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December 13 2004

Joss Whedon and Serenity cast to appear at WonderCon on February 19th in San Francisco. If you want to go along and hear them talk about the movie, a 1-day pass will cost just $12.

I wonder if they'll show a new trailer for the movie. And we'll do a thread for this on the day so people can post their reports.

Excellent! I imagine we'll be seeing more of these throughout the spring and summer. I'm thinking Joss will have the cast at every con he can shake a stick at to promote the movie. Go Joss go!
I hope at some point they do some conventions on the East Coast (NY, NJ, PA areas) we rarely get to see Joss on this side of the states.
Correct, Passion...I'd go as far as NYC (I'd go to NYC for just about anything!) for one of to have one in DC!
That's just a week before Megacon in Orlando, darn it - but I guess now we know which con Jewel was talking about so we know one person who will be there.
Ooh! SF! Hmmm.., *plots*
Thanks for the tip, Simon. I just bought a ticket.I know from nothing about comics, and will probably will be treated with justifiable scorn by the comic geeks who attend, but, hey, Joss Whedon. Anybody want to buy me a really expensive camera so I don't repeat the Oakland fiasco?
I wonder what time they will be appearing. I have another appointment early in the day but would love to drive down and see them all. With my luck, it will be early in the day :(
Oh I am so going! I live in SF, I can take the freakin' bus there and it's only $12!! I'm so excited because first of all: Joss. Second of all: the crew of Serenity will be there. Now the only problem is whether to wear the long brown leather coat that I own (I swear, it looks very Firefly-esque but I bought it years ago, probably before the show was a twinkling in Joss' eye.) or would that be too weirdly fangirly?
munn75 I'm guessing it would be in the afternoon, but there would be no harm in emailing the organizers to see if a time has been set yet.
Your best bet is to get there early cause there will be a crowd most Q&A's are in the afternoon but the line to get into the Q&A will get started early in the morning. I sat in the line for Joss's Q&A in Chicago for 4-5 hours before being let in for the hour Q&A.
dottikin: wear the coat! In my, admittedly narrow, range of experiences with comicbook and other conventions, I have found that no matter how outlandish or obsessed you think you might look, there will be a thousand other fans there who will make you appear the height of squareness. (Hmm, "The Height of Squareness," that just might be the title of my next novel . . . ;)). So wear the cool coat (but make sure it's not going to be too hot or uncomfortable in the melee), and I guarantee you won't regret it.
I so need to go to this. It would be the best birthday present ever.
Well, looks like I am going to have to miss this one. Hopefully I can go to San Diego if they are there. I wish these guys were at more of the standard cons. It's still early though. I suppose they could show up later on the 05 schedule.
"The Height of Squareness". Has a nice ring, SoddingNancyTribe. For you lucky people who are able to attend, please take notes and report the details to the rest of us. We'll be forever thankful:)
I wish I could go, but alas, I cannot. Add me to the wish that they would all trek out here to the east coast.
finally a con in my backyard!
Is anyone driving down to this from the NW and wants to carpool? Just thought I'd ask...
Yeah, that is great but I would really, really like to see Joss and the crew show up at the Comicon in Chicago (Rosemont, actually). I saw Joss (himself) there this past summer and it was the most fun I have had without being "nekked". He was great. Funny and my god is he smart. The rest of the cast, though, would be the best. I know schedules are a bitch but let's try it.
I'm thinking the scheduling for the entire cast would be impossible. The San Diego con last year was huge b/c it had all the castmembers and Joss, but then it's really a short trip from L.A. to S.D. -- more like a day trip than flying across the country. The plane ride from L.A. to S.F. is slightly longer, but about an hour and maybe an overnight stay. I'm praying and hoping that most of the cast makes it up to San Francisco just based on the small amount of travel involved. It does suck to non-West Coasters though.

As it is, I can't believe I'll be in the same room as Joss. I'll probably be stiff with embarrassment and fear, but that's actually sorta normal. I think I will wear the coat, even though it'll end up over my arm the whole day b/c it'll probably be warm-ish in there. That's the one problem with leather -- it's too hot to wear.
Hmmm. I smell a new Serenity trailer for the fans, like he did at ComicCon. Wouldn't that just be the greatest? Kind of a consolation prize for us having to wait TEN MONTHS. Something sharp and spiffy (not to mention 'shiny') for everyone to get worked up about again...

Just sayin'...

Wish I could go. *pouts a little bit*
electricspacegirl, maybe if we wish hard enough Joss and company would come to the Northwest.

But just out of curiosity, how long would it take someone to drive to SF leaving Olympia with a stop in Portland, (I'm way far out of the loop in these matters), and how many times could we listen to and sing along with OMWF really, really loud and with feeling?
LOL, m'cookies, I like you're thinking. I can't drive, unfortunately, but i can pay for gas, and pitch in on a hotel room...I don't know how long that drive would be. I haven't been road tripping in ages. I'm up for some speculative planning if you're serious and want to talk about it. Just email me.
What about New England..they never come over here :( maybe they'll host a convention in Rhode Island one day....(aww, who the hell am I kidding?!)
Yeah, New England would be a great place to hold a convention!!! We may have small states but we have lots of Whedon fans!!!

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