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December 11 2004

Review: The Seven Basic Plots by Christopher Booker. Brief mention of Whedon's work as "some of the most interesting story-telling of our time".

This review of a book on the nature of storytelling includes a brief mention of modern TV work by Whedon and Sorkin, saying that "television [has] reinvented one of story's purest essences".

One might note this review says the book is mostly crap, and the Whedon business comes from the reviewer, Roz Kaveney, who edited Reading the Vampire Slayer and is on, for want of a better term, our side. Go Roz! Booker? Err, not so much, I guess.
I like how, over time, I'm seeing more and more Aaron Sorkin and Joss being referenced together. I actually think they are very similar talents. Master entertainers who commented on reality while staying far away from anything you could call realism. Joss, however, by being less of a control freak (Sorkin wrote practically every episode of WW while he was on it), was able to maintain control over his creation. Joss is also far more grounded than Sorkin in a clear view of the world as it may really be, vampires and space ships notwithstanding. "West Wing" was a masterpiece of wishful thinking.

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I have just found, er, proof that "West Wing" is indeed a fantasy series...

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