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December 08 2004

(SPOILER) Another Blade review which draws comparisons to Buffy and Angel and also makes mention of SMG.

I'm sure there's been a lot of these comparisons today, but this one seemed a little more involved than some of the others I've seen. Spoilers for the new Blade.

Ya know, all these spoiler tags today are killing me. They get my hopes up and inevitably lead to sadness and disappointment.

It's become glaringly obvious from all these reviews that BUFFY (and ANGEL) have set the bar way, WAY higher for the horror genre in general and the vampire sub-genre in particular. You can't get away with the cheesy SFX and the one-dimensional characterizations anymore. The audience expects and knows more. You slack off in any of these areas, and the true aficionado will say, "Buffy did this much better." And you're screwed. Part of Joss and BtVS' ever-widening legacy.
This is why Moon Child is possibly the only good recent vampire movie in my opinion. Buffy set my bar far to high. lmao.

I think I'll wait...until this comes out on video, and a friend rents it. Cause I'm a poor college student.
The Blade character does has his limitations, the comics really didn't excel him as great as others, but the films, especially the first one, were cool. Perhaps fitting it's the last one.

Joss Whedon and David Boreanze have got to that Angel film, get that vampire on film with Joss's writing. No disrepect to Senerity fans, that cast can wait a few years for a sequel, we need a Angel film out while David still young, actors playing vampires are a priority with time. :D

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Right I think that's rather enough links to Blade reviews with a Buffy mention. No more please.

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