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December 13 2004

Kristine Sutherland makes a rare con appearance in the US. Buffy's mom will be at the Big Apple Con in New York on Jan 22-23, 2005.

I always used to think Kristine Sutherland was related to Kiefer Sutherland-24 because of Sutherland, plus Lost Boys-Kiefer playing David, made the vampire link to the buff show, but just something silly I used to think about when I saw her name on the credits on a buffy episode years back.

I gotta meet her sometime, nice woman.
I always wished she was related to kiefer..
I guess deep down I wanted to see kiefer to play a vampire villian on buffy or angel, he was a total badass as David in lost boys, he's got that intensity to creep you out and make you laugh at other times.

"How can a billion chineese people be wrong Michael?" David-Lost Boys

What about a 24 show with Jack turning vampire and Joss Whedon doing a season of writing for it:D

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Has anyone else seen those headache medicine commericals that she's been in lately? I don't know why, but I'm always startled to see Kristine Sutherland show up during comercial breaks.
Yes, some of us have seen it. There was a thread awhile back about it and that it was nice seeing her face again.
I think she was related to Kiefer too.
She`s related to Donald? Am I wrong?
Yeah, I saw a commercial for the medicine one night at my grandmother's house. It startled me...

"Joyce? But... you're dead!"
Yes, but while she was alive, she sure could have used some headache medication...
Heh heh, me and my friends always joke about her Advil commercial...

"Advil, things are going to get really bad. And when they do, Buffy won't choose you. She's an aspirin girl."
Kristine Sutherland is no relation to Donald Sutherland. 'Sutherland' is her stage name. Her maiden name was Young.
Maybe it's just me, but I consider Kristine's Advil commercial something of a coup for her. Think about the context: Vioxx has been pulled in the U.S., and the makers of Advil are ready to swoop in and grab that share of the anti-inflammatory market. They line up the commercial and tell the admen: "We need a woman whose voice is so soothing and warm, and whose face is so trustworthy, that all those customers out there who are scared of bad medicine will be comforted and turn to Advil for pain relief."

And who do they get? The only woman who could make parenting on a Hellmouth seem somewhat manageable. Go Kristine!
This could lead to her being the spokeswoman for Advil, and it's a good ad. She's the focal person in it (the only person in it) and isn't just some extra in a commercial like she is in the car one (art class where the girl goes nuts on the pottery wheel and gets mud on Christine's face!).

I'm happy for her. She seemed to enjoy her time on BtVS but had asked Joss for time off during season four because she wanted free time and commercials are a good way to earn a living and give her the free time she desires. Of course, I hope she'll be available for a BtVS/Angel movie if one ever happens and there's a way to have her character in it. Maybe Buffy could have some flash backs of being in Heaven with her mom. That's something I desperately wanted to see them do and would've loved for the scene where Buffy is brought back is if it started with her and her mother holding each other and Buffy being ripped from her arms, and then the gruesome scene of her body being re-animated.

Sorry, got way off topic there, but my mind just jumped right back into the Buffyverse and my fantasys!
Thank you dashboardprophet. I did`n know that.

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