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December 12 2004

Photos of all three Deluxe Buffy figures. And all three Faiths as well.

Graduation Day standard Buffy, Once More With Feeling and End Of Days variants.

Graduation Day standard Faith, End Of Days and Bad Girls variants.

Deluxe figures are in the same six-inch scale as MAC and Diamond's standard figures, but feature far more articulation.

They're due for release in early 2005.

Buffy looks pretty good. Faith on the other hand looks nothing like the hotness of Eliza Dushku.
Ew, what is wrong with their eyes?
I like all 3 Buffys, the Faith ones are fine except for the faces which look NOTHING like Eliza. I have never bought any BtVS figures, but i really like those so i may get one.
The Faith ones need some redoing, they got Buffy right.
I hate it when they give figures all these extra points of articulation, it makes them look so bad, IMO. The Faiths definitely need some work. Her jaw looks very square there.
I like the Sideshow dolls better. I have both the Buffys that were released so far and they look very much like her. I feel these ones resemble SMG but they look a bit off. The Faith one isn't so good but these versions don't look any better. I actually like the articulation on the dolls because you can pose them and have some fun with them. The Sideshow dolls clothing covers most of the articulation on most of the dolls anyway.
For cryin' out loud! Ball-joint hips? WTF? That's nasty. And not in the good way.

I collect the six-inchers and I'm disappointed in these. Buffy's face looks ok I guess, but Faith? She looks more like Kennedy! GAHHH!
Ugh. They've all got man-hands!
I know....I was thinking...thier hands were almost as big as thier heads!!!

[ edited by herb on 2004-12-13 15:58 ]
I think they look pretty good. ;)
The Faith dolls are atrocious. Nothing like her.
Willowy, these are the 'super-poseable' line of figures I read about. I don't care for them either. 6-to-12 points of articulation is plenty. This point of articulation is just getting silly.
Willowy - I thought the same thing! If someone showed me the pictures of the Faith dolls without telling me they are Faith, I would have had a hard time knowing who the character was supposed to be. By just looking at their faces the dolls reminded me more of Kennedy.

The Buffy one in the blue denim jacket looks pretty good, except for the man hands.
Nixygirl please do not sign your posts.
I'm agreeing with the Kennedy thing. So many points of articulation on that figure, it must be fairly limber. Nubile ... *shakes head* I'm back!
Whoever sculpted Faith needs to be shot, drawn, and quartered. Her face is HORRENDOUS. In the first pic, she looks more like Jay from Silent Bob and Jay than Eliza Dushku!
You guys! These are models of the stunt doubles, not the actresses!
Haha, ringworm. Maybe.
Love the Buffys! My eyes bleed at the Faith's though. Poor Eliza, *way* hotter, but less well known to the General Public.
What in the bloody hell?!? Those look like rubbish. Posable thighs? Oh, kill me now. Their hands are almost as big as their heads..geez. The Faith ones look like they could've been illustrated by a blind man. Eewwwwwness. Excuse me, I've got to go pour draino in my eyesockets now.....

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