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December 08 2004

Alyson Hannigan plays 'Dodgeball'. At a dodgeball celebrity tournament to celebrate the DVD release of the movie 'Dodgeball', Alyson joined Team All-American (with fellow teammate & former costar Chris Klein.)

The story can be found here.

Ok who else is picturing a Buffy vs Angel or Buffy/Angel vs Firefly Dodgeball game. Who would win?
RavenU, how many are on a team? So we can pick.
That would be so cool.
There are normally 5 people per team. At least that is how extreme dodgeball is set to be played. Not to mention the teams have to have cool names as well.

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Remember the dodge ball game in "The Pack"?
That's just what I was thinking of, blwessels.
"God, this game is brutal. I love it!"
I just rewatched the dodgeball scene in The Pack and I read the linked article earlier today about them training for the movie and becoming covered with bruises. I'm confused. It's a soft rubber ball, right? Why is it such a rough game? I played it as a kid, but didn't take PE in high school. Help me out.
Yes, the ball is made of rubber but it's a solid, air filled ball and is no way soft when thrown at a high intensity. Think of it this way, water is soft if you gently get in or do a clean dive but jump from a high enough point and land flat on your stomach - ouch!!
Thanks, blwessels, that does clear it up a bit. Though I still think these people are kind of whiney.

Scoobies vs. the Fang Gang? The Fang Gang has more strong fighters, but never count Buffy out. Either vs. the Serenity Crew? The spacefarers are all human. No superpeople or vampires. They're dead.
I dunno about that dreamlogic. Mal can be pretty brutal, and if River is anything with a dodgeball like she is with a gun(without even looking) the scoobs would be in trouble.
Good point, eddy. If River can really kill people with her brain, she has to be excluded from the dodgeball game. So do Willow, and post-demonization Cordelia, they're disqualified. They can all render the game moot and meaningless. So what are our line-ups, then?
If the witches and demons and the other 'skilled' members of casts are disqualified, it would turn into a all-slayer team vs all-vamp team and the vamps would get dusted pretty quickly.

I dont think the Firefly team would stand a chance without the use of their weapons.
Who would be the 5 players on Buffy's team? Buffy, Xander, Willow.
Not Giles. Two places left. Spike. Oz? Larry? Maybe Marcie. It would help to have an invisible player.

Angel's team: Angel, Wes, Gunn. I'd take Lilah over Fred. Maybe Holtz's helper, Justine. Just the thought of Lorne playing dodgeball makes me laugh.

It's a shame Firefly didn't last long enough to have a world of secondary characters.
Andrew MUST play with the scoobies! He would be the first one out but it would be a hilarious 1.5 seconds.
Somehow this is reminding me of a caveman vs astronaut debate....
I was thinking the same thing Lioness!

Vampirs/Slayers = cavemen been around a long time and use brute force and are very strong

Firefly = astronauts
Do the Astronuts get to use weapons?
Is it me or does anyone else get upset that whenever the press mentions Aly these days it is always for American Pie and not Buffy? Buffy was sooooo much better and she actually got to play a significant role. :-)
Dana.....i was very upset when i read Allyson Hannigan from American Pie.......i was like uh what about Buffy........hello people, great show........american pie silly movies.
and oh cavemen would win............oh man, joss killed wesley!! sigh!!
Thanks, Silly. I just wish people would focus on the Buffy, since that was great acting for many years. The more they focus on American Pie, the harder it becomes for Aly to get new work, imho.
I was remembering the season one episode of Buffy, the pack, where the gang was playing Dodgeball.
What if vampire mythology through the ages was that the only way to kill vampires was with dodgeball...?

Wouldn't THAT change the tone of the show!

Kendra: Here's my favourite dodgeball. I call it 'Mr Bouncy'
What if vampire mythology through the ages was that the only way to kill vampires was with dodgeball...?

Probably would have lightened the tone of vampire-killing considerably.


Insert David Letterman "dream sequence" music here

The Master: Tonight, I shall walk the Earth -- and the stars themselves will **BOING**

[A dodgeball bounces off his round shiny pate. He dusts.]
LOL, Mr. Bouncy! How about if the choice of players was limited to the time the shows were all on together? First half of season 7 BtVS and season 4 AtS, plus season only Firefly?
Excellent suggestion, zz9. And I think we can extend it to all demonic types -

The Judge: What's that do?

(cut to Buffy holding what appears to be Nerf-type gun, capable of projecting several spherical shiny objects of rubber . . . )
I'm thinking Faith should play on the Firefly team, just to make it even.

And, zz9, :: snort::.
It would make Buffy's ability to carry a weapon at all times a tad harder. Buffy's handbag would be huge!
I think even though the characters would be funny, to actually have the actors as themselves playing dodgeball. Personally I think that would even be funnier and have Joss as ref. - it could be done for charity and to raise Serenity awareness by having an Extreme Celebrity Dodgeball with actors from the horrorverse (Buffy/Angel) vs the sci-fiverse (Firefly).
Passion, to answer your "Do the astronauts get to use weapons" question. NO. (That scene still cracks me up:)

zz9, can you bronze a dodgeball? (Helpless)
Oz would have had a better chance dusting that one vamp in the graveyard. (Anne)

Excellent idea, RavenU. It would be for a good cause and it would promote 'Serenity' at the same time. There are many more people aware of Buffy than Firefly. Putting the actors together for an event such as this would put Firefly in the spotlight.

Speaking about spotlight, I'm just glad to see any news on Alyson. She's been out of the publics eye for too long.
Hey! Buffy DID use a dodgeball once! Giles blindfolded her and made her throw it at him!

I KNEW it!
I think Aly probably *wants* to be known for a "Major Motion Picture" franchise like "American Pie". She has the best chance of getting cast in more movies if she flouts her *most* successful (financially, only, of course) project uppermost. It's just good business.
LOL zz9! Good thoughts (and ideas). Just 'jossing' you :)

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