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December 10 2004

The Serenity Ten are a group of draft horses, named in honor of our favorite space western, at the Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue.

They're cute little babies (4-6 months old), and have given Firefly fans at the ranch an opportunity to convert their visitors :D

That might just be the cutest thing ever. :)
Awww... They're adorable!!

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That is so sweet!
Wow. I loved reading the descriptions of each horse's unique personality.

So. freak'n. cute.
Look at the cuties! Great find. I love the personality descriptions.

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That even made bitter old me crack a warm smile and go "awww". Kinda made my day.
They are so sweet! And Kaylee is adorable (though I like Mal's markings). Did you see? One has been adopted (which, since they need homes instead of staying together) is great!
Sounds like a great cause! Hopefully the publicity will encourage donations. Even a couple of pounds (or dollars) will add up if lots of people give.
Ahhh...I love Mal and Kaylee. They're soooo cute. I want one! I want one! I can fit a horse in my condo. Sure I can. And my cat will *love* it.
LOL, Angela. If I had a horse my cat would probably kill it. She's a vicious little thing. And not that little, actually...
Aww, that's awesome and warms my heart. Thumbs up to these kind souls.
Well, if they aren't just the cutest things I've ever seen!
esg - Mine's little but he's a beast. He has a food bowl that says "Attack Cat" - and, wow, is that appropriate.

He could give a horse a run for it's money I bet, until he got stepped on. Which would cause great agony. Hmmm. No horse for me.
I love the little bios! Horsies in space! where will the madness end?
Well, they had cows on Serenity, so why not horses?!
Very nice site. I would love to take one; however I have a horse and as he cost approx $5,000 a year to keep, just one is all I can have. He is the reason I don't go on vacation, or can't go to many events posted here at Whedonesque, all my expendable income is , well, expended. Love him though.
Awww! I want River.

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