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December 09 2004

Tim Minear Posts About 'The Inside'. Actually it's not him posting at the Chud message boards, but the comments were actually said by Tim Minear at another board. So the information is correct - Simon.

I had no idea that Tim visited one of my favorite websites. Very cool.

They should cast Denisof in that role. So what if he's too young. It would be so awesome to see him on TV again.

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They should cast Denisof in that role. So what if he's too young. It would be so awesome to see him on TV again.

Especially since Web is the "creepy" character!
Close but no cigar. I'm gonna have to fine tune my psychic powers.
"And Alexis Denisof was a dear friend to come in and read the role of Web (has yet to be cast) for us at the read."

^*crosses fingers* adam and alexis together again would be great (even if they characters never really collided on'd still be cool!)

By that way, very impressive vision you had Simon :)

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Well, I hate to delurk in such an awkward manner but, unfortunately, that's not Tim posting at the message boards. He doesn't post there. It seems that someone registered there with his name and has been reposting comments that he's made elswhere at

Tim did, however, post that this morning - not to mention a few other things - over at so at least the information is correct.
That's creepy and wrong. Thanks for the heads up, TimMinearNet.
That's weird. Thanks, TMN.
I just tried to find his post on Buffistas, but that site confuses me badly. Maybe someone who posts there could find it for us?
I found it. It starts there and the rest of his posts continue on the next page.
Hmmm...casting "someone we might know" in the Web part. Someone who's about 20 years older than AD...

must go and think
It's now been revealed to be Peter Coyote.
I'll amend the subject line to show it's a reposting by someone else.
Peter Coyote rocks too.
We're really excited about Peter Coyote. He's absolutely the perfect person to play Web.
Oh cool, he's the Homeland Security chief in The 4400. I like him. He has presence.
Yeah, does that mean he's not going to be in the 4400 anymore or just juggling the two roles? Either way I can't wait to see this show, it sounds better and better each time I hear more about it.
Peter Coyote's one of those 'Hey, it's that guy!' guys. And he looks great in a suit.
alexis would have been lovely(even if he was too young) BRING him on as a recurring character.........i miss him!!

but Peter Coyote...........sigh!!! KEYS!!! I LOVE KEYS!!! he will forever be keys to home.
Wow! I absolutely love Peter Coyote. Have for years. I'll watch stuff I know isn't all that great - just because he's in it.

Confession - He was my favorite part of E.T., I didn't cry when....well you know, and I was like - who IS that guy?

This just gets better and better...
I've talked about my fear regarding this show in the past. A crime drama about FBI agents with an attractive female lead? It could so very quickly become just like so many other shows. However, I've got to admit that the more I hear it talked about the more confident I guess. The premise doesn't sound groundbreaking, but Tim Minear has never let me down before and when you throw Adam Baldwin into the mix... Well, I'll be there for the first episode.
I have confidence in Tim. And Jane.

The Inside, Point Pleasant and Battlestar Galactica are going to be my new shows in the winter (good, since everything I'm watching now winds up in January). Hopefully they'll last.
znachki.........KEYS was my most favorite part of E.T. also...i wish he was in it more and more........i love Peter Coyote.......and then there is Adam Baldwin.......this show is going to rock........and of course with Tim in charge and Jane along for the trip, I know I am watching.

lets just hope they bring my Alexis on for an episode or 5.

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