just flat out hot. Apples and oranges to me. I vote for both. ;)
*Mulder & Scully on The X-Files in front of their love child*
^haha, love child...hahah...anyways:

How the heck is Farscape getting more than spuffy and bangel put together?

Clearly, I voted for Spike and Buffy because I am and forever will be devoted to the ship :)
Heh, the posters over at Save Farscape seem to be finding this quite amusing, John and Aeryn were at 2% yesterday, and now they're in the lead.

They were thinking that the Buffy fans would pose serious competition, but the fact that the Buffy choices split in two got rid of that.
well....I always thought Buff and Spike had some thing kinda kinky and they new each other better than Buff and Angel....and Angel and Cordelia....they should have been a couple....waaaaahhh.....
However......that kiss in the sunshine on IWRY....sigh.

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As a recent Farscape fan I was torn about this, I actually thought the kiss and chemistry between Aerynn and John was pretty hot and the choices for the Buffy/Spike or Buffy/Angel kisses wouldn't have been my picks for hottest Buffyverse kisses, but because my first love is the 'verse I voted for the Buffy/Angel kiss. Now, my favorite kiss between those too is when she goes to see him before school and he's shirtless and they are both acting all awkward and she nervously turns to leave and he grabs her and spins her around and they passionatly kiss! That's one of the best ones for me! I loved the whole episode of IWRY but that's just too painful of an episode for me because of the end.
Wesley and Cordy...okay, not!

Buffy and Angel. From Season 1. When the cross burned into his neck.
The Buffy/Spike kiss at the end of OMWF and the Buffy/Angel kiss in IWRY are not my favorite kissy moments in the verse. I had to be honest and vote for Mulder/Scully. I had been waiting for that kiss for eight frikkin years. I'm a bad Buffy fan.

On the other hand, if, as Lizard mentioned, they had offered the Buffy/Angel kiss at the end of "Angel" as an option, I would have voted for that. Or Buffy and Angel's first kiss, the one that made him vamp out. Those are the ultimate Buffyverse kisses in my book.
They aren't very specific with the Buffy/Angel kiss. I assumed they meant the one at the end, when she's crying right before time turns back, but they did kiss several times before that.
I did love/hate that kiss at the end, it was so heartbreaking.

As for OMWF, I was happy to see it at first, but in retrospect, it's just the start of a very sad, destructive relationship where Spike gets kicked around like a puppy.

My favorite Buffyverse kiss would have to be Buffy kissing Spike in Intervention. It had nothing to do with love or passion, but it actually meant something, and it was probably the only kiss that Buffy gave FOR Spike. The only selfless kiss she ever gave him.
Bah. Willow, Tara, Entropy. The end. ;)
Rogue Slayer: I really agree that the Intervention kiss was really the first and the best...
But OMWF was such a perfect ending to a perfect episode that I am not sorry TV Guide picked that one.

However I don't think either a Spuffy kiss or a Bangle kiss will beat Farscape (Mulder&Scully are rapidly falling behind)
Maybe they should have had an Angel with Spike kiss
(like the one Angelus gives Spike when he is in the wheel chair in S2?) Maybe that would have brought the factions together to beat Farscape!

But you have to credit the scapers, they jumped on this early and have got a strong lead...
and that kiss w/Aeryn & John was great
(those characters are great)
plus they were frozen that way for years...
or I guess they were just dusted to the bottom of the ocean
but the kiss was the thing! LOL

I'm still voting for Spuffy

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I'm far more Spuffy than Bangel, but I had to be honest in that I found the kiss in IWRY (at the end - I hope they weren't referring to another kiss) to be extremely heartbreaking and emotional. The end of OMWF was hot and there was a host of complex emotions going on there, but the IWRY kiss hit me harder. So I voted for that one. Looks like in the OMWF vs IWRY mini-showdown right now, though, that OMWF is winning. In the overall thing, Farscape is definitely far ahead.
I wanted to vote for Kate and Sawyer on Lost, just because I won't be able to forget the scenes leading up to it.

But really, I'm old, so Moonlighting got my vote.
Had to vote for Spike and OMWF, although I share some of the reservations of others above.

Re: Scully. Did anyone follow the link below the poll to see Gillian Anderson and her tremendous loss of weight? She looks absolutely gaunt in the photo provided. What a pity.
I can think of two Buffy/Angel kisses in IWRY: the one everyone's mentioned at the end, where she's crying "there's no time!", and the other one at the half-hour mark where she's at some beachfront park and Angel in his black attire comes striding out of the shadows into the full sun, makes a beeline for her and sweeps her up into his arms. I always loved the way she frames his face with her hands, like she was drawing him into herself. She never held back her depth of passion with Angel, and that one moment was made even more intense by the fact that she must have realized in the second she saw the sun touch him that he was human and they could be together at last. It symbolized the fulfillment of everything they'd dreamed about.

I'm not even a B/A shipper, but that scene and the one at the end totally wreck me every time I watch it. So story-book perfect I couldn't not vote for it, since how often do moments like that happen on a Joss show?
Ah.. Mulder & Scully. No kiss made me excited as much as this one had. Good times.

I personally love IWRY's finale scenes and finale kiss. Very touching and sad. The kiss under the sun doesn't do anything for me. Too sugary. Bah.

OMWF kiss was beautiful and long awaited. Altough if I'd choose a Spuffy kiss, it'd be Tabula Rasa kiss which is very hot or the kiss in Intervention which is very chaste and real.

The best kiss in the universe is where Angelus kisses Spike though. Can't beat that ; )
I don't care what anyone else say.

When the final kiss in IWRY comes up it's goodbye sanity and hello
waterworks. I cry like a baby every time I see that scene. *sniffles*
And think about it... apparently. *wails*

I'll just grab my kleenexes and agree with everyone else.
Buffy and Spike are catching up - 26% as against Farscape's 30%. Come on, guys - we can do it. Go Spike!
You can't beat Buffy & Spike for hot, hot, hot, hot, hot. So I had to vote for them, though I liked their kiss at the end of Tabula Rasa, in The Bronze, better than the one at the end of OMWF. And the kissing in Smashed was really hot, but its hard to think of that as a kissing scene.
Buffy and Spike have pulled ahead at 30% to Farscape's 29%.
Spike and Buffy - without a doubt! My mouth drops open, my breath catches, my heart races, my face flushes, my toes curl.... and then there’s that stuff in-between. They’re just plain hot!
Reading the Farscape board was extremely amusing. Always love a little competition.
riaspark17: I agree. Plus, they seem like very cool people over there. Never seen Farscape, but now I'm quite tempted to check it out . . .

(added) Oh, I voted for Buffy and Spike only b/c it seemed like the clear fav, not b/c it's my favorite kiss of the show (or even of the two Buffyverse contenders . . . ) If pressed, I too would probably pick the "Intervention" kiss. Kisses don't need to be hot and bothered to be wonderful and memorable. Another example: the famous kiss between Tara and Willow in "The Body." Not a great kiss, per se, but a damn fine moment of truth and wonderfulness.

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Reading the Farscape board, I was really pleased to see how good-natured this competition seems so far! I am especially amused to see comments like, "Wait until the Buffyverse finds out!" ;)

I had to vote for Buffy and Spike. My friends and I cried like anything (even the most anti-B/A of my friends) at the IWRY kiss nearing the end of the episode. Buffy and Spike however... dude ;)
For me: Buffy and Angel kiss in Becoming Part 2.
SNT, you're right. A kiss doesn't have to be all heat to be memorable.

Witness this: and I can't believe I'm saying this because I really, really, dislike Dawn...but her little first date smoochage with that conflicted vamp teen in the car was really sweet and so cute I almost got a cavity just watching it.

And the later stuff was just gold. This is all paraphrased, but you get the idea... "You were parking with a vamp?" "Oh, like YOU can talk..." and even before then when Giles showed up, "You have two choices, son..." KNOWING he was talking to a vampire.

I just love those little bits. Don't really like the ep, though.

Hmm. Sound kind of Sybil, don't I?
Buffy and Spike hot - absolutely but

Angel the vampire - I'm with you - I cry major waterworks when Buffy and Angel kiss at the end of Becoming Part 2 and wondered why no one had mentioned it as I read though the posts, but since that kiss is not on the list, I voted Buffy & Spike.
I love the OMWF moment cuz the major conceit of the musical was to sing your truth--and thier truth was the swelling music surge and melting heart merge of a HAPPY ENDING.

Their truth was happy ending. It's all of our truth. It's what we all hope for in our lives.

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Buffy and Angel kissed in Becoming Part 2? He was soulless until the very end, and then, I just remember she told him to close his eyes, and she stuck it to him (to put it delicately.) I admit I don't remember it clearly, but I don't remember any kissage.

True. Kisses don't have to be hot to be memorable, and I love all the ones that have been mentioned. But for me, kisses are more memorable with the dash of Tabasco - be they on the TV screen, in the movies, on the beach, on the couch . . . OK. I'm straying off topic here.
Yes, Sari, Buffy kissed Angel right before she stabbed him and sent him into Acathla.
Oh, yes, that has to be one of the best ones! That's better than the one I mentioned!
I prefer the Spuffy Tabula Rasa kiss, or that Intervention kiss (awwww) but wow, what an honor to be nominated. That's a kickass list, to say the least.
Spuffy all the way Baby!

And now, as of 3:00 am ET, they're in the lead.
Spuffy: 36%
Farscape: 30%
Bangel: 10%
And who can forget Buffy and Angel's kiss in "End of Days/Chosen" 'cause they were right back where they started although it had been four years since they "broke up"...but also not one of TV Guide's choices. So it'll have to be IWRY for me ("I'll never forget!")
Can somebody tell me,please,what's the point of a poll,if you can vote as many times as you want?After so many polls I still don't get it.
I prefer the kiss between Buffy and Angel on the ice when she said that she haven't see that he was in "game-face"
ilanit, the point of the poll is to make as many people as possible click on that webpage, dont expect anything more.

Polls like these does not provide a 'real' result, but they are fun for the fans.
I am and always will be a better fan of the Spike/Buffy relationship but the kiss at the end of IWARY is absolutely brutal (in a great way)... I've got to go with that one.
No, for me it has to be and will always be the kiss between Willow and Tara at the end of Entropy (go, jw!).
God yes Spike and Buffy. I waited for that kiss for so long. I think a hell of a lot of other folks did too.......
While Intervention is probably my favorite kiss(which could have been bumped off if we'd gotten a kiss in Season 7...but I'm not bitter...) the hottest Spuffy kiss is definitely from Tabula Rasa...mmmmmm
I loved the first Xander and Cordelia kiss, in Buffy's basement. "I hate you!" "I hate you!"
My all time favorite Buffyverse kiss is the first time we see Willow and Tara kiss during "The Body". It wasn't a sexual or romantic kiss, it was Willow being unconsolable and Tara just trying to comfort her and be there for her. It was one of the most touching, sweetest moments of all for me. The second one for me would be when Buffy goes to see Spike pretending to be the Buffybot after Glory tortured him and he confesses to the "Buffybot" that he never would've told Glory a thing because it would hurt Buffy too much if anything happened to her sister and then Buffy gently kisses him and his eyes widen as he realizes it's Buffy standing there. That was a great moment as well! Of course, the more I read of other peoples "best" kisses, the more I agree! There were just too many wonderful moments like that throughout the series that when you see one of those kisses you think it was great, that is until you see the next one!

And how about Dru kissing Giles pretending to be Jenny?
And how about Dru kissing Giles pretending to be Jenny?


One of my all-time favorite evil kisses (and BtVS scenes) ever! Poor Giles...
What? No one's mentioned Buffy and Spike in Something Blue yet! I thought I'd died and gone to heaven to see Buffy sitting in Spike's lap and kissing him. Giles' exasperated commentary only made it more sublime!

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