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December 08 2004

BTVS S6&7 Mini-Review In Onion's Blade: Trinity Write-Up. First paragraph mini-review sums up pretty much everything about the final two seasons in a neat little bow.

You know I think the writer here managed to actually put his/her finger on what I liked about season 7 thematicly, while missing the point I would like to make.

Season 6 was about the monotomy, real life, being forced into this obligation not being able to move on.

However season 7 to me wasn't just another big bad, it was Buffy finally being able to move on in life. Passing on the buck, to the point where at the end she has the possiblity of moving along with a normal (or less alone) life. Season 6 was about where we are, learning to live, season 7 was about moving on, leaving the world open around her.

I loved it, it seemed thematicly relevant, pleasing, and complete. I liked season 7 quite a bit, I loved the way the show ends, but mroe than that I loved what it was trying to do, it's themes. It was hopeful somehow.
Yay. Another 'only Buffy's first 5 seasons were good' whine-article. Just what I was dying to see. The only thing missing was 'Buffy should only dust vamps and make quips' or somesuch line.

"First paragraph mini-review sums up pretty much everything about the final two seasons in a neat little bow."

Speak for yourself. If that is really all you saw in those seasons, then I'm sorry you had such a bad time. (Personally I would have stopped watching) But there was really a lot more going on in those seasons than this writer's flimsy and dismissive lines are capable of capturing.
AAH! I probably shouldn't have read the Blade part of the article since I plan on seeing it, but oh well I'll live.

And this is what? the 3rd article about Blade mentioning Buffy. I wonder if there'll be more.
Yet how entertaining is it that the Blade franchise now seems to be, um, borrowing ideas from BtVS?


The hero faces Dracula? B5.1 "Buffy v. Dracula." The human blood factory? B3.14 "The Wish." Joss should be proud! Or else he should sue...but since the ideas seem to have been turned into something "grisly, tasteless," better if we just skip the movie!
Dracula isn't exactly copyrighted to Buffy. Blade teamed up with other fighters to face Dracula in his first comic book in the 1970's.

As for a bloody factory, I don't know how that'll turn out. I imagine something like people hanging up in a freezer like cows. A idea is all in the execution, there are no new ideas.

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Wow - I was looking forward to Blade 3 but was afraid it might not be as good as the first two - I really liked the first two so I was crossing my fingers that the third installment would be of the same quality.

I'll still see it and judge for myself, some reviews I totally disagree with. As we see here at Whedonesque, opinions vary greatly but everyone is entitled to have their own :)

And I really like seasons 6 & 7 of Buffy.
EdDantes, you expressed my very thoughts. (At least about extremely negative reviews of S7 in general; this ain't one of them.)

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Geez, I wasn't expecting that.

First, I enjoyed S6&7 just fine. In fact, I was one of the handful of people lavishly praising those seasons while large swaths of this community ripped them mericilessly.

Second, some (EdDantes & phlebotnin) may want to go back and read that paragraph again beause I don't see it in anyway to be as EdDantes takes it above. It praises S6's themes explicitly (and it's execution implicitly) while finding S7 anit-climatic, hardly a unique viewpoint.

You know I should really know better by now. I can't count the number of times in the last few years where I've read an interesting article/essay that is either ignored or openly derided while some subliterate piece of fan-boy gobblygook has people swooning in the aisles. I just don't get it.
Unitas, you're absolutely correct that the paragraph in question isn't a terrible attack on S6&7. It's not much of an attack at all. I should have made it clearer that I'm agreeing with the sentiment expressed by EdDantes about nasty reviews of S6&7 in general. But, really, this is just a wee opening paragraph in a Blade review. The fabulousness of The Onion aside, it's neither an interesting article/essay (on BtVS) nor is is a subliterate piece of fan-boy gobblygook.

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phlebotinin - My last paragraph (you quote it at the end of your post) was less about the Onion review, which I though was just a clever little aside on S 6&7, and more about my personal reaction to the vehemence of the response it got above.

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" Yay. Another 'only Buffy's first 5 seasons were good' whine-article."

Always the same, again and again. I`m tired of those reviews.

S7 anticlimatic? :S :S What??
Ah, yes, Unitas, I get it now. You're right - the vehemence was undeserved.

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