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December 07 2004

Nathan Fillion in a skirt. Last night our BDHs went to a movie premiere. Check out these photos, particularly Nathan in his leather kilt.

"Leather kilt"? Help me, my British brethren...does such a thing actually exist?
Huh....can I guy just wear any old skirt and get away with it by calling it a kilt??

"Don't you love my chiffon kilt?"
WTF - first RPG's, then skirts, what next?
He does look lovely in it.

But is he Scottish? Or did he just crave the wind between his legs?

He is taking Captain No Pants to another level - but I want to see Adam Baldwin in a kilt **sigh** guess I'll just have to wait for the sequel to Serenity.
Why does a man wearing a skirt make it a kilt?
I love a man in a skirt, but I'm not seeing Nathan's photo. Help?
electricspacegirl: there are several pages of photos. I think Nathan's is on 3.

He looks great as ever, but then Nathan could probably wear a cheerleading outfit and uggs and still look damn fine. Just got the granite + twinkle combo working for him. And I'm only scottish on one grandmother's side, but I'm pretty sure that there ain't no kilt. Doesn't a kilt have to be tartan? And isn't, strictly speaking, a sporran a prerequisite? Gonnas, Grounded, you need to bring home-turf knowledge to bear here 'cos looking it up on the Net is all too easy . . .

Darn, if I'd known there'd be the FF crew *plus* Scarlett Johansson and Selma Blair I might have toodled over myself. Well, not really, but I'd have wasted time thinking about it for a good few minutes.
All I'm getting is a big old red X in place of all the photos.
I've worn a (borrowed) kilt, complete with sporran. A leather skirt does not a kilt make!
Ah, now I see it. Thanks, SNT. Yep, that's a leather skirt alright. You know, men now have what I think are called utility skirts that they can wear. Is this one of those?

And don't Morena and Summer look lovely?
Wow Summer sure has the Sigourney Weaver vibe kickin' doesn't she? I've never seen that Sharon woman before, but isn't she gorgeous? She looks like black barbie! Who is that Zena woman? I thought she was Aly H. for a sec.

And Nathan. Ah yes. Hmmm. Interesting choice. S'all I'm sayin.

SNT, I hear ya on the "granite + twinkle thingy. Perfect way to describe him. And Rogue Slayer, LOL on the "chiffon kilt!"

Poor Selma Blair. She'd better be on the lookout for any stiff breezes that may be lurking about. And is it just me, or does Johannssen's head get more gihugic every time I see her?

Enjoyed the link, thanks embers!
Skirt fine, shoes... hmm. Big fuck off boots would look better, or dress shoes.
Not digging the skirt, er, kilt myself. Still one sexy man though!! Summer looked great, she has that "star vibe" going for her! Morena looked really cute with her new haircut! And no mention of how hot Adam looked in his open necked shirt tux/suit thing? I'm more of a Mal's gal myself but Adam looked really hot! (and I'm with RavenU, he's one man I'd like to see in a kilt - he has the looks, and I bet legs for it!!)
Hah! With you on the boots Caroline. And bl, yes! I meant to mention that about AB...lookin mighty sexaay there. Don't really dig his Cro-Magnon look most of the time, but I bet you're right about the legs too...
I'm more of a Mal's gal myself but Adam looked really hot!

Ditto on both counts.
Vin Diesel wore a leather skirt to some premiere once. For this, he made E! Channel's list of the 101 Most Sensational Crimes of Fashion last night. Too bad Nathan was at this premiere and missed it. He's still smokin' hot though and Adam never looked so good. Yum.
Well, if he wants to get talked about, this may well do it. And he definately is virile enough to carry it off. But, it is an interesting fashion choice. And the rest of them looked grand.
What the--did he loose a bet? I agree that buttkickin' boots would have been cooler than grandpa shoes and socks, but his manly man-ness balances out the ensemble. What a whacky sense of humor he must have!
So who's the hottie in the pics with Cappy?
Adam Baldwin...I'll be in my bunk.
Kilt, skirt - still beats the James Dean look..

Love Summer and Morena. They don't have the Hollywood plastered faces (yet). Just looking natural and beautiful.
I've always wanted to wear a leather kilt (skirt...whatever you wnt to call it). I'd actually not get too many stares living in San Francisco.

But I don't think I have the calves for it. He pulls it off though. Big ass boots would have been better.

Summer does kind of look like Sigourney Weaver circa Alien 1.

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Morena *drool*. That woman is just a naturally amazing looking lady.
This has probably been posted before somewhere on Whedonesque, but it deserves to be posted again...

Utilikilts -

Talk about WMDs - Weapons of Mass Distraction.

Nathan's leather kilt was OK, but Utilikilts leather kilt is way hotter.

And, may I say, Adam Baldwin would look devastatingly HOT in a Utilikilt leather kilt. I'd volunteer to be a UN inspector if he wore that WMD!


More kilt links: (they make leather kilts)

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Well he is manly and impulsive....
So who's the hottie in the pics with Cappy?

I assume that's his significant other. Uh, Karen? When Jewel told the story about leaving Nathan a scary stalkerish letter in his mailbox (which then contained the Gotcha! polaroid of her middle finger), she said something like, "When he saw it, he freaked out and ran to show it to Karen...."

Ergo, I assume that Nathan lives with a nice lady named Karen. I could be very much mistaken, especially about her exact name. After all, only Nathan's name appeared on my restraining order.....
Ah, Utilikilts, that's what I was thinking of. I say, the leather one is damn sexy. $700 sexy. Yikes!
In my former job at a small PR agency, I actually worked on a proposal to maybe get Ultilikilts as a client. Unfortuneately, my boss wasn't very interested in this account because he didn't think it would amount to much...we shall see...
I'm such an idiot. I should have stayed at the premiere, or at least gone back later. But it was cold (enough that a skirt was a fairly manly choice for either sex)and I just wanted to stay under the covers and watch Firefly. And I missed Nathan in a skirt. My wimpyness has been justly punished, while the stalwart have been rewarded.
While I'm always happy to see our BDHs at everything and anything, I'm kinda wondering why they were there?

I can't really recall any connections they might have to Dennis Quaid or Marg Helgenberger unless I do the Kevin Bacon game, and I don't have the patience for that right now. Do any of you know what the connection may be?

It would kind of suck if they just used an anything premiere to get their faces in print...that's not it, is it?
"It would kind of suck if they just used an anything premiere to get their faces in print...that's not it, is it?"

Course it is. Universal gets a relatively unknown cast into the eyes of the media (as part of their "build a buzz" for the movie campaign), people who've never heard of Serenity will hopefully start asking "what's all that about then" and we get to see Nathan in a skirt. What's there not to love?
Um, the director of "In Good Company" (Paul Weitz) directed Aly in "American Pie", Selma Blair was with SMG in "Cruel Intentions," Topher Grace was in "Mona Lisa Smile" with Kirsten Dunst, who was in "Bring It On" with Eliza D, and - I'm sorry I haven't a clue, Willowy . . .

But I don't really have a problem with the publicity-whoring either.
'S all part of the job. And for men over, say 35, it's even important to turn up on the red carpet next to a pretty woman. Just about the only way to get your photo taken if you're not A-list and not working.
Yyyyyeaahh, but...

You'd think Universal would be able to find a more appropriate vehicle for our guys to whore at! I mean, most people won't want to go see Serenity just because the actors turned up at a Quaid premiere.

What next? Adam juggles at a Best Buy opening? These are stellar individuals, representing what's going to be a great film! Don't make them look cheap! At least let them be expensive whores...
Maybe Universal is giving them some face time. Probably passed out a few invites and said "We expect you to be there." Good strategy if thats so...

But it could just be someone they worked with on the BDM is also doing something for this film. I'm way too lazy to do some research on imdb to verify my claim...

ranchofiasco: The more I look at those Utilikilts the more I want to get one. I could just see walking into a department meeting at work in one those workman kilts and my calf-high motorcycle boots...
"What next? Adam juggles at a Best Buy opening? These are stellar individuals, representing what's going to be a great film! Don't make them look cheap! At least let them be expensive whores... "

At least they're not opening a Radio Shack and saying "By Grabthars hammer, what a savings..."
sTalking_Goat: dang! I know just what you mean. And I actually have pretty good legs (it's the rest of the body that's the problem. Sigh). Still, they take their kilts, um, "un-bifurcated garments," pretty seriously, don't they?

And ya gotta love the Top 10 Reasons to Wear a Kilt list. My favorites:

- Because if women had an appendage hanging between their legs we guarantee you they wouldn’t be wearing pants

- Fringe benefits: A. Physical: Your virility may increase. You will experience the pleasing sensation of air conditioning.
B. Mental: Wearing a kilt shows a sense of security with yourself, and you will inspire much debate in others.
C. Spiritual: Without physical constrictions, you burden will be lighter, your sense of freedom less impaired, and your sense of yourself, will have room to grow.

and, of course:

- Easy access ...

zz9: I just love GalaxyQuest references. More please.
zz9 - laughed out loud at that one!
I would have posted it but I didn't know how to spell "Grabthars"
Heh, we talked about Galaxy Quest on another thread a few days ago... can't remember. Anyway, yep, movie SO funny. I just watched it again recently... Rickman is classic.

SNT! Hah! Those reasons are so racy..."room to grow..." Heh heh...
So Nathan's gone "Troy" on us. Weird that I find it hot?
The others look great, too. I wonder where the rest of our cast is.

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