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December 14 2004

More than one 'Serenity'. A hit-and-run survey of several of the 'Serenity' cast (presumably conducted during their 'In Good Company' premiere appearance) makes it plain they're all looking beyond September 2005 to more sequels.

"There were some concerns about facing 'Star Wars'", said Tudyk. "So they want us to have our own place."

The only person who shoulda been concerned about Serenity stacked up against Episode Three is George Lucas. I mean let's face it. Who on this planet doesn't know how Revenge of the Sith is gonna end? Even those who haven't seen Star Wars have heard of Darth Vader. There's more people on this planet who have heard of droids and X-Wings than have heard of Jesus Christ. This is the most anticlimactic wait for a film I've ever had. I've been waiting for Lucas to finish the Star Wars storyline since I was kneehigh to a muppet. It's been a quarter of a century and guess what? I'm more excited about seeing Serenity. I'm Star Wars'd out.

As for a Serentiy trilogy, I'll take what we can get, but until some network finds a way to put Firefly back on the little screen, deep down I won't be satisfied. I want the industry to admit it was wrong to allow Firefly to get cancelled in the first place. Just imagine, by now we'd have two, maybe three seasons worth of stories instead of half of one, if the suits had left well enough alone. The original series was movie quality storytelling on a weekly basis. Now we're lucky to get a couple few movies in the next decade? It's like being shown a buffet and then left with but a couple table scraps.
Amen, ZM, amen. To both parts of your post.

The only solace I can derive is that the big-screen Serenity will, I hope, make a splash in a way that a TV show couldn't, and thereby draw in more potential whedonites. But, no, even seeing the crew 25-feet high can't make up for their small-screen absence.

And if Lucas could actually be bothered to, you know, write a script and flesh out his characters, I might actually be bothered to care about his movies.
Agree with both ZM and SNT in regards to your opinions and feelings regarding Firefly/Serenity.

I am so excited about this movie because it's all we have, I'd be more excited being in the middle of season three right now and anticipating season one and two arriving on DVD. I also want the industry to admit what a huge mistake they made in cancelling this phenomenal show and once the movie comes out and it's a hit, and I'm confident it will be, there will most likely be a surge of DVD sales of the series and more attention will be brought to the question of "What the Hell was Fox thinking!!!".

And my thoughts on Star Wars is this, it was great for it's time but doesn't compare to the epic greatness that Serenity has the potential of being.
Didn't we already do this in this thread?.
Yes, in fact I think this "report" is based on all those interviews we've already seen.

I've always felt the same way myself: the movie can--and probably will--be a blast and a brief fix, but I'll never be fully satisfied unless the series comes back and is given a chance to find an audience. Three movies would be great, and a chance to tell some big, gut-renching Firefly stories, but no substitute for three seasons...

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