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July 11 2002

(SPOILER) NY Daily news has casting information for Season 7.

In an interview, Anthony Stewart Head confirms they've just worked out a deal, and he will be back in the show for a minimum of ten episodes. (Can I just say 'YAY' to that?)

Describing Joss he says: "Thank God I work for somebody who has a very open mind, and isn't remotely Hollywood. Usually, they say, 'You come back and do what we want you to do, or you're not coming back at all.' He's such a cool guy. And I know, ultimately, he wouldn't ask me back if there wasn't anything for me to do."

Head also talks about the second 'Manchild' series (the actors are doing read throughs in London this month), and says he has also been approached to reprise his role of Frank N. Furter in a British stage production of "The Rocky Horror Show".

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