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December 14 2004

Spike's poem from "Fool For Love" being sold on Ebay. This is a handwritten note of Spike's poem used in the season five episode Fool for Love. It's the poem he wrote for Cecily

I'm not actually sure that James Marsters wrote it, but a cool prop if you have money to waste.

Someone needs to fix the spelling and punctuation in this post.

No, not this one. The newspost one above.
Someone needs to fix the spelling in the poem! Effulgent...come on, Willie!
As mentioned not that long ago, spelling and grammatical errors are becoming all too frequent. Please be more attentive and use some form of spell check utility.
It is a cool prop I must say. Didn't know they actually made a note like that. If I was flthy rich I'd get it, but 200 is a leetle out of my price range for something like that. And I don't think it will stay on 200 either...
Good God. Now *that* will go for a chunk of money. Wish it could be *my* money, but they just don't pay us social workers that much. :(

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