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December 11 2004

(SPOILER) Clip from 'Point Pleasant'. For those of you who are curious to see what Marti Noxon can come up with, have a look at this 90 second clip from her new show.

I like it. The background noise is very David Lynch, which I guess is appropriate since the premise for the show is the same as Twin Peaks's was, except in this version, Laura Palmer doesn't die. Looks interesting, anyway. There's too much good stuff on TV these days (not a very often-heard sentiment, I know)...
Is there a way to watch this without streaming the video? Because once again, dialup is kicking my ass!
Looks very cool, indeed. I'll check it out. Thursday at 9 isn't exactly an optimal timeslot, but at least it's better than Friday at 8. :)

Marti Noxon's meteoric rise from writer's assistant to show-runner must have been an incredible learning experience for her. Now we'll be able to see what she can do outside the formidable shadow of Joss Whedon. I can't wait.
Ooh this does look promising. Suddenly my January tv schedule is looking rather full, with Alias, 24 and Carnivale all returning and then Point Pleastant starting.
Thursdays at 9 is actually great for me. It comes on right after The OC, which I already watch, and I don't watch CSI or the Apprentice, so this is great.
I can't wait for this, it looks really intriguing. I just wish that I wasn't already imagining its cancellation.
It looks good. Did anyone read the message boards? So annoying!Everyone's like "It's a Tru Calling rip-off." Well, I could only put myself through the teaser of Tru, I disliked it that much, so I don't really know what it's about, but they seem to be rather different to me.
That's great that it is on after the OC because it will grab a lot of viewers from its first showing :)
:D :D Looks very good. Looking forward to it.
Spooky! I'm intrigued.
I saw a preview for this show tonight on TV. Man, but it sure looks creepy. I'm hooked already.
Thursdays at 9 are now officially booked on my TV calendar! Go, Marti!

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