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December 13 2002

Buffy the Vampire Slayer's High School Reunion. The Boston theatre group 'Queer Soup' pays homage to the show and the issues it raises in a parody where the Scoobies meet up at a Sunnydale High reunion.

It sounds absolutely mad and I love to see it.

Also mentioned here, by me. Note that I was the only comment. Sigh. Nobody likes me.

I'm going to Sunday's matinee, if I can get out of work (fingers crossed).
hey! i like you. and i don't even know you. i can't go to the show, too much to do, no spare cash. any chance there's a review somewhere that could be posted?
I'd go. But hey, 'm in Amsterdam.
I like you too and I'm so sorry that I didn't mention your original post. I'm blaming Friday 13th .

And I'd love to go and see it but I live in Belfast which though nearer to Boston than Amsterdam is still several thousand miles away.

If you do go and see it on Sunday, post a review of it under in this thread as I would love to know what it was like.
If you can get me a ticket from Madison, WI to Boston, sure! I'd love to.

How about you tape it?
damn, all the cool stuff happens in Boston. If they ever play the Fox in Atlanta, I'll be there---
Well, I went. It was rather enjoyable, if also rather expensive ($20 for tickets). The production values were lower than I expected. Imagine an improv show at a sketchy little improv basement, but Buffy-themed. That was pretty much this. There were some fun little touches, and the obscurity and variety of the numerous Buffy in-jokes gave me the warm feeling of being a True Fan. They did a good job of emulating Buffy dialogue, even if the delivery sometimes made you pine for the actual actors.

So, go see it if you can, it's really quite cute, and not a bad way to spend an afternoon. Otherwise, don't cry, the best Buffy parody possible is still The Zeppo.
Excellent, thanks very much posting your review. If the show ever makes across the Atlantic, I'll certaintly try and see it.
Hey, thanks for coming to see it, and thank you for your honest opinion. Most people seemed to like it, and we did sell out every show because it is such a small theater. But you're right, it's not for everyone. In defense of the actors, I have to say, it's more our interpretation of what the characters might be like 7 years from now, as a parody, rather than us trying to do impersonations of the actual actors.
-Joye (Buffy in the play)

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