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December 13 2002

Joss vents.

I've never seen the show and usually I don't care when TV shows get cancelled but right now I feel so sorry for a man I regard as a creative genius.

If I could hug him, I would.
And, of course, today my piece praising "Firefly" goes live.

If someone wants to link to it from Whedonesque, please go ahead. :-)

well this whole cancellation thing just pi$$es me off! If the dadgum network had let the pilot air as the first episode, then I think more people would have gotten hooked---I love the show. I think Joss is brilliant, and as Simons said (grins at the unintentional pun), If I could hug him, I would---ah, well, atleast the Whedon family has their little addition to look forward to, in the near future. That's something.

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