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December 10 2004

Gina Torres Official website 2.0. This woman never stops. Find out was she is currently working on and check out her gallery and her interview section, where she talks about Firefly, and sci-fi fans' loyalty (or is it flans now).

The site was just updated to this new look about a month ago.

oooh, she's so beautiful
Yes, an absolutely stunning woman. Nice site.
I totally forgot that Gina was ever in Alias. small world...
Lovely, lovely site, for a lovely, lovely woman.
Gina has fans, Nathan has flans.

She seems like a really awesome person. I wondered why her last name was Torres. It's so cool to find out that her parents are Cuban. What a great heritage to have! I wonder if she is fluent in Spanish? Hopefully, after the BDM becomes a monster hit, we'll get to see more of her talents.
What rock have I been living under to not know Gina and Laurence Fishburne are married?!?

What a hot, classy couple.
What rock have I been living under to not know Gina and Laurence Fishburne are married?!?
I didn't know, either, Angela; it was a complete surprise to me.

It's a very nice site, and the photo gallery is great. I especially like the photo of her grinning at her three dogs! But I'm biased (toward animals and animal-lovers!).
Angela and Glaudior did you never see any of the Matrix films, besides being in them she was at every premiere holding hands with Laurence and even at other premieres he has his arms around her you can see how much they are love. If you ever see them on TV together you will know they are a couple in love. I also loved the site over all and the photographs in particular. It's great that she offers downloads of her roles as well the photographers shots she chose to use.
I haven't watched the Matrix in quite a while now. I did see Matrix Reloaded. Once. I have not been able to bring myself to watch Revolutions because not one of my friends whose opinion I respect, and who loved the first one as much as I, have said I will be satisfied with it.

I suppose the two of them and their chemistry just didn't catch my attention. If I saw pictures of any of the premieres, I don't remember them. And frankly, if I saw pictures of the premieres, I was mostly looking at Keanu.

She would have flown vastly under my radar at the time anyway. I was not familiar with her, or "vested" in her so to speak, until I saw her on Angel, and obviously, Firefly. Now, she's part of the Jossverse...and therefore important. :)
I told a work colleague about Gina...she didn't know anything about her...I sent her a picture of her and her husband, and she said, "My God, that's the most beautiful couple I've ever seen!"

Yes, Gina is a very beautiful woman. Very exotic. I did recognize her from The Matrix when I saw her on Angel. I had thought she was a pretty big celebrity, actually.

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