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December 06 2004

Nathan Fillion at GenCon SoCal... playing a Firefly RPG! A large photo taken during a session of a Firefly roleplaying game when Nathan Fillion turned up to join in.

RPGnet forum regular Ian Noble describes how this came to pass...

So it's Saturday afternoon at GenCon SoCal this past weekend and my Gurps Firefly game I'm running seems to be going quite well, the adventure is building toward a slam-bang finale and everyone's doing great with their characters, the roles from the show.

Then it all gets surreal when Nathan Fillion, the actor who plays Captain Malcolm Reynolds in the series, shows up and sits down to play.

Turns out he had been signing autographs elsewhere on the showfloor and one of my players very nicely asked if he'd stop by. For all his awesomeness, he did.

An incredibly nice guy, we clued him in on the scenario, went over the character sheets with him -- he got a crack out of some of the quirks I had written up for the "Mal" character -- and he rolled some dice with us.

... He mostly just hung with us for a while but for a few, brief moments he tried his hand at playing River, an NPC in the game. No, I'm not joking.

But, honestly, it's not like any of us could actually *concentrate* on the game what with others running up and camera flashbulbs going off...

Shiny! The Serenity cast seem to be most friendly. I'm always hearing stories about them hanging with fans at the cons. That is just so cool to me.
Oh my god, that's awesome! What a great guy.
God, I love me some Nathan....
Wow, that pretty much blows the nerdy-looking stereotype of gamers out of the water, eh? :o
Dear you: this made my day month. Best photo ever. My heart just wibbled and fell out... and I can't close my mouth. Nathan Fillion and dice. Thank you for posting this.

[P.S. *Frowns at OddJob's comment.* Ouch, continuation of stereotypes. All the people I game with are foxy!]

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My God. Is that man ever *not* pretty..?
My geeklove for this man just keeps growing. It knows no bounds.

That is so cool.
Well, my response to "that pretty much blows the nerdy-looking stereotype of gamers out of the water, eh?" is to greatly doubt that Nathan F. played RPGs as a young(er) man, or ever before in fact. He's a lovely, lovely man and all, but I can't quite picture it.

Oh, and bitterbyrden: glad to hear that gamers are on the attractive side these days. I have to report that when we played AD&D back in the early 80s, we were awkward, pimply, lacking social graces and, uniformly, boys. No girls at all. Nathan was the kind who would probably have looked rather sympathetically down at us as he walked past, arm-in-arm with some gal pal.

Oh no, I'm not bitter . . . ;)
Listening to the commentaries (particularly on "Serenity") on the DVDs, and I kinda caught on that he was sort of a geek. His knowledge and love of Buffy was too thorough to make him anything other than a beloved fan. He knew who D'Hoffryn was, people! And was all excited when it was revealed the actor was in the ep, as one of the hattricks of the Whedonverse.
I can't say I've played a pen'n'paper RPG in ages, but seeing this makes me almost want to start up again just so I can go to cons, look pretty, and hope Nathan Fillion comes by to eat my honey roasted peanuts.
He's got the pen workin' for him, I think he's one of us.

Maybe he hasn't put in several the requisite several thousand hours, but he's been out walking the world for a spell.
Makes me just love this man even more !
SoddingNancyTribe: i played AD&D at around the same time frame. i was the only chick i knew who played.

if you sat around eating funyuns (nasty fake onion ring chips) when you played, no wonder there weren't girls. i had to ban the damn things, they STINK. stupid boys.

and yeah, me going all wibble over here too. sigh.
SNT: Me too. All guys, except the one time a guy brought his GF to play "Dragonlance" with us, and then those two retired to the couch to make mysterious groaning noises. We played on, and mocked them for not finishing the campaign.

I still marvel that I'm married, and that I game with my son's friends. Ah, the magic of procreation. *snerk*

Topic: I believe that picture is a tad posed, but I love it more because NF cared enough to put the pen in his mouth like he was so into the record keeping. Why do I think it's posed? Because any peanut can would be open and empty before the water was gone.

(And I confess a little manly wibble, too.)
*sigh* I adore Nathan. Oh, God, oh god, how I can't wait for "Serenity."
Ya know, I am a true Alan Tudyk afficionado, and I won't abandon my first love, but, by God, this Nathan dude is turning out to be alrighty! I may even be looking forward to "Johnny" scenes as much as "Berg" scenes on "Two Guys and a Girl", here recently- what does this mean for "Blade" worship?
My wife just DMed a session of D&D for me and friends this evening. Bow, lesser nerds! =)

And, dammit, I had a chance to go to GenConSoCal, too, I just didn't want to take the time off from work. What was I thinking? I did make the friend who went go meet the cast members- according to him, Morena Baccarin said she did dabble in some gaming as a girl. She pretty much left sci-fi and fantasy stuff behind for a good while until Firefly brought her back to it. Which is just pretty damn cool.

As for posing: if it was posed, wouldn't he have the sign in front of him, saying he was Mal? And would it be any less cool?
Just wanted to add that I think the pic rocks, and that Nathan is the coolest. Despite my doubts about his secret past. :)

leenah: never ate funyuns. Never heard of them actually. I can't honestly remember what we did snack on back then: probably smokey-bacon crisps (the ones that looked like small rashers) and those prawn cocktail ones that melted in the mouth with a zing! G-d, those were good . . . and "wibble"? Is that like "woot"? What does "woot" mean anyway?

bogu_salias: "I still marvel that I'm married" - you can stop right there. I hear you. Oh yes.

kishi: you, sir, win the prize. Congrats for marrying such an upright and fine individual!
As the person who took the photo, I've been dying to comment on this, but had to wait for an open membership window. Yes, the picture was slightly posed - but Nathan did actually sit down and play with us for about 5 minutes. He played River (he didn't want to displace the guy playing Mal, who was pretty much speechless). Mind you, he also spent half an hour or so chatting with everyone, shaking hands, signing autographs. He is the kindest, coolest guy *ever*. And Dead Sexy, as in "Adrian Paul Effect" (ie, weak knees at distance). Did I say nice? Really, really, nice. And hot.

The very coolest part, though, was that he came by the game just because I asked him to. I'm nobody - just a fan. I had the opportunity to spend about 20 minutes talking to him over the weekend, and figured "what the heck - I'll tell him about the game". The worst that could happen would be that he wouldn't show, and hey, I'd still be playing "Firefly".

But he did show up, and he let me put my arm around him and introduce him as "my good friend Nathan Fillion". Can we say Fan Forever? Yes, yes we can.

Other details for the geeks among us: The system was GURPS, the guy sitting next to him was playing Jayne, I was playing Zoe, that zippered thing in his hand is actually my friend Cynthia's blood sugar monitor. The nuts were empty - that's why the lid was on. Before the shot he dropped that entire cube of dice, and we had fun scrambling around helping pick them up.

My report:

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