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December 15 2004

USA Today ranks Whedonesque number 70 in Top 100 People of 2004. Whitney Matheson's Pop Candy column lists Whedon Fans ahead of SpongeBob, and just behind Regis -- with a special plug for this fine site! (That's not a self-link, is it?)

Haha! That is AMAZING!
Add to that... 41. David Boreanaz. He would've signed on for more Angel, but the WB would rather give airtime to "fresh" shows The Mountain and Summerland. It's OK, though. I'm confident casting agents will be biting in no time.

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That's an achievement. USA Today? Serious publicity, that. Kudos to Caroline, Simon, Herb and all others at the Whedonesque helm.
Not just being listed, but what Whitney said about this site makes me positively tingle. Wonderful stuff.

And SaveAngel, I'm sure your question was in jest, but I don't think this is the kind of self-linking that's frowned upon. :)
Loved the mention of Whedonesque, David Boreanaz, and Buffy (under the Veronica Mars mention) but Whedonesque is a little more than Kristine's Advil commercial and the latest Spike doll, although those are fun, it's also about the great articles, interviews and stuff like that I come for (and the occaissional JW post!!).

This site has been getting a lot of attention lately!

Great find SaveAngel!

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Awesome for the site to get mentioned on there. I liked alot of the items on that list. Finally, someone else thinks Naveen Andrews is a real talent, thats the one thing I hate about "Lost". So many grood actors, not enough of them getting their share of praise. But I guess thats expected with such a huge cast.

And back to the topic at hand, congrats Simon, Herb, and Caroline.

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And not to mention the only website that got the kudos on the list congrats to all the mods here, now they have USA national attention - I see an influx of new lurkers coming.
Very cool indeed! And yes, it does seem like Whedonesque is getting its share of attention lately.
Blwessels, my guess is that Whitney realizes Whedonesque is about far more than Kristine's Advil commerical or the latest Spike doll - or she wouldn't check in every day - but for a light, flip column, those tidbits fit the tone.
Fun column overall i liked most of her list. Many of my favorite actors are on there, and in addition to the Buffyverse mentions, I was pleased to see Marjane Satrapi at #39 (both volumes of persepolis are well worth checking out for anyone who likes excellent graphic books) and Jon Stewart at #1. Yay Daily Show!
And eddy - couldn't agree more about Naveen Andrews, and the oversight of Lost actors in general. For my money, Evangeline Lilly is actually one of the *weakest* elements of the show. Naveen, on the other hand....
Yes, I agree also that Naveen Andrews is my favorite actor on Lost and they better not kill him off!! Love Lost but not familiar with all the actor and actresses names, is Evangeline the actress who plays Kate? If so, I agree that, for me, I don't find her character as appealing or intriguing as most of the other leads. And fair enough the description for Whedonesque fit the tone the list was going for.
We nerds are cool!!

We rock.
Wow, first we get official video confirmation from Joss that Whedonesquers rule ("cooler than anyone you know" as I recall, hehehe) and now this.

It's final: we have to start getting arrogant now. I think it's required......;-)

Congrats to all.
I really don't know what to say. Mainly cause I woke up an hour earlier than usual.

But I'm very pleased for Caroline, Milov and Herb and of course you guys as well. As if we didn't have you lot posting, where we would be? Not here obviously. Anyway, a great way to start the day.
Yes indeed! It's turning out to be a great day and I haven't even gone to bed yet! I have a feeling I'll have a hard time falling asleep with first Whedonesque being recognized in a national newspaper and now with the first two posts regarding Serenity coming in with rave reviews!! Great day indeed!!
Squee; go Whedonesque!
What awesome recognition.
The wonder that is Whedonesque, recognized yet again. Coolness!

Congrats to all the admins, hugs to my fellow posters and all the lurkers out there, and thanks to Joss, who continues to inspire this haven of happy madness. :)
Caroline, Simon, Herb et al. - recognition again! You must be doing something right!

Sincere thanks for all that you do - you make my world bearable in these days of Joss-famine!
News like this, makes me feel proud to post here, it is a great website, and Joss visiting here a while ago, coolest thing I've seen on the net, it was return of the writing king.
I totally agree, and jetlagged as I am, I shall offer my hearty congratulations and much agreement, and overwhelming proudness and then depart to my bed

Also on the list that I can make tenous links to: "Guided By Voices", who's song "Teenage FBI" was included on the first Buffy Album, and Kim Deal (who performed on Buffy with The Breeders) with her other band

And can I just say, you Aussie's are so lucky to live in a country like this all year round!
Fun list. And congrats again to the mods. So glad your efforts are being so widely acknowledged.
Apocalypse - where are you in Aus?
Awesome! Congrats to the entire gang. Pretty soon, we'll have to have T-shirts made.
Excellent, a great list and to make it onto it really is a tribute to how great this site (and it's posters) are. Well done all :)
Yeah us! Well done Whedonesque!
Looks like the rest of the world is catching on to what we already know, Whedonesque is unmatched. Sincere kudos to Caroline, Milov, Herb, and our fearless leader, Simon! And hooray for all fellow posters too. You all make it a community worth being in.

What a warm fuzzy way to start the day! :D
Congratulations, Caroline, Herb, Simon. And to all the posters and lurkers as well.
A thoroughly immodest yeah to us. Road less travelled indeed! Show me any other site where you can meet so many calm but busy flans with a hint of camp.
Many congrats to Simon and Caroline (and all the mods) as well as everyone scouring the net for stories.
WOW! That's awsome :) Its about time us dorks got recognized!
I add my humble congratulations to the mods and owner of this site. While travelling recently in southeast Asia, I was determined to stay as disconnected as possible from First World reality, the only exception being a check of this must-read site (it was then that I learned of the delay of Serenity . . . sniff). Please accept my wishes for continued success.

And all you wonderful posters here who provide insight and wit: why don'tcha take a small bow.
Cool! Yay us! And yay Caroline, Simon et al!
Congrats to all the WHEDONesquers and in particular the mods, it couldn't be done without you.Well DONE.
Justing chiming in here with my "Yay Whedonesque!" comment. Congrats, guys. You so deserve it.
:D That`s great!
Congratulations to all!
Huh? What? Huh?

As usual I am away traveling in Ireland chasing/stalking/minding my other obsession when all the fun happens at Whedonesque.

Anyway, huzzah! This one will need a little time to sink in. My head's full of vodka/tonic. Or would that be my belly? Burp.
catalyst2, at the moment I'm in Brisbane, but tommorow will be flying to Sydney, and then Adelaide
Apocalypse - I'm closest to Perth. Are you coming to the'most isolated capital in the world'? Good grief, there's a great tourist hook!

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