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December 06 2004

Rumor column states Serenity Animated prequel dead at Universal. Scroll down a bit to see. The heading is Serenity Now.

This is starting to look bad, if this is true that is... After the delay, the animated prequel is now been killed. Is Universal losing faith? Is our only hope for Firefly in comics?

This isn't surprising. Since we hadn't heard anything except that Universal wanted to do it, and that was many months ago, I had already figured that the project was dead. Animated films need a lot of time and effort for a quality result, and Joss wouldn't want to do it if the animation was gonna be crappy.

And I don't think the project was killed because of the delay. It seems like there were other reasons.

It would've been cool if this happened, but I don't really see it as a loss. I'm still looking forward to the comics, though, if those do end up happening.
Nice to see panic starting to kick in.
Who knows what this means. Probably nothing about the quality of Serenity or Universal's attitude towards it. I would like to know more about the history of this animated project, though--maybe some insider will drop us a morsel?
I dunno, personally I thought the idea of an animated prequel kind of cheesy anyway. I don't think I am all that sad to see this go.
I'm not surprised either. Doing an animated short to be release on DVD is kind of an overkill for such a modestly budgeted film like Serenity.

Also look at the track record of films that have had animated shorts released on DVD. Matrix Reloaded, Van Helsing & Chronicles of Riddick. Perhaps the studios should concentrate more on making better films rather than animated shorts to go with them, and who wants Serenity to be apart of that list of films, Yikes! Not me.

Perhaps the title of the article should have been Panic Now not Serenity Now.
I edited this post to tone down the sensasionalist language. The actual article itself doesn't sound like that, no need to whip it up.
The Animatrix was not made because of Matrix Reloaded. It was actually successful and I hear better than the sequels of the first film.

As for if this means anything bad, well a fan base of "cult" projects can kill or make a movie. IMO, the comic fan base killed Catwoman before the first trailer was even seen (albeit it was worthy of this disdain). If we go into Serenity thinking nothing but doom and gloom it'll end up being a self fulfilling prophecy. So..I forgot my point, but I don't think this is a bad thing. Not every sci-fi film needs to be whored out for all sorts of merc. tie-ins.*cough*star wars and ewok christmas specials*cough*
ooh ooh ewok christmas specials

I have never seen those, they sound like great fun! [Note color!]

Still, not sure if having animated prequels is good, given that inauspicious list from Zoic_Fan. Kind of smacks of desperate marketing reps having a 'Eureka' moment at 4am after a drunken party. If the movie is good enough, it will sell itself (and personally, I think Serenity *will*) and if it is not good enough, no amount of animated special features will ever change that!
No, I don't see any worries here. No need to panic or start unfounded internet rumors. As Joss and most of the cast have stated, Universal is very happy with 'Serenity' and the fact that they delayed the film for a month they feel it will be more successful just proves that.
If it was going to be written by Joss or any member of the Firefly writing staff, I was actually looking forward to an animated prequel, it would have been like having a brand new episode to watch between now and September 30th, maybe it would have told (spoilers ahead) .

It's probably a good thing, as it probably wouldnt have been written by anyone involved with Firefly or the movie, and would have just been a way to try and make cash. I should have learnt from the season 3 Alias box not to look forward to animated specials (god that sucked).

Speaking of the Star Wars Holiday Special George Lucas is actually trying to ban it, as even he feels it's just too awful (I couldnt make it through the first 5 minutes, it was dreadful). Haven't seen the ewok movies, but seeing as theyve been released on DVD Lucas must feel that theyre better.

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I think it would have been cool. I would have welcomed it. Anything new about our BDHs sounds really good to me. Especially at this point.
I think it would have been cool. I would have welcomed it. Anything new about our BDHs sounds really good to me. Especially at this point.

Good point. Perhaps they could have released the animated short on the 21st of April. Kind of throwing the dog a bone, something to keep him occupied.
Perhaps they could have released the animated short on the 21st of April

That would've been a nice touch. Maybe if they do appear as comics then they could still be released around that date.
My heart was beating and fluttering. Skim Reading the page quickly, the first thing I saw was "Animated Dead" and all I could think of was Buffy Animated. But then of course i did a double take and breathed in a sigh of relief

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Ghost Spike, the article stated that the short was to written by Firefly and Riddick: Dark Fury writer Brett Matthews with help from Joss. This probably would have been very cool.

As for not panicking, well folks panic time is offically here. Anytime a big studio pulls back from throwing money at a project is a bad sign indeed. And delaying the movie to September (The month movies are sent to die!(tm))is also a bad move. I sincerely hope I'm wrong here. But it REALLY lokks like Universal has lost faith and Joss is putting on brave face.

If anything we have to rally harder to make sure this film is supporeted. We don't need to ignore all this, we need to get ready to fight.
"Panic time is officially here"? What breakfast cereal are you eating? I hadn't even heard of the animated prequel until reading this thread. To my mind, it clearly has *nothing* to do with the feature. And as for the delay - well, we've argued the pros and cons of September in other threads. Suffice it to say, nothing contained in this thread changes my outlook in any way. The movie will come out in September. We will go to see it and be amazed.
I'm with you, SNT, this is the first I've heard of an animated prequel, but then I may have missed a few threads here...
gatozhian, with all due respect, I think you're reading something into this article that, frankly, isn't there.
I'm sorry, but just not feeling the panic. My batteries must be dead.

Being a fan of the medium, an animated Serenity short might have been supercool, if it had had the time to be done right. Some films, as my uncle who works at Disney has told me, can take over a year just to do the basic storyboarding on computer, and that's if there's no intervening storyline alterations that dictate other changes. Then there's a lot of other stuff that has to happen which would require incredible logistics to coordinate with the manufacturer of the live action film's DVD disk, marketing, tie-ins, etc. There are a million possible reasons the animated project might have fallen through, some of which don't even involve plots against Joss or us fans.

Honestly, I'd rather concentrate on the actual film's premiere in September and not spend time worrying about the demise of ancillary projects that may or may not portend doom. Getting all freaked out is just not contributing the kind of energy to Serenity that I think it merits, and could even work against it (and us) by stigmatizing the film's 'aura' (for lack of a better term, since this applies to a more overarching concept than 'buzz'). Not to get all esoteric here, but I think that kind of thing -- attitude, positive or negative -- makes a real difference in whether on not something succeeds. Serenity doesn't need any extra baggage; let's keep her flying lean. Like Willow, I'd rather have the kind of head that things don't roll off of. ;)

Plus, Dark Horse wants the script. Comics I can hold in my hand versus animation I can watch ... hmmm. In the absence of one, I'm more than happy to accept the other.
gatozhian, I have to join the chorus of "Calm down!" Killing a direct-to-DVD animated spinoff that may not have even been completely scripted isn't a sign that Universal has lost the faith. Stuff like that happens all the time. Frankly, as has already been noted by others, the concept is kinda cheesy anyway, so I'm not exactly mournful.

Late September is NOT the place movies go to die. Had Universal moved the flick to late August or January, then you could worry. They haven't. And, as disappointed as I was by the delay from a fan's standpoint, I can also understand wanting to wait for another, less crowded time of year to launch Serenity.

Love Firefly as we may, the simple fact is, it's not Star Wars. There's simply not as many people outside of the cult audience eagerly waiting for Serenity to open. We're going to have to convince a lot of people who don't know the property that this BDM is worth their $10, and if Universal cares enough to take the time to try doing that, as Joss seems to think they do, that actually makes me hopeful.

If we've actually got a reason to fight, we can fight. But let's not be so trigger-happy that we shoot ourselves in the foot. Universal's already put millions into this flick, and unless it's a complete disaster -- and I think we can safely say, it won't be -- they'll release it. We're gonna see Serenity at some point. Our job, rather than jumping on the people who are going to give it to us, is to make sure that there's an audience ready for it, even if, say, the marketing campaign doesn't connect.

It's much too early to say that we're even in that boat, though. Let's sit tight and see what develops. Joss is happy for now, and who are we gonna trust? The Man himself, or blind rumor and speculation?
Apocalypse, please use invisible text if you are going to reveal spoilers. I usually skim over some posts and I don't know if your spoiler is an actual spoiler or not but it's something I wouldn't have wanted to know if it's pertaining to the movie and you just basically typed "(spoiler ahead)" and went directly into it where the eye just automatically follows without any spaces or anything. I thought this would be a safe thread because it pertained to the animated prequel and not the movie itself.
For the benefit of the spoiler free, I've edited a couple of posts to make text invisible.

To be honest, I think Universal looked at the sales of their Chronicles of Riddick animated DVD and reckoned it wasn't worth the hassle and expense of releasing a Serenity one. Animated prequels for movies strike me as a fad whose moment has gone.
Sorry about that, really didn't give enough warning.

How do you type in spoiler text, as with sarcasm, I keep forgetting how.
Chronicles of Riddick. Now's there a nightmare in the making.
The Animatrix was less a promotion release and more of a side project. And it was pretty succesful (Artistically and fianancially) for what it was was. The Riddick and other shorts was pure promotion, and we know how that turned out. For the most part I'm not unhappy to see this die.

Good night, good people.
Ghost Spike,

How to write the code:

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Sarcasm --> < span class=sarcasm >your sarcastic remarks in lovely purple here< /span >

(For purposes of demonstration, I put spaces before and after each '>'. To actually do the commands, take out the spaces.)

How it looks with the spaces removed:

your sarcastic remarks in lovely purple here

Now, spoil and snark away! :)
>sigh< I guess we'll see who is right come September. So play ostrich all you like, this movie is gonna be it. Lata!
It's not a matter of 'right and wrong', gatozhian. We just prefer it if you didn't unnecessarily start a panic. We're not The Sun, we're Whedonesque, try to find the appropriate tone for your posts, please.

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