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December 15 2004

(SPOILER) Aintitcool Reports On Last Night's Serenity Screenings , while the rest of us wait another 10 months.

Yes! I am so happy! Everybody loved it! But in a tiny tiny tiny way dissapointed (a tad) as Books story always interested me, especially after the minor revelations in "Objects in Space". It left me wanting to know a lot more. Here's hoping Inara's story also gets a little bit of screentime

In terms of Zoe, I think Gina Torres is a fantastic and terrific actress, and she plays the character well, but there was never any depth to Zoe's story before, much to my regret, and you sense the character didnt have as much of a backstory previous to the series. That said, im sure somewhere down the line, Joss would have pulled a blinder on us all, and Zoe would instantly become the main focus of the series! Or a pretty big part anyway!

Also pleased that Wash is not on the "less screen time" list, as he was sometimes sorely underused in episodes, despite being one of my favourite characters

Also, yey Summer Glau!
Apocalypse, that's why this NEEDS to be a trilogy, seems like this flick is going to be heavy on the Mal/River/Simon front, hopefully next time we'll get some Book. :)

I CANT WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE. I've yet to read a single negative comment beside some obscure fear that some "big suprise" might get changed "Which I doubt, changes will likely be about clarity and pacing, ie. someone who isn't a fan comprehending it. Not actual plot points.
Well, there seemed to be quite a few Firefly fans in the audience who were visibly upset about that one big surprise. So much so that they were really hoping to convince the execs to change it in their questionnaires. But I would argue that while it's shocking and gut-wrenching, it's necessary in the context of the film.
That's just the way I like my spoilers. Just a general overview, nothing detailed. This confirms my thoughts on River. Hopefully, Joss will fill in the story of Book and Zoe in one of the sequels. Only bad here is spending the next 10 months surfing the net in caution worrying I may run across a major spoiler.
I am just going to take what comes, not really seek them out. :) It's going to be a REALLY LONG wait :(.

Ugh I actually dislike that they did these kind of tests, on one hand now I KNOW how great the flick is going to be. On the other hand I'll be hearing spoilers, and the wait seems even more unbearable.

How sad is it that I find myself filling in time between Joss Whedon projects lol.
Sorry for my childish banter, after reading these reviews it just made want to see it even more, and before this I already really really wanted to see it.
I really hope Universal does a kickass mkt promotion for it, because this must be a huge success, so we'll have more buns in the oven. Even if I'm forced to do some crazy stunt in movie theathers shouting for everyone to watch it (ok, too crazy now).

Finally getting the series dvd boxset for Christmas, at least re-watching the episodes will be a treat.
Ahh okay that wasn't really all that spoilery. Nothing I didn't pretty much know or had deduced already.

Man I want to see this movie so badly....and I want it to succeed so badly, I can frikkin taste it! We've never seen true Joss-stuff done on a movie scale. Epic! Big effects! Big fight scenes! Can't wait! Gimme! Pour it on me!

(Especially Zoe, and Kaylee and...uh, is River old enough?? Don't wanna give the wrong idea here;-)
I know this has been said before but I'm sorry I do not like the people that post at Aint It Cool. All they do is hate bash, tear everything apart as well as each other. If you say you like or love Joss Whedon and the Whedonverse your called a blind worshipping butt kisser, which always leads me to the question that's never answered: If you don't like the Whedonverse, why are you even here? Unfortunatly, I don't think I want to read anything at their site because of this. I cannot praise this site enough. You guys truly know how to share your love, opinions and criticisms of the Whedonverse with the deepest respect for the work and the people who post here. I really enjoy coming here and I hope we can alwalys keep it at this standard. Thanks.
The only thing I can take from AICN is the non fan review. I think Joss would have to seriously mis-step for the Firefly fan not to like this movie so I expected the reaction that we've seen here and at other Firefly sites. It's the favorable non fan reviews that get me excited.
Well, actually, if it were seriously flawed, I think you'd even some of the diehard fans reflecting it. The tell tale signs would be lots of cautious language and sort of self-conscious hiding of dissapointment...sort of like the early fan reaction to "Phantom Menace" ("it's good, but....").

I think the almost complete unalloyed rapture I've read so far is, at the very least, more of a good sign than similar rapture from the actors. After all, the fans may be emotionally invested, but they aren't depending on this movie for their livlihood (though it practically feels like it, some of the time).
Yes, bobster. Sci-fi fans are no sheep, if they think something has dissapointed them or it has destroyed what they previously loved they will definitely let you know it! ;)
Wheelsofjoy, thanks for the praise for our site, but try not to talk badly about other sites, it can only lead to bad, bad things.

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