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December 15 2004

DarkWorlds' Serenity review. Much praise for what was screened last night. But in complete contrast, a brief and less than complimentary report of the screening at (Added) Joss has posted some brief thoughts on the screening in this thread.

The guy at Darkworld has appeared to have seen the movie, while Chud hasn't. Hmm, which do I think is better?

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Thanks Simon! I enjoyed the DarkWorld review and loved how she said so much without giving anything away! As for the other, well, how can you honestly review it if you haven't seen it. From what our fellow Whedonesquers have said, it sounds like the majority of the audience totally enjoyed it regardless of them being Whedon fans or not!

edited to change "he" to "she" as phlebotinin just mentioned the reviewer being female!

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I want to kneecap the person. Is that wrong?

Seriously, Amy Berner at DarkWorlds is already a Firefly fan so it's not surprising that she loved Serenity. It's encouraging but not surprising. But who are these apparently not impressed people the CHUD person heard from? Anyone know anybody who as at the screening and didn't like it? And why they didn't like it? (Spoiler free, please.) Thanks for any info anyone has.
He is actually a she and her site is currently's Site of the Week.
Just edited my comment Simon as you posted yours!
hollering and cheering at every Firefly tv show reference?? was i at a different movie than those people..yes there were cheers here and there, but at every reference...i think not.
"The screening was apparently packed with Whedonites, who whooped and hollered at every show reference and character reveal - it doesn't seem like the ideal test audience to see how mainstream the thing could be."

I agree, the fact that the majority of the audience were Joss Whedon fans skewed the results of the screening. And that was pretty evident from the start of the Universal logo through the introduction of each of the main castmembers when applause broke out.

That actually bugged me because I had heard that the screening company had the right to cancel the screening if they felt that it wasn't filled with a more general audience.

But to say that every single reference was cheered is a major generalization of what happened last night.

"'It's more The Motion Picture than The Wrath of Kahn.'"

Okay, typo-aside, this really bugged me, because anyone who went and saw the film knows that Serenity is at its core a story-driven film in a sci-fi/western setting with lots of action, a surprising amount of comedy, and a good amount of suspense. TMP was a decent way to start off the Star Trek movie franchise but it was *slow*. Serenity was definitely not! And yes, I'm trying to be objective in describing this without spoiling it for anyone!

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I did wonder why Universal had chosen such an audience. A reward for the fandom? A special case screening to see that if the fans liked it then Universal knows that the Serenity DVD can match the sales of the Firefly DVD? Who knows? I could speculate till the cows come home.

And as much as I loved reading everyone's reports, it's what the average guy in the street thinks is what I'm really interested in and somewhat nervous about.
Simon..I was with you on that. I was there but I am still very interested in what the average guy thinks about the film. I know one guy at the panel said he had never seen a episode but enjoyed the film and was not going to buy the DVD's. But I am wondering about others out there.

ps...Something I found interesting was the lady who was picking people for the panel asked me, since I was a fan, had they done the movie with other people as the characters would I be watching it.( she had nothing to do with the movie nor the show). I looked her in the eye and said HELL NO!!

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Yeah, me too Simon. I was all nervous about the screening because of what the average guy was going to think and although I'm thrilled at how much our fellow Whedonesquers enjoyed it, I'm still worried that there hasn't been much feedback from non-followers and that's because most of the watchers were fans already. But, maybe Universal will be excited that the fans were so pumped up about it.

I wonder if we'll here from the man himself on this subject. Maybe once they go through the audiences question and answer cards we'll find out that there weren't as many Firefly fans there as we thought and maybe there will be more average Joes reporting how much they loved the movie!
I think that, perhaps, Universal is getting both sides here. The non-fans (of which there didnít seem to be many, truth be told, but fans are a vociferous lot) were identifiable by their responses to certain questions on the post-movie questionnaire (it did ask, point-blank, if you were a Whedon fan or not). But Firefly fans, who are a factor and who are the ones who will take care of the word-of-mouth... Well, all the studio (and Joss) has to do is look online for our reactions. Weíre easy to find. And fan reaction is just as much a part of fine-tuning this film as non-fan reaction.
I'm wondering:

1. Were different versions of Serenity shown at different screenings? (Different endings, etc.)

2. Were different panels set up according to different criteria, i.e., a heavy-on-the-Firefly-fan panel, a no-Firefly fan panel, etc.

I'm nervous about the guy on the street's reaction to the screening. I have 1000% faith in Joss's ability to deliver a dynamite movie. I have considerably less faith in average Joes. Evidence: reality show ratings. But higher quality shows like Lost also get great ratings so there's hope.
Yah but it would be nice to show the film to an entirely mainstream audience. Unfortunately, it's unlikely to happen as most of the people who get it are either not going to go or give it to someone whose a Joss fan.

Which fopefully isn't foreshadowing things to come.

All I'm saying is that Universal better do an amazing advertising campaign starting in the next few months.
Phlebotinin, based on just what you hear from fans, and the few non-fan reviews I've heard (my friend who went said there were at least two he heard talking who adored the flick,) I have more faith that they'll realise it's a solid flick and worry mainly about people being aware and going.

But it will be nice to see what the critics have to say about Joss type writing. I imagine quite a few will really like it.
I was trying to think of a cancelled TV show that became a successful movie series and all I could think of was "Police Squad". It had even less episodes aired than Firefly.
"It's more the Motion Picture than The Wrath of Khan"... That line really really disturbed me...
I'm not going to worry weather a few buddy's of some guy at C.H.U.D. Liked this film. When It comes down to it Not everyone is going to like this movie. There are a few movies that left me cold that everyone else in the world seems to think are great Ex. Lost in translation, The Lord of the rings trilogy, Well Two towers was ok. And I know people That love movies I Know suck, Ex. I've had two Friends of mine try to convince me that Van helsing Rocked. Joss has never let me down, and any time I can convince anybody to watch my buffy, angel or firefly dvd's they always end up calling me begging for more. Besides, we all know That Serenity Is totally going to be Wrath of Khan, with more action, witty dialogue, some beautiful camera work, a few horses, no pointy ears and a whore :)
I'd just like to point out the ST:TMP made $150 million domestically when it was released - so not caring all that much what they think if they think it's good enough film to pull down that kind of bank then a sequel is ensured. Ok, something is wrong with me because I'm being optimistic and looking for the silver lining in the dark. It's either that or I'm trying to emulate a mentality of Serenity. Grr argh, ok maybe not so much. Either way I am just happy that it got made period, since anything intelligent and original coming from a Hollywood studio these days is few and far between.
But Firefly fans, who are a factor and who are the ones who will take care of the word-of-mouth..

This is true. I will personally be dragging friends and acquaintances into the theater by hide or hair -- all Universal has to do is adequately promote it, let Joss have his way in making his baby of a movie and release it in sufficient theaters.
"Ok, something is wrong with me because I'm being optimistic and looking for the silver lining in the dark." RavenU....

Rules to being a Joss Whedon Fan.
#1. Joss can do no wrong.

#2 If something is wrong It has to be the fault of some hack director ,studio, network, executive etc.. Or the Time and budget constraints of television.

#3 As a Joss Whedon fan, your standards for writing quality have been risen to a level that only other Whedonites can comprehend, and you feel privileged yet burdened.

#4 You can't make it through a day without bringing up something from the Buffyverse.

#5 If you love it, someone (see rule 2) Will find a way to kill it. Now you must use pessimism as a self defense.

Between Firefly, Angel and Wonderfalls We've had a Rough few years. I think Serenity will change that fortune.

Aww crap I broke Rule 5.

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Well, I've given this some thought, the fact that the audience was mostly Firefly fans that is. The way I see it when the show aired it had about 3-5 million viewers. Obviously those viewers really liked the show because the DVD sales were huge. Then the whole word of mouth thing with the huge DVD sales got lots of people wanting to see what all the hype was about. So more buyers for the DVDs and more fans. Now just say that the devout fans who've seen the show go and see it, wouldn't that be a big box office take just with us regular fans? Not counting the other people who aren't familiar with the movie but think it looks good? 3-5 million people spending 7-8 bucks each to see a film would add up to a lot of dough!

So I'm guessing that the Universal execs might've been pleased with the very enthusiastic fan base that originally caught there attention when they noticed the huge dvd sales. And the fact that we came out of no where to get tickets to this test screening.

And I know we've talked about how hard SMG sold The Grudge and that movie had a nice turnout and a lot of people attributed it to her popularity with her Buffy fans. Well, don't you all think that there are more Whedon fans out there than there are SMG fans? Meaning, I love SMG and think she's a great actress but I won't go out and see a movie of hers that I don't think is worth watching. But I know anything that Joss does will definitely be worth my time and money and I bet a lot of Buffyverse/Firefly fans will feel the same way.
Well 'The Grudge' domestic gross so far is $109 million dollars and it only cost $15 million to make. So I think Joss has nothing to worry about when Serenity comes out - everyone knows the cinemas will be filled with Whedon fans going at least 1 a day over the weekend to see the film. Then once it breaks the first weekend box office the more intrigued other possibly non-Whedon induced fans (I heard they really exsist) will be inclined to see it.
I'm not going to let a negative report ruin my outlook in light of the several positive reports saying otherwise. As for the average Joes, it all boils down to Universal aggressively promoting the movie and word of mouth from the fans. If every fan tells ten friends that they must see this movie, those numbers start to add up.
Star Trek fans are just jealous that Joss has 10 times the creative genius of Gene. Geeks. :)
1. I didn't read either review because I didn't want to read any spoilers, but it occurs to me that the comparison with TMP vs Wrath of Khan might be primarily due to the fact that the special effects were (reportedly) mostly absent from the screening. Star Wars minus the special effects might resemble Star Trek TMP to some people as well.

2. It seems to me that if you truly want the views of "normal" people, LA would be a poor choice to do a screening. I think they should try a someplace else, like, oh, I don't know... Greenville SC. Of course, the fact that I live here has nothing whatsoever to do with the suggestion.
Adventures in Spelling, your list made me giggle.

When C.H.U.D. has a writer who attended the screening of "Serenity" write a report I'll take it seriously. But only then.

blwessels...I hope you are right when you say there are more Whedon fans then SMG fans. I like her just fine, but there was nothing in this world able to drag me into a theatre showing "The Grudge". First of all it's not the kind of movie I like, and second because it wasn't supposed to be very good. I love Joss but I still haven't seen "Alien: Resurrection" and don't plan to.
Well, "The Grudge" may just not be your cup of tea, genre-wise, kdavid323, but it was a pretty decent movie. And, yeah, I happily admit that I would go to see pretty much anything with SMG in it. Or made by JW.

BTW folks: you do know that Joss just posted in the Angie thread above, don't you?
Well, Joss probably wouldn't want to see "Alien: Resurrection" either seeing as they butchered his script!!

I think SMG is a great actress but the show that made her a star is BtVS and I believe if you are a fan of hers it's because of Joss Whedon. So yeah, I do think he probably has as much if not more fans as she does and that should bode well for the movie.
Okay, a few minutes to dive in before work. Yes, I was at the screening with the execs. Yes, there were more fans (due to a snafu in the recruiting process) than we were expecting and that did skew the results for the execs. We'll screen again for a more anonymous, neutral audience later. I'll not say where or when (see above re: neutral audience) (and I also don't know) and we'll have a better idea about how she's working after that.

Having said that...

What a blast. And not just for me. Even though the testing may have been thrown (partially), there are other factors to consider:

1) Oh My God did I have fun.

2)It was wonderful for the execs to see how strong and excited the fan-base is. I think they were kind of floored. It's one thing to hear about it... My concern (and theirs, I'd say) is always going to be selling it to non-fans (no easy task), but knowing how much my peeps care and what a resource y'all are and have been means a lot. They have a challenge ahead of them (no stars, more 'plot' than 'premise', genre-hybrid -- my usual) but this made it more of an exciting one.

3) Fandom will buy you a lot, but it won't buy you the experience I had. If it doesn't work, the cheers become stale, halfhearted, the energy deflates -- maybe even MORE with a crowd bringing so much expectation. I'm still working on it, and will be till they pry it from my (hopefully not cold dead) fingers, but it really felt like the movie worked.

So, basically, it was a wonderful frikkin' time. Particularly for my editoral and post/sound peeps who were up many nights getting it ready. We all had that sleep deprived, regional theatre we-just-put-on-a-show energy and that's the sweetest.

So thanks. This is only the begining (of the middle of the start-up of the post-finish cacellation twilight of the prologue) but it's a great one.

Have you ever noticed how creativity is a beautiful circle? Just me? Never mind.
Glad you enjoyed it! I can't wait to experience the movie for myself! I was like a little kid waiting to hear what the lucky few had to say about the movie (spoiler free version that is!).

Can't wait - September 30 is just too far away!
Well if those execs had seen the reception we gave y'all at ComicCon, they would have been both floored and ceilinged. I mean, really.

Thank you again for sharing your thoughts. Tick tick tick . . .:)
Hmmm, looking for a "normal people" audience means they *might* be trolling for tourists in my neighborhood (Hollywood). So I'll be out trolling for free ticket guys, trying to look like a tourist. It's a long shot, but if other L.A. people want to try it, the biggest hot spot is around the Chinese Theater. I've also seen them around the new shopping center at Sunset and Vine.

I've often noticed how creativity is a beautiful circle.
I dunno, dreamlogic, I'm beginning to think Joss might go with rkayn's prompt and host a screening in Greenville SC. (Hey rikayn, we can only hope, right?)

I just don't believe there are too many normal people in L.A. At least not in Hollywood, Santa Monica, Venice, Los Feliz, Silverlake, Pacific Palisades, etc. etc. Maybe in East L.A.? Maybe in, say, Long Beach? ;)

Creativity, for me, is more of a series of exclamation points. With big gaps in between.
Well to be fair to Joss, blwessels, he wrote "neutral," not "normal." If that makes it any better. :)
Creativity is a beautiful circle, and I am so happy for you, Joss.

I cannot wait for this movie. Joss, I am so excited to see your work shine on the big screen. Your stories are larger than life, and I hope I'm not just being a hopeful fan here when I saw I have a feeling that Serenity will be a huge hit, topping the movie charts for weeks in a row.

You deserve it Joss, and so does everyone you work with. Keep Flying!
I can be neutral!! I'll pretend to be a "Charmed" fan! And if they ask if I know who Joss is I'll reply, "Who's Josh Weldon?"
Question for Joss (if you're still around). I was at the screening (my comments here), and there's some pretty big stuff happening in that movie. Do you expect that all the major plot points will remain throughout whatever changes are made? Or is it possible they could change after the studio/marketing people/whoever get reactions from the audience?
Somehow it doesn't seem fair that non-fans are a more desirable audience than us. I get their logic, but the brat in me says why should they get the privilege of seeing something they couldn't care less about, when we are the ones so desperately desperate to see it?
Well, I look at it this way, if all these non fans become fans, there will be more of a chance for a trilogy! They know we are going to show up in huge numbers and they need to know how to advertise to the unfortunate ignorant people out there who never saw Firefly to entice them into the theaters so they will know what they have been missing!
Yay! I've been harboring a secret hope the last couple days that Joss might post some Serenity-ish thoughts here. And here he is, not just with Serenity but Angie as well. Thanks! And even for those of us not lucky enough to live in LA and get a screening ticket (well, scratch that first part - I've never really wanted to live in LA), just reading about everyone's enthusiasm and excitement after seeing the picture has been a lift. Makes it that much harder to wait the 9 months we still have, but at least we have a peek at what we're in for. Kinda like opening just a tiny corner of the wrapping paper on gifts before Christmas... or at least shaking them...
Ok, i'm rambling. But thanks for posting, Joss - I can't wait to see Serenity, and I'm glad the screening was such a positive experience for you. And that it gave the Universal execs just a glimmer of the vast word-of-mouth army they have at their disposal..... :-)
I shall say it again.......YOU ROCK, JOSS!!!

ps..We have seen a couple sneaks before when they would not tell us the movie(well they told me because I flirted), but on the paper (unlike the serenity one), it did not say what movie it was nor what it was about.......maybe they should try that.
WHY am I never online when Joss posts?!

Anyway - here's hoping that we'll be able to hear how the second screening goes. I want to know how the non-fans react to our Big Damn Movie.
Woohoo, once again we're blessed with Jossy goodness (and once again I'm a couple of hours late) Nice to hear that He enjoyed the screening as well. I tell you a good place to find neutral people, Manchester, UK. We're overflowing with neutrality over here, honest :)
I think "neutral" is a euphemism, and he meant normal. That's the whole point of getting the tourists, SNT. They're from the Midwest, but you can keep the prints close to home. Long Beach is in L.A.? Thanks for the heads up for this thread on the other one.

blwessels, look at what we're doing here. No, we're not normal or neutral. Do we want to be? No!
"WHY am I never online when Joss posts?!"

I know the feeling...............

"I can be neutral!! I'll pretend to be a "Charmed" fan! And if they ask if I know who Joss is I'll reply, "Who's Josh Weldon?"

LOL! I was actually thinking that too! If I'd been there, the kindest thing to do would probably have been to say "Joss who?" on those forms! Pretending to be a Charmed fan though....pff that might take some acting lessons!;-)

I will now of course have to hang out in every single mall in the LA case they're handing out tickets again. Doable.....doable....
One of these days, I will be online when Joss posts . . . .

If Serenity is already as good as reported, then having Joss working on it until they pry it from his fingers can only make it better! And I live within a very "neutral" population in the Southeast, if the execs are looking for a non-California test audience (although I could not make any claim for normalcy around here).
It's worse than that, it's dead, Jim, half the mods aren't online when Joss posts. Lalaland so far away from ye olde worlde.
There are no fans in Toronto. No indeed. No fans at all. You could have a test screening in Toronto and be hard pressed to find anyone who knows what either goats or cilantro are. Really.
I'm tossing Greensboro, NC into the premiere-screening location hat. We're a mid-sized southern metropolitan area (of around 1.5 million, last I read) with a population that, judging by the number of theaters in town, loves going to the movies. I went to a Big Fish test screening here about a year or so ago, so trying Serenity here wouldn't be without precedent. And while I know there are other Whedon fans in the area besides me, we're nowhere near abundant enough in the general population that we'd skew the screening's results. I'm just sayin'.

I'd like to see fans of sci-fi, fantasy and Whedon all come out in droves for Serenity, with a combination of positive Net buzz and good word-of-mouth then convincing a lot of the general movie-going public to take a chance on it. Falling in love with a movie can happen out of the blue to people when they least expect it. If the "cowboys in space" concept doesn't hook em', maybe the kick-ass action/adventure and intelligent storytelling will. Not everyone in this country is allergic to media that gives them credit for having a brain, contrary to some prevailing popular indicators...

I hope with all my heart that the film surpasses the studio's wildest expectations, Joss, and even if they didn't get the ideal sampling they wanted, it's still great hearing that the studio was floored by the response from fans. You gotta know that every one of us here would have wanted to be there to show our support, if we could. You've had some hard times keeping this dream alive, and you and your team deserve for your baby to shine!
I wouldn't be suprised if they make up a name for a new screening rather than use 'Serenity', to put off established fans. So if you're offered a test screening for anything, Care Bears III, Sludge Monster Meets Vermin Man, Glitter II, whatever, take it!

Though on second thoughts, I'd pass on Glitter II. It's just not worth the risk....

And I'm still wary on the whole point of having test screenings anyway. Often things happen in movies that audiences may not like but that make the movie better. Would a test audience of Gladiator have said "We don't want him to die!"? Or a test screening of Becomming II demanded that Angel lives and he and Buffy live happily ever after?

It must be very easy to confuse "What I want for the character" with "What I as a movie goer want to happen to make the movie great"
zz9, I imagine they're using the test-screening not so much to change the base stories.

It's about making sure that non-fans "get it", figuring out how to advertise the flick. Seeing what people like, which in turn helps when it comes time to make the trailers and posters that will have to "sell" this flick to new audiences.

Or even other things, like pacing, is it too slow, were they're any section where you were confused about what was happening. Were there any characters you praticularly loved, etc. etc.

I don't want them to hack apart this film, but test screening Serenity is going to be necessairy if it's going to have a chance of doing well. Like Joss said, it has a no-name cast, doesn't really belong to a specific genre and is a continuation of a series many have never heard of.

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It's obvious, after having seen the film, that they want to gauge the reaction of an unfamiliar audience, because the fanbase is huge, yes, but not huge enough to cap the box office opening weekend.

The film is so solid, so together, there's no way they'll go for something else. And it's just as cheery as it is dark. All the elements are continually well-balanced.

Oh, the thing I wanted to say was that I saw Matchstick Men in test screenings, and the final scene wasn't there. So, it ended on a much gloomier note. Also, Mean Girls in test screenings was slightly raunchier with jokes I'm sure they included on the DVD.

There's one 'fuck' in Serenity, implied fucking, and is no more violent than the most violent episodes of Angel. Aaaaaaaaand that's all.
Hey Wiseblood, I'm headed for Greensboro this very weekend! My newlywed grandmother is celebrating her 80th birthday and the clan is gathering to celebrate with her.

A Serenity screening would be just the thing -- and I'm the only Whedon fan in our whole bunch so I could bring a lot of folks from all age groups.
I was once an extra in a feature film about giant cockroaches taking over New York. - Hey it wasn't total crap - Mira Sorvino was in it! The big finale scene I was in, with 500 extras, took 12 hours to film. It was never used. Instead they ended with an obviously shot later scene that ened the movie on a much smaller scale. Now, with all I have learned in the last couple of days, I think that it may have been due to test screening. Thanks all. I had been wondering for years.
Hmm, a nice trip for Universal execs to London, bit of Christmas shopping, tea with the Queen (as Joss surly will be on the New Years Honours List). Come on, you know you want to, you have no will of your own (she says in a low, hypnotic voice). Me that is. Not the Queen.

I donít expect this to happen for Serenity, but I am genuinely curious whether there are ever any test screenings for films outside the US. Probably not, but does anybody know?

PS Caroline, honey, do not fret about being offline, you sound like you had a grand old time in Ireland! The Irish are the only people I know who can drink me under the table and I stem from deepest darkest Bavaria where we classify beer as a foodstuff, because of its nutritional value, and beer and sausage is the traditional breakfast of choice.

On second thought, letís take the Universal lot to Bavaria. Via Ireland. This will have the added effect of making them very sleepy and unable to interfere in any way.
I was once an extra in a feature film about giant cockroaches taking over New York.

Cripes! The cockroaches I saw there are big enough already! *shudder* How was that whole experience, Lioness (she asked, still shuddering)?

Please, let Universal have the faith not to tamper with Serenity on its most intrinsically pure level, regardless of what any audience sampling might 'tell' them. I get that tweaks adding story cohesion or refining POV and character are necessary and often vital to polishing something, but let them leave the fundamentals alone. It's Joss's unique voice I'm listening for; too much outside input on his wavelength will just generate static.
Universal can escape the jaded screening audiences that know how to work the system, and stay right in California! The Anonymous Neutral Bay Area, as it's known, is the heart of the upper half. No one in San Jose, just to pick a random example that is not where I live, has ever heard of Hollywood, much less Lucky Joss (that's redundant, isn't it?).

Circularity is a, roundabouts are a circular thing. (For the folke from the olde worlde who are always ex joss facto).
I donít expect this to happen for Serenity, but I am genuinely curious whether there are ever any test screenings for films outside the US. Probably not, but does anybody know?

Well I went to a test screening of Dead Babies in Manchester a few years ago so they do have some test screenings over here. I doubt we'd get any Hollywood films though.
I suggest Charlotte, NC for a test screening Joss ;)
Might as well throw in l'il ol' Prescott, Arizona!

(I'm alone in my fandom here, Joss!)
Joss, you could always try Perth, Western Australia - I guarantee no-one knows anything about anything here.

(Mind you, I think many people here would need an explanation of the process:
You know, there's this place you can go, right, and you sit in the dark, and there are these moving pictures, right, and the pictures tell a story.)
"Might as well throw in l'il ol' Prescott, Arizona!

(I'm alone in my fandom here, Joss!)"

Aww, poor Willowy. The only one in Prescott, or the only one in all of Arizona??

Anyhoo, don't feel bad. We live in La la land and I STILL miss Joss when he posts and I had no clue how to attend the screening of the BDM.... Argn. Who do I have to shag or kill for that??

I know I know, they don't want me anyway. They want 'normal' folk....Cuz there's more of them or something.
EdDantes - these allegedly 'normal' folk are vastly over-rated. I mean, I don't know anyone who is normal and.....wait, that might not be a good how about that weather then?
Sorry EdDantes. No sympathy for you. You have met The Man.
"Okay, a few minutes to dive in before work."

LOL, even the great man himself has to squeeze in the guilty pleasures...its not just us. Thanks Joss.

"EdDantes - these allegedly 'normal' folk are vastly over-rated. I mean, I don't know anyone who is normal and.....wait, that might not be a good how about that weather then?"

Look at it this way. On this board....we ARE the normal ones right? So you know plenty of us 'normal' folk. There. Yer fine;-)

"Sorry EdDantes. No sympathy for you. You have met The Man."

True, true, my geographical position has allowed me and the missus to attend some....interesting get-togethers.....and The Man was quite charming.... But still shouldn't I get extra sympathy for that? I mean by now I EXPECT to be able to go to these things. And then now, to be so close, yet miss it.....should I not be pitied that little bit more.....? Do I not bleed? Do I not weep?

(*starts running to avoid fruits and various meats in large quantities....*;-)
It actually worries me that Joss has been posting so much these days....I mean, a film in post, a few franchises to manage with giant cliques of fans constantly screaming for more product, not to mention two small children and side project and brand new projects that aren't "side" at all....I mean, someone give this guy a new TV show or four and keep this guy off the streets as he's obviously got too much time on his hands...If Joss isn't careful James Brown will recover and reclaim his title as hardest working man in show business!
"If Joss isn't careful James Brown will recover and reclaim his title as hardest working man in show business!"

Oh yeah. I thought about that a while ago. He had his first vacation in ages, his first free time in forever...and what does he do? He writes, composes and arranges the Buffy musical..... I think he lives to work. But then that's probably why he lives in a bigger house then li'l ole me....
He writes, composes and arranges the Buffy musical..... I think he lives to work.

Like I keep saying, that whole covert world dominion thingy is a full-time job!

It's okay, though -- Joss doesn't have to do it alone. His humble army of minions are here to, um, suck his brain dry prostrate themselves help. :)
Ed, Prescott for certain. I do know of a few Browncoats in Phoenix, just from the boards.

Just shows to go ya that there's at least ONE of us everywhere! ;) 'SERENITY' DISSER PRESSED FOR DETAILS: As it happens, I know the fellow who attended the Chatsworth "Serenity" screening and later quipped to, "It's more The Motion Picture than The Wrath of Kahn." [sic] (He said the same thing to me in chat Wednesday morning, so he was shopping the remark around a bit.) Now, I'm an ENORMOUS "Firefly" fan -- own the DVD set, post to the official Browncoats forum, respect the hell out of Joss, do my part to evangelize for the series, and was pumping my friend for "Serenity" info out of enthusiasm, so please take the following as merely an attempt to bring an opposing view into the discussion:

I asked him earlier this evening to elaborate on the "Motion Picture" remark.

Here's what he said:

"As someone who went to the screening a virtual Whedon virgin (I only know him through his movie scripts), my main problem with the film is that it plays like a TV movie. I know the film was done for cheap, but it never has the scope of anything more than a Sci Fi film. Whedon's clever dialogue feels rooted in a 90's fourth wall breaking sarcasm that does nothing for me. Some of the action is fun, and the film comes to life in its last third, but by then I didn't really care. I can't see this playing to anyone who isn't in the fanbase. It reminded me of the Next Generation films... stuck on the tube."

Now, given the overwhelming positive response we're hearing to this screening, my pal may very well be in the minority. He was stunningly annoyed by the fan chatter during the screening, and sounds like one of those guys who just doesn't "get" what everyone here takes as holy writ. My friend and I frequently disagree on the subject of quality genre filmmaking. But he's no idiot -- and may well represent the battle that Joss is going to have to mount to sell the film.

Me, I'll be there on opening day with bells on. Joss, if by chance you're actually reading this, I want to say: To me, "Firefly" was ACTUALLY as cool as we used to THINK shows like "Battlestar Galactica" and "Buck Rogers" were when we were 8. I wish you, and the film, all success.
"... stuck on the tube."

Well, that's bleak.

But since I haven't seen it yet, I'm just going to go off what I know: Joss is God. Anything he does is brilliant. :)

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On a scale of one to ten, how pathetic is it that I made a phone call to Barry Mendel Productions and emphasized the importance of test screening in the midwest, and more importantly the Omaha area?
I'm glad you enjoyed the movie Joss. Kudos on your great work. I can't wait to see it myself. ;)

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