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December 07 2004

Buffy vs Abigail (from Blade Trinity): who would win? Jessica Biel, who plays Abigail, gives us a take on this "what if" fight, do you agree?

It's the last question of the interview.
I don't know why people keep asking this kind of question. But felt it's something worthy of some debate, so I'm posting.
The fight would not be as easy as Jessica Biel is pointing.
Buffy got long distance weapons too, and we could always take that rocket launcher out of the locker, hahaha.

Rocket launcher ring a bell????

Ha, I didn't finish reading your post before I put that about the rocket launcher, Numfar PTB, I swear. Thats the first thing that popped in my head.

No contest, though I really don't care about or know much about Blade, but could Abigail take out an ubervamp? I don't think so, its "B" all the way.
It all depends on who is writing the script, with some help from the writers I'm sure that the scythe would be a handy throwing weapon as well a la the 'hunga munga' of Anne.

Faith was a big fan of the bow and arrow as well as I remember.
The other thing is - Abigail apparently has to have these weapons so she can kill these guys. The Slayer gets right in there and still kicks ass.
And her iPod would impair her to hearing a Slayer's quips.
Yes, but Abigails' father is Kris Krisstoferson, which means she naturally has 30 % more grit than Buffy ever could. Personally I always thought that a smart fighter, someone like Sydney Bristow, would have more than an adequate chance against Buffy and the Slayers in general. Slayers are not smart fighters, there so sure in their 'slayerness' that they run head long into any situation without considering their options. Besides, the vampires in the BLADE series are a lot tougher than the BTVS vampires and they dress better too.
Ok let's not forget - Buffy has caught arrows in her barehands before (ala when she saved Cassie), plus she's been trained to deflect weapons (ala Giles training with throwing knives in OMWF). So I don't think Biel's character would stand a chance, Buffy also has strenght and speed on her side.
Buffy's surrogate dad has a lot of grit too, he just choses not to show that side of himself!! My first thought was the rocket launcher too and Buffy also has bows and arrows, can throw a wicked knife or stake. And what's this about Slayers not being smart fighters? Buffy was a very smart fighter (just listen to Spike's comments as he watches the video surveliance tape of Buffy in Halloween!!). So it would be Buffy all the way! Biel has already done what many a foe of Buffy's have, they underestimated her abilities and that always proved deadly!
I know this is not to be expected, but Buffy 100%. Buffy is MUCH stronger than Abigail (she is just human, correct), Buffy can catch arrows mid-air (even when she isn't looking in that directed, "Help"), she can take on Caleb, a super-powered Turok-Han, etc. Whoever saif that comment about Slayers not being smart fighters is just plain ignorant. It depends on the Slayer and it depends on the Watcher, and Buffy is the best Slayer. Buffy can deflect knives when thrown at her with her bare hands (and feet). Also, if Abigail was allowed to have her weapons of choice then wouldn't Buffy be allowed to have hers as well? If that applied then i am sure that the Scythe would be most effective. It really is ridiculous to compare these things, as they live in entirely differnt worlds. The rules that apply in the Buffyverse don't all apply in Blade's world, and the "rules" that apply in Blade's world are very different than BtVS's. Blade has that whole silver and garlic thing, which BtVS does not. They are entirely different, but Buffy would win:)
In regards to the Buffy-Sydney fight, Sydney may be a great fighter, but she would not have any chance at all. Buffy can take quite a beating before falling, and that seldomly happened. Buffy can fall a long way down straight onto her back (The Gift) and get right up again. Buffy also has always held back when fighting humans so as not to kill them, and if Buffy were to put her all into a fight with a person she could snap their neck or quite possibly put her fist right through their chest.
I want to see Buffy and Angel and Blade team up. THAT would kick some ass. A Slayer and two good guy vampires? What a team.

(I just love Blade. I even have his action figure.)
Dumb question for the day, from my office pod-mate who knows I like BtVS.

"Hey, are you gonna go see the new Blade movie? Cuz ya know, it's about vampires..."

Yes, because if you like some vampires, you must like them all. It's beside the point that I probably *will* see it, but that's mostly because hubby's a comic geek( I mean that with greatest affection) and the movies are mindless fun for me.
That's true, Rogue, it is pretty mindless. But it gets huge marks for the cool factor. He's just ... cool. *shrugs*

I tell you what other vampire movies I was SO disappointed in... Underworld (beautifully shot, but all style, no substance), and (OMG it was so bad) Van Helsing. When a fan of the genre can't even get past the first 20 minutes, despite the great effects? It was just a piss-poor effort.

(Hey! They both starred Beckinsale! I've loved her since the A&E Emma! What gives?)

Tangent, much?
Underworld was pretty senseless. It was like they thought it would be cool to do a vamp vs werewolf movie but then didn't want to bother with that whole mythology thing. They barely even established the rules in that universe, and that is very important in a vamp or werewolf movie as rules are always different from movie to movie to show, and they just glossed right over them.
Willowy, can't tell you how much I agree about Underworld. The look of it was tremendous, but after 5 minutes it was clear that the look of it was all of it.

After a while we were openly mocking the dialogue and characterizations. After a while more we were suffering from the "crap movie" syndrome of trying to understand how drek like that actually gets from the "script" stage to the production line and, horrors, an actual release. And after that final while, I was just bored rigid.

I can state quite confidently that Underworld would be in my Top 10 list of worst.ever.movies. Ever. (Course I don't watch 90% of stuff because it's pretty clear, absent some personal testimony to the contrary, that I won't like it).
I agree Dhoffryn. Done right, it would be a great concept. They dropped the ball. And I hated that lead vampire. He couldn't even speak without grimacing all insanely. It was distracting and made his limited acting range really obvious.

SNT, at least it was better than Van Helsing.

You forgot the stage where it hits you that this is really going to suck, but you keep waiting... and waiting... for something great to happen and turn it all around because now you're a bit curious to see what happens, you've spent some time here, and don't just want to turn it off. The beauty of Underworld is the only thing that kept me tuned in.

*edited to talk to SNT*

[ edited by Willowy on 2004-12-07 21:04 ]
Well, I just mentally refused to even check out Van Helsing b/c it looked so bloody awful. But as for the waiting part - honestly, after the first 5 minutes I was pretty sure nothing good was going to happen in Underworld. By that stage we were watching purely to see just how bad it could get. "Showgirls" with vampires and werewolves. (Hey, there's an idea . . . ) It got bad. Not "Phantom Menace" bad, because that didn't have the redeeming campiness "Showgirls" and "Underground" have, but pretty darn bad. 2 hours lost from my life bad.

(added) Upon reflection, I think the correct analogy is to a computer game. Underworld is a movie made without any real emotions or characters, just a group of two-dimensional bodies hurtling around in space, with some cool lighting and rock music.

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The Hulk would win, because while Superman is strong and everything, you know, the madder the Hulk gets, the stronger the Hulk gets.

Wait, what?
I would pay to see that fight between Buffy and Abigail :p

I almost like (not dislike at all) Blade films. Only to enjoy them, not my favourites.
But i`m waiting for the new one, with the idea of the Nightstalkers. More interesting for me.

I like Underworld. Yes, great style, but no great development of the story, but i think i has potential. We will see it in the sequel.
I liked Underworld, but it could have been so much better. I never got why she fell in love with the guy since they hardly said twenty words to each other the whole film. And fo ra vampire who started the movie by saying how she "lived for" the hunt she never seemed to enjoy it at all.

But, Kate Beckinsale in tight leather/rubber outfit.... Mmmm.......

And I understand two sequels have been greenlit.

Liked the first Blade, never bothered to see the second, may see this one but from the sound of it could Snipes be any more pretentious? He has to spend the whole time "in character"? Because it's such a deep, layered, complicated, character? No, it's a comic book hero who scowls and doesn't say a lot. Try just acting Wes.
Anybody remember this?

Angelus: Now that's everything, huh? No weapons... No friends... No hope. Take all that away... and what's left?

Buffy: Me.

Buffy could take her out in a heartbeat.
I was just walking to the ATM and discovered the Blade: Trinity premiere is at the Chinese tonight. I guess if I were (more) unhinged, or very drunk, I could go scream "Buffy could KICK your ass! repeatedly at Jessica Biel. Getting started on the drunk thing...
LOL, dreamlogic. I dare you.
Wow, you all already saw Blade 3?

Jack Gladney, you're my hero.
Jack Crow from JOHN CARPENTERS VAMPIRES could take them all out in a heartbeat. Buffy, Blade and the oh so chic vampires from UNDERWORLD would all fall to this foul mouthed mother as played by James Woods. Why? One he's James Woods, star of films as diverse as VIDEODROME and NORTHFOLK. Second, Jack Crow wouldn't fight them, he'd just them all in the back and cuss a lot.
Forever, I walk among the ignorant.-Bkitty

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