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December 12 2004

Faith's knife prop for sale on 'Sword-Trader' site.. This is the same site that was selling the scythe and the sword that killed Angel.

How much would that be in US Currency?

I don't think this is an official replica by Factory X, because they've stated several times before that they couldn't duplicate them, because the knife was the product of another company. (It's called the Hibben Jackal.)

Plus, that knife looks nothing like Faith's.

If you're interested in owning the real knife (I do, it's very cool), it's called the Hibben Jackal and is available at many online knife shops.
That isn't Faith's knife.
A number of sites sell that knife and claim that it is Faith's but it IS NOT.
Faith's knife is a knife called "the Jackal" and here is a link to what it actually looks like:
Well, the site doesn't SAY it's Faith's knife, it just looks like a poor imitation of it.

Dhoffryn, thanks for the link. Now if I could just get $100 . . . .
Ooooh I like the Gil Hibben Jackal knife.
Thanks for the link Dhoffryn.
Your are welcome. There was another site where it was $87 and i was all set to buy it and then they said that they ran out, and i looked at a number of other sites to try and find the best price but this one was the best i could find. I guess it is okay, because now that i know the scythe is coming out in early 2005 i need to save up for that.
Hibben has been making quality custom fantasy knives for many years now...I have never been dissapointed with a purchase.
I love Faith´s knife. I think i must buy it :p
thats not her knife
that knife is stunning! not the fantasy 1 but the Jackal "Its a thing of beauty boss" does any1 know a place that sell the knife to Australia? Help!

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