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December 05 2004

Fan-made Sunnydale lots for Sims 2. Pretty accurate 3D designs of the Summers house, Xander's apartment, Spike's crypt, Giles's flat, the Bronze, the Magic Box, Willy's Place, and the Sun Cinema.

Really, all that's missing to complete my Sunnydale neighborhood is the high school and Angel's mansion. There is also a Firefly lot there, and character skins from Buffy, Angel and Firefly by the same fan here.

Now I'm going to have to go out and buy that game...
Me three. Darnit all.
I don't get it. Are there inside views too? Or just these aerial view exteriors? They don't even particularly look like the haunts I'm used to seeing.
As if Sims 2 isn't addictive enough on it's own. (Up til 3am last night playing it. Got up at 6:30am by my two sons. Urggh)

Someone needs to create a neighbourhood called Sunnydale.
Did Xander really live at 101000 Espenson Way? I don't think I ever knew that before . . . (crawls back into hole of ignorance, stripped of fan credentials).
Willowy: These houses are downloadable for Sims 2 players, and the exteriors and interiors are modelled after the sets (with a few changes made, of course). Too bad the site doesn't have any interior snapshots, but I can provide some, if enough people are interested? Xander's apartment is especially accurate, and Buffy's room includes Mr. Gordo, which was amusing.
SNT, I was just as surprised to discover Xander's address as you! Come out of your hole of ignorance!
SNT and Gaudior --> I wouldn't think that would really be Xander's address because "Espenson" is the name of one of the writers from the show. Unless it was named after her on the show, its possible someone just improvised the name
Er - MySerenity, that's why they named the street that. Because of Jane.
Actually, if you click on the pictures tab on the right side, you get to see some good interior shots. I wish Sims 2 was out for Mac :(
hmm I like the pics, I am going to dl these for Sims 2 tommorow
Very well done houses--The SIMS skins listed under this account are also *very* well done.

I downloaded and played for quite a bit last night. Great job (from a total SIMS addict who has attempted to create Buffy SIMS before).

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