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December 12 2004

Staff writer from the OC compliments Buffyverse. Allan Heinberg, also the writer for the Marvel comic book Young Avengers, has some nice words to be shared with other Whedon fans.

"(...)the television networks are still trying to figure out how to do super heroes on the kind of budget and schedule that doing twenty-four episodes a year requires. It's a tricky proposition, but not impossible. Joss Whedon and company did it year after year on Buffy and Angel -- and beautifully, too."

Like I remember a critic once said, Angel is the closest anyone has gotten to doing a live action Batman tv series tooken seriously, remember Doyal's nods about the batcave in the first episode, Angel doing the weapon in the ceiling in episode 2 in the club, Whedon was poking fun at that, plus the coat, Doyal menstioned. But being a vampire with a soul, made Angel no Bruce Wayne, being the major difference.

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