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December 14 2004

'Smile Time' gets a 'best guest appearance' rating for the 2004 TV season. The quality of 'Angel' is recognised again! Spoiler for a recent 'Lost' episode.

Very Cool! Angel puppet rocks! I wonder if they have pictures of the new version.
"UPN put the stake in “Angel” last spring but not before the “Buffy” spinoff managed to once again remind us how brilliant it could be."

Hmmm, you think after all the campaigning last season and over the summer, not to mention a little thing of checking your info, and everything else they would have at least gotten the network right. So when did UPN become the network that put the stake through Angel and here I thought it had been the WB that did the deed. You mean I have been watching the wrong network all along. Then my deepest apologizes to the WB. NOT!
I was also confused about that UPN remark but maybe they are referring to UPN saying no to picking up the show after WB canceled it.
No, they just wrote down the wrong network.
Actually, they probably just did this out of ignorance. In my area, the show aired on UPN, because we don't have a WB affiliate, and UPN was kind enough to pick it up (although it aired the next day). Therefore they probably ignorantly just thought, because of this, that UPN was the originating network,
"No, they just wrote down the wrong network."

That's what I'm thinking....

And chickenbird: Didn't know that and yeah that probably explains it.

Still, when someone writes an article, they should get their facts straight. But then I've noticed more and more lately that reporters don't actually bother with that too much anymore. Ya makes people tired...;-)
I loved Smile Time, but after reading the "Worst Guest Puppet" award I now want to see CJ and Big Bird in West Wing!
Puppet Angel should get an Emmy. Can you imagine his acceptance speech?
I'm really enjoying all the kudos and mentions this ep has received, especially as I remember many folks knocking it completely before it aired.

That would be a cool acceptance speech, except he'd probably hide under his desk.

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