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December 14 2004

CoA coverage of the David & James Halloween Event. A wonderfully extensive report with pics and highlights of the Q&As.

That was a very thorough and well-written piece.

But am I the only one who was surprised by Amy Acker's disclosure that she was supposed to be Illyria for just 3 episodes and then be "transformed into someone more human"? I had no idea . . . and the idea of the Illyria/Fred hybrid whereby F could get I's powers whenever she needed them kinda rocks.
Before he even played a note, he explained that he was using a different guitar as his usual guitar, [find the name of the guitar], has been damaged at the airport but he was more than happy with the replacement.

They didn't notice this line before going to print ;)

Anyway, yes, good piece. On the subject of Fred/Illyria, I definitely read somewhere else that Joss planned on separating them and having Amy Acker play two parts. Whether that was his intention or just plain rumour I have no idea.
Jeffrey Bell talked about the Fred/Illyria playing two parts in an interview he did shortly after Angel ended.

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