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December 12 2002

Amber Benson talks 'Once More With Feeling' Amber appeared on BBC Breakfast this morning and really sold the show, even getting those complex lesbian issues into this cosy couch filled environment [needs Real One].

It was somewhat helped by two very attentive and articulate interviews who for a change had (a) bothered to watch the programme (b) bothered to do some research. Also watch for the way Amber skirts around an obvious spoiler pothole ('So will you be doing any more (musical episodes)?' '...we'll see...')

She was very professional and enthusiastic, which all the more remarkable since a contract disagreement with Fox prevented her from appearing in "Conversations with Dead People."

And I agree about the smart and informed interviewers. Quite refreshing.
It's a great interview (god bless the BBC) though I had to laugh when Willow was described as Tara's 'good friend'.

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