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December 07 2004

Summer Glau Talks About "Serenity". (Spoilery) "[Joss is] a magician.... I would love to play any character in this movie. Itís so meaty. Everyone has their moment. Everybody has their 'hero' moment. Thereís not a moment to breathe.".

And it's very sweet what she says about the fans.

I absolutely adore Summer.
I think that's the first interview I've read with Summer. She comes over very well, sincere, enthusiastic, a sweetie. Although River was my least-favorite character of the show, I'm looking forward to seeing how she develops in Serenity.

BTW: I'd suggest that one of the paragraphs is a bit spoilery, for the really-don't-want-to-know-a-thing folks:
I appreciate those that choose to be unspoiled. But now the fact that this is a September movie, a whole TEN MONTHS away... I just don't know. Joss is really going to have to put on his "magician" hat to keep things from leaking. Either that, or maybe his "stern lawsuit" hat.
Thanks SNT! You saved me from reading it and I appreciate the warning. Got a little spoiled in an earlier thread that I wasn't too happy about!

Have to disagree with you on River's character though. She was one of my favorites. It's a toss up between Mal and River, followed closely by Jane (and Jane is one of the tops just because of the comedic value of his character)! River was just so intriguing and I couldn't wait to see where they were going with her character! Damn Fox (again!!)! Have to admit, though, that I truly love all the characters and can't imagine what it would've been like with someone not being there or even different actors playing the roles!
Despite there being very mild spoilers in there, I thought it was great interview.

I loved the paragraph at the end where she thanked the fans.
Or his "resolve face", Willowy!

blwessels, I loved River, too...a couple of favorite moments--"I can kill you with my brain"...and, "Jayne is a girl's name!" Just wonderful.

On a higher level, when she was folk dancing, with Simon gazing in adoration and utter bemusement. Lovely.
Lizard! The resolve face is one of my top ten Willow moments!

River reeeaallly gets on my nerves. She's interesting, but I don't like her getting too much time. Time that MALCOLM should have. Preferably making out with Inara.

The interviewer was good! I liked the question about whether Joss directs different actors differently. And Summer dreams of doing the series again. For them and for us. Yep, she comes across as a real and very nice person. Thanks for finding this, Simon.
[Summer, about Joss] "And heíll talk me down and heís my hero."

What a charming woman...lovely, intelligent, talented, and cognizant of the immense gift that has dropped into her lap...and thankful for it...wonderful....
Awww, could the people working on this project be any more gracious, grounded and wonderful? I hope for all good things for everyone connected to Serenity in any way. Long may she fly!

He knows Iím really shy and insecure. He knows how to motivate me and bring out my best, keep me from being afraid.

Oh, I so need a pocket Joss of my very own.
Damn, all this press for Serenity makes me need to rewatch Firefly yet again (for about the 10th time) but I've lent my dvds out to one of my friends :( Though the good news is he watched the pilot last night and loved it - he doesn't normally watch much tv and never watched Buffy or Angel so I consider this a major breakthrough :)

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