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December 13 2002

Firefly officially cancelled. Bugger.


It developed a very loyal fan base and if it hadn't been shown in the Fox time slot of death on Friday, it would have lasted a lot longer.

Ironically, there's a Cinescape interview with Joss Whedon just out where he hoped the show would go on. (spoilers for tonights episode in interview).

“We’re working really hard and we do have the most extraordinary crew and cast imaginable – so I feel in my heart, it will go on,” says Whedon. “Actually my heart stopped around mid-September, but I feel the show will go on.”
Damn... Bring the show to Europe and so they can finish what they started right here!
crap crap crap
damn general public, not watching enough of the shows we like...
Is there a possibility another network will pick up the series?
Well it could go to the Sci-fi channel in the States or maybe even WB or UPN could pick it up but I guess its too early to tell.
I hope if there's no more series Whedon finds some other way to tell the story... cause, dammit, I wanna know!
well according to this post at the official Firefly Board:

"While it is true that Joss announced our cancellation last night, he also promised to shop the show to other networks, starting with UPN. No promises of course, but if the show was picked up by another network, production could resume as soon as next fall."
Does this mean we get to see more Friday night reruns of "When the elderly attack!"?

I'm going to cry. UPN! WB! PBS! Someone! Anyone!
UPN is about the only place that Joss could find a place for Serenity - he's got some leverage with continuing to produce Buffy (or a close spin-off) in exchange for a home for Firefly.
I hope if there's no more series Whedon finds some other way to tell the story

Y'know, while watching War Stories, I found myself thinking: this show would make a kick-ass FPS game! Nice collection of characters each with their own weapons, styles and skills (River psy-attack!), exciting locations (space stations, wild-west towns, moving trains), etc.
Cool... but then I don't get to know the story other than second hand. Games and me don't mesh.
A decent show, but what do you expect with a Friday timeslot? Fox is the last place I'll be tuning to on Friday nights. Line it up on Tuesdays behind Buffy, and you'll see 4.7 million viewers go up 2 or 3-fold

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