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December 11 2004

President and CEO of Marvel Studios praises Joss Whedon. Avi Arad tells IESB that "he would love to see him [Joss] helm a Marvel movie and that he loves his style of directing."

What should Joss do? I think he should do a smaller-scale, but still very engaging Marvel property. How about Bendis' "Alias" with Jessica Jones? Joss could come up with some amazing mystery that Jessica is brought into unfold. Put Luke Cage and a couple of other Marvel properties in it and have a blast. That would be awesome.
If you watch the video clip it seems one of the interviewers was pushing the Joss directing thing. Cause the guy really didn't say specifically he wanted Joss, after the Joss subject was not dropped was when he made the comment of liking to see him someday helm a Marvel movie and liking his style. I felt it was more of I'll say what you want to hear so I can leave instead of true praise for Joss's abilities, as the article would lead you to believe. He seemed quick to leave since the Joss subject was not being dropped by one interviewer.

Off-topic: In the video the tall blond guy that pass by him, was that the WWE's Triple H? He seem to stop and pay attention to the interview when they started talking about Thor for a couple of moments.
I'd rather Joss do original projects of his own creation rather than work to Marvels guidelines. They, quite rightly, are concerned with protecting and guarding their creations and would be unlikely to allow an 'outsider' creative freedom.

The original Buffy movie was an example of what happens when creative control is in someone else's hands, and we all know how that went....

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A couple of years back, his name was mentioned in connection with an Iron Man movie. And he did want to do his own version of Batman.
Prefer Joss to do a Angel film, David B's up for it, that's all I want really. The Angel character feels like he belongs in a dark comic series anyway, vampire with a soul is a refreshing move on the vampire genre, step back a little, and so many ideas in Buffy/Angel that if used right, be very cool on the big screen. Angel is already far more interesting then Blade, just need to figure out the type of story that would need to be done for movie audiences, is there anything Angelus has done that couldn't work out on a tv budget, that would make for one hella of a flashback in a film etc

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I thought Doug Petrie was the one doing Ironman? He wrote a screenplay and everything for it but I think something fell through.
From FilmForce back in April 2002:

"Joss Whedon (TV's Buffy the Vampire Slayer) is no longer attached to Iron Man as screenwriter nor as director. "Joss Whedon got a second TV show and has nothing to do with Iron Man," says our source. "[The filmmakers] are still looking for a writer.".

I think Doug Petrie did a Fantastic Four script though.
I think another writer is doing Iron Man. I read it a few days ago.

Give Joss the whole pack (write and direct) of X3!!
Avi Arad must be one of the slimiest Hollywood producers around.
(nothing to do with above comments or anything)
Simon, i'm not sure if Petrie wrote an FF script or not, but he did mention who his dream cast would be if he did write it, and personally, I'd prefer his cast than the one that's actually making the movie. Alexis Denisof as Mr. Fantastic? How great would that have been?
Whedon's the kinda director that CEOs of large corporations pretend to like when talking with those outside the business, but in reality would rather suck on lemons covered in sulphur. Whedon is a DIRECTOR. He gives direction. He doesn't take it. Today, corporate entities like directors to compromise their own vision with that of the suits. I love the X-Men movies don't get me wrong, but I don't believe they're wholly Bryan Singer's vision. I think he works within the confines and changing opinions of a number of different corporate entities and somehow manages not to lose his sanity. Whedon tolerates such interference less. It's one of the reasons why he was constantly concerned with Buffy and later Angel getting cancelled after every season. Most if not all of what we see on tv and film today is as much a result of politics as it is creative vision.

The fight between the director and those financing the director's projects has been an ongoing battle since the silent film era. Citizen Kane was made under corporate noses yet Orson Welles went out of his way to keep them in the dark, knowing if they knew what he was up to, friends of Hearst would have shut him down before he could get the film in the can. George Lucas fought early in his career to have his own control, and not have to even listen to corporate suits. Today he's become the very thing he despised, which I find deliciously ironic.

I'd love to see him take a crack at X-Men, but I'd want him to start from scratch and give us his own take on it. Corporate interests would not accept such a financial risk. Whedon needs to work on his own original projects, and be funded by individuals or corporate entities that will not hinder his creative process thinking they're improving on it. He needs to find money people who trust him, and have no ego. There are probably days when he wishes he had become a doctor instead, because they have less day to day stress.

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