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December 14 2004

Drusilla's Gown being sold on Ebay. It's her gown from way back in Season 2. I'm not sure why this wasn't sold a long time ago, but it's from vipfanclubs so I think it's authentic.

Oh, to be a size 0. *sigh*
OMG - Dru is my favorite character so this is oh so temping. I would never be able to wear it even after death and decompossion but none the less it was part of the Dru character.
It would be an awesome thing to display!! Maybe whoever wins can get a size "0" mannequin, hire an artist to make it look like Dru! That would be really cool! Kind of scary to wake up to if you had it in your bedroom!
Hey! Isn't that the get-up she killed Kendra in?
I note that a handwritten Spike scrap with "beauty effulgent" on it is currently making more in the auction!

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