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December 08 2004

Serenity Cast Video Interviews! Nathan Fillion, Summer Glau, Alan Tudyk and Morrena Baccarin chat to IESB about the movie at the premiere of 'In Good Company' (Windows Media Player required). Truly wonderful stuff and yes it is a kilt Nathan's wearing.

Awesome clips, wish the sound was better, but still great to see. I love how everyone has confidance that it will be a full trilogy.
Omigod...Simon, bless you! What fabulous stuff for us flans!

How am I going to make it till September?

And, apologies to Nathan...that really *is* a kilt, albeit a leather one!

Can a person be in love with an entire cast?
Well! That was great! I only watched the Nathan clip, but if I wasn't a flan before, I'd sure be a flan now!

LOL! What a kick in the ass that guy is...
How cool was to see Nathan and Morena back on screen together?
oh it is so wonderful to hear them all talking about the show!
I'm so excited...I'm going to get to meet them all next April!
At least the Starfury convention will make up for the movie not openng until September (I can't stand the wait)
We do have the BDHs ever :D
A trilogy...or 7? Be still, my non-vampiric beating heart...

Simon, in answer to your question: Waaaaay cool. What a gorgeous couple.

(And Wash's name is finally settled. Ha! Take that, IMDB)
Okay, I'm being a hog here...but damn...just damn...these are lovely, lovely people, creating something truly beautiful, and they are crediting, to a certain extent,

Humility, thy name is Lizard.

/wipes manly tear from the eye.
I adore these interviews. :)

Thanks so much Simon!!
Dude, I've never been more pleased to be a flan than I am right now. A delicious, delicious flan...So, did anybody catch Wash's full name? The audio kind of cut out on me around then.
The videos won't work for me on my gorram dialup connection! Grr. I'll have to wait until tomorrow...

Uh, what's a flan?
These are great! What a wonderful bunch of actors. So happy to count myself as a flan!
It's an accidental mispronunciation of the word "fan" made by Nathan Fillion at the end of his video interview that he decides to embrace. It is also some manner of sugary dessert if you alter the pronounciation slightly, if I recall correctly.
For those of use who commented earlier about the kilt (

The video gives us a much better look at the kilt than the Getty picture did.

I think it is a Utilikilt. I thought it wasn't at first, but the video gives a much better look at the front. The buttons definitely look like a Utilikilt.

I'm a happy flan!
Skirt, um, *kilt* or no, I hope Nathan is stubbley like that for at least part of the movie.
I don't know if I may say this (Simon?), but for people with a slow (dial-up)connection: you can download the whole lot, just by viewing the sourcecode and c/p the address of the wmv-files in your browser..
I just watched the Nathan interview. Oh my god he's so funny! He's so good to his flans. And yes, the kilt looks better on video.
I fear the flan fiction.
Can we be the flying flans who throw pies at Star Wars?

Flantastic clips, thanks Simon.
Getting four new video interviews, all talking about Firefly/Serenity, after all this time was so. frickin. sweet. Didn't think my crushes on Nathan and Summer could get any worse.

Summer said outright in her description of character, River's a psychic. Do we take that as canon, does that squash any speculation about her being merely perceptive and having an incredibly quick brain that figures out the most likely outcome of a situation and is able to read people really well? I guess there's still the sci-fi to explain of how one could be psychic in the Firefly-verse, but I guess they already kinda did in "Ariel" when we found out her amyglyda (sp?) had been stripped away...

Alan said he thinks the movie takes place 2-3 months after. That's the least amount of elapsed time between series and movie I've heard of. Everyone else has said 6-8 months or a year. I'm not sure if Joss has ever stated for certain what the timeframe is. I hope it's what Alan said. Dunno why I feel this way, but for some reason it just seems that the less time gone by, the better. It doesn't seem implausible either 'cause I don't believe any of the cast members have noticeably aged much, if at all.
Those interviews were great, made my fan-boy heart leap for joy :) It's great to hear just how enthusiastic they all are, for not just this film but for the chances of a trilogy (or 7) as well. I've never been happier to be refered to as a dessert.
That was so cool, it's great to see that even 9 months before the film comes out, it's already getting coverage.

Hope this is the beginning of much more, hope they get to go on shows like Leno next year to advertise the film.

There's a really good flanfiction where Jayne bakes a pie.
Kris - I always thought that River was psychic. If those folks in the future have the technology to build spaceships and "terraform" uninhabitable planets and moons, than I'm willing to believe they have the ability to "enhance" the brains of certain eligible candidates like River. There's no indication that she was psychic when she left the Tam household; extra-intuitive, perhaps, but not precognitive.

And Joss said in the High Stakes phone call that the movie is set "about 6 months" after the tv show. I think that little space of time is necessary to develop the plot for a couple of characters.
Caroline, I utterly flear the flan fliction, too.

Uh, Summer "Blau"? Makes me sad in English, drunk in German...Bummer for the Summer (with apologies to Arthur Lee.)
I'd love to see these but my connection is too slow. Is there a way I can find out exactly what you mean, Puck? I've got half of the process done (found the source code) but can't do the rest.

So glad to hear that our BDH sound so great and are eliciting such happy emotions from anyone who can see these interviews. I think all this publicity parading is exactly what needs to be done. Get our guys out there, looking great, and get 'em exposure! Members of the entertainment press are like lemmings - once one of their group start covering a "star" the rest will follow.
For example, the Nathan Fillion video is at

So you should be able to save that to your hard drive
Here they is (great grammar):

Nathan 9.4 megs
Alan Tudyk 5.2 megs
Summer Glau6.3 megs
Morena 6.5 megs

Right click, and save target as.
Thank you, Paul_Rocks and Ghost Spike! Mission accomplished.
ok, i must be completely technically challenged, because I'm still having trouble. Unfortunately, it gets a little less than a minute into each of the videos, and then dies on me. Downloading them to my hard drive would probably work, but (I'm on a mac, and can't seem to figure out how to do it (there is no right click option). Oye. Well, the little i saw was nice (though not great sound quality) but it was very little...
I believe that Ctrl and click is the mac equivallent of right clicking acp so you should be able to save them that way. (I could be wrong though, not exactly a regular mac user)
Wow, i never knew about the Ctrl+click thing before. Worked perfectly - thanks!
Because someone asked the question ‘what is a flan’ and because there seem to be some misconceptions and because I am just plainly sad, I consulted my Larousse Gastronomique (the best book ever to check on culinary queries) and here it is:

“FLAN – an open tart filled with fruit, a cream or a savoury mixture. A flan may be served as a hot entrée or as a dessert. The word comes from the Old French ‘flaon’, from the Latin ‘flado’ (a flat cake).

The word flan is also used in France and Spain for an egg custard, often caramel flavoured, that is made in a mould, turned out and served cold.”

More than you wanted to know, I am sure, but let it not ever be said we lack knowledge at Whedonesque.
If Nathan Fillion doesn’t become the biggest star in the universe, then there’s something wrong with the universe. You could sell Serenity on his charm alone.

I have made the custard flan. You caramelize sugar in the baking pan and pour the egg mixture on top of it and bake it. Quite simple until you have to flip the flan upsidedown very quickly to turn it out and let the sugar drip down over it. Guess that makes me a flan flippin’ Firefly flan.
I find all of this flan talk very funny (and appetizing)...all of the clips were great. Its strange to see Nathan being so happy and "go-lucky" because of his character. Then again, I felt the same way with David because Angel was always so broody. Morena is very charming and so is Alan. I had never heard Summer's real voice before and I was surprise to hear how different she sounded from when she does River. I'm really hoping this movie will come out in my state because if it doesn't, I see a road trip in my future on Sept30th
Heheh man Nathan Fillion rules in so many ways! I just love that guy. (well okay I don't *love* that guy....but I do just love that guy.)

Great stuff. Thanks for making them downloadable guys! Man almost an entire year of waiting! I could be dead by then! I'm old! (well okay...not *that* old....)

So.....we're all FireFy Flans..... Or fruit-filled tarts...ah well either's good;-)
So.....we're all FireFy Flans..... Or fruit-filled tarts...ah well either's good;-)

Ah, it all makes sense now. I've always loved flan. Just call us Sweet Tarts of the Rodeo, eh? ;)

So cool that NF and the rest of the cast are every bit as enthused about Serenity as we are. Joss seems to have a gift for attracting Hollywood's most sincere, dedicated, decent and talented actors for his projects. Something tells me that's a reflection on his own personality and work ethic, which is why it's even more wonderful that there finally seems to be a studio that appreciates his abilities, and is working with him to make sure the movie gets the positioning and support it deserves to do well.

As I think forward to the premiere day, I keep visualizing throngs of Browncoats converging on theaters everywhere. Wouldn't it be excellent to meet with other Whedon fans that day, see the movie, then go somewhere in each respective city to hang out and chat? I think I'm going to start looking into organizing a gathering for my city. There's a good-size coffee shop downtown that's hosted a number of meet-ups and would be ideal for after-movie conversation, at least until 11 p.m. I'm sure the brewery on the corner or the Irish pub across the street could take over from there. ;)
Simon, thank you so much for finding these interviews. Hopefully, there will be more like these to tide us over the summer.

I'm very happy to see the cast out and about already promoting the movie. It sounds like Universal is serious about providing its support for a strong promotion over the summer.

Now, I must e-mail Pssss it's ;)

[ edited by Madhatter on 2004-12-10 14:25 ]
Wiseblood, getting together with a group of browncoats to see the movie is an excellent idea. I'll use this as an opportunity to post info about my local Firefly group so others can attend with us.

For folks in Portland, Oregon and surrounding areas, check out PDX Browncoats. We meet once a month to talk about all things Joss, and sometimes we watch movies (soon we will have a Firefly viewing party). It's small (about 10 of us so far) and casual, and we're all very welcoming to newcomers. We're currently trying to expand our group.

For anyone else, the Serenity message board has a lot of threads for regional shindigs, and has Firefly meetups. So if you want to get together with Browncoats in your area, whether it's to hang out and gab about the 'verse while you wait for the movie, or if you want to join in on the BDM events, check those out.
Ok, apparently I'm a Luddite. (Not to mention so very *old*) Because I am not able to access any video feed on my 56k dial-up. Is it too needy to ask someone to transcribe the interviews? It won't be the same as if I were able to listen to Nathan's wisecracks, but it's better than nothing. Thanks.
aver, I take it you couldn't download the links that Ghost Spike provided above?

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