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December 15 2004

'Ice Princess' trailer hits the web. The promo for Michelle Trachtenberg's family-friendly Disney movie is now available for viewing.

As one can tell from the trailer, the movie is meant to be accessible to a younger audience. And it seems to follow in the tradition of other Disney based movies. i.e., awkward girl overcomes adversity in pursuit of her dreams. It's a formula that Disney tends to use quite a bit. Yet at the same time, it's a message that a younger audience tends to enjoy, and it often proves to be a recipe for success.

That said, the movie itself looks potentially cute, and Disney seems to have gotten real-world ice skaters involved in the production (for example, Michelle Kwan is in the trailer).

On a random level, I smiled ironically when I heard the opening notes of 'Ice, Ice, Baby' built into the trailer. I'm glad the actual score will be by Christophe Beck rather than Vanilla Ice :)

It's not going to win awards for great originality but looks cute enough. And, Michelle in mini skirts.....

But a triple axel being about an "aerodynamic formula"... Rrrright....
It looks cute and well-acted. It's not something I'd see in the theater, but I may netflix it someday.
Yeah, not my cup of tea and my kids are beyond this stage so I most likely won't see it but I'm happy for MT that she is in this because it is the type of film that will give her some good exposure and could possibly be very good for her career. I'm not a fan of Hilary Duff and she totally gets on my nerves but obviously Disney has helped her launch into a successful career so far and I think MT is much more talented and way more attractive.
I'll probably take the lil cousins to go see this. It looks cute. I had no idea Michelle was a skater. Go figure
Not my kind of movie, but maybe ill see it, to see Michelle.
I think it could be good for her career.
But in the trailer... Come on! Michelle is the lead, put her the first place!
From an oversexed, gross-out teen comedy (and a bloody awful one at that) to sugar-coated Disney stuff.... Well I suppose it's an improvement of sorts....
blwessels: I also hope that MT's career gets a boost from the involvement of the mighty Disney marketing machine :)

As you alluded to, people like Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan have benefited quite a bit from association with Walt Disney Studios. So Michelle might likewise garner some decent exposure if her movie is successful.

Though with that being said, I think Michelle's made quite a few far more daring choices than some of her teenaged counterparts. Unlike some of her peers, Michelle has actively ventured into darker, and grittier territory by pursuing independent films such as 'Mysterious Skin' and 'Odd Girl Out'. Which I think is a very smart thing to do -- pursuing those sort of films is a good way to hone your acting chops, and it helps keep you from being boxed into one style of filmmaking.

In that sense, Michelle is somewhat similar to another Disney-branded actress, Anne Hathaway. Even though Anne puts out cutesy stuff like 'Princess Diaries' and 'Ella Enchanted', she's also ventured into dark, heavy independent films as well.

So while I hope Michelle gets a boost from her Disney involvement, I'm also glad she's not boxing herself in or limiting herself, the way some of her peers have done. Mainstream movies are well and good -- but I like that MT is daring enough to also choose independent projects that traverse a road less travelled. It adds some nice texture to her resume :)
Was it just me or did others get the same Dawn flashback when she was acting like a spaz at the start of the trailer.
inverse, yes I love that Michelle has chosen very diverse roles since Buffy ended. She can do comedy, she can do fluff, she can do dark drama, and even more. It frustrates me sometimes when I see actors from the show picking roles that don't show the wide range that we saw them do on BtVS. She's gonna be a big star in a few years, I know it.
eddy: I hope that Michelle indeed attains a decent measure of success in her acting career. Because from what I hear, she puts a lot of time and energy into her craft. An Offical Buffy Magazine article from a few months ago noted just how much work she takes on, and just how gruelling her schedule can be. She has a level of drive and dedication that's rather daunting and very admirable.

For example, when she was in Europe, she was basically filming for 17-hours straight, each day. And since she was still in high-school she'd have to fit in her school work right after that. So for 2 months, she was only sleeping for 3-4 hours each night. And when she was given two days off to attend her graduation, she used part of that time to talk to a director and set up another project.

What's more impressive, is that even with her crazy schedule she graduated high-school, Magna Cum Laude, with a 4.0 grade point average. And that got her accepted into USC Film School where she one day hopes to learn about the technical/production aspects of the industry.

After Europe, the shoot for 'Mysterious Skin' was done with little money, and was apparently very fast-paced and tiring. And it required that the actors be able to deliver the goods with very few takes. In fact, I've read director Gregg Araki state that if the actors weren't so great, the movie wouldn't have made its filming schedule.

To throw more work onto the pile, Michelle had her roles in 'Six Feet Under' and 'Ice Princess' that required hours of dance choreography and/or skating training each day. Somehow, Michelle managed to juggle it all. The interviewer from Buffy Magazine jokingly asked whether she sleeps at all, to which she giggled and replied that 'The coffee bean is my friend!'.

So given how hard she pushes herself, and how much effort she puts in, I hope that Michelle is rewarded with a decent measure of success. From what I've seen and heard, she's got a heap of drive and determination, and has a genuine passion for knowing and understanding the world of film-making.

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Based on what inverse said, it's no wonder that SMG and MT had such great sibling chemistry. They sound as alike as two peas in a pod. Well, except for the height and the cleavage...
EdDantes: um, I actually enjoyed "Eurotrip," and I usually have very little patience for teen comedies like that. I also dislike, say, Farrelly brothers stuff like "There's Something About Mary," which I find just plain mean-spirited. By contrast, "Eurotrip," like the first "American Pie", was actually rather gentle and warm toward its characters. And the jokes were obvious but still made me laugh.

Zoic_Fan: definitely Dawn vibes, especially the little shriek she emits when being klutzy.

I rather think "Ice Princess" looks like it might be OK. (Guarded choice of words much?)
"I actually enjoyed "Eurotrip," and I usually have very little patience for teen comedies like that. I also dislike, say, Farrelly brothers stuff like "There's Something About Mary," which I find just plain mean-spirited. By contrast, "Eurotrip," like the first "American Pie", was actually rather gentle and warm toward its characters. And the jokes were obvious but still made me laugh."

Hey to each his own. I didn't like Something about Mary either. 'Funny' is something that can't be explained generally. You laugh or you don't. I agree on the first American Pie, that actually had some nice points to make, (which the subsequent ones decided to drop completely).

Eurotrip was way below my expectations however. Half the gags I'd seen in other films already and seen them better, and the other half just fell flat. And sorry but that scene where MT and the guy playing her brother were making out, and then scream when they realize they were making out with their sibling....what was that? Unless I saw an edited version or something, I don't remember them ever showing how they got into that situation in the first place. Were their eyes closed when they started? Did they think it was someone else? How did that happen? I guess they couldn't come up anything for that and just skipped it. Which to me is the equivalent of walking up to me and saying "That was no chicken, that was my wife!" without telling me the rest of the joke first, and then still expect me to burst out laughing. There was no context. There was just the notion of 'Ew, it's her brother. Imagine making out with your brother. Ew.'

But I hardly ever like the 'horny-teenagers-trying-to-get-laid' movies to begin with, so I'm probably not the right person to talk to about this. And I was a bit dissappointed with how little Michelle actually got to do in the movie overall.
"That was no chicken, that was my wife!" Brilliant. That almost Anya's line in "Restless," isn't it?

But, absolutely, comedy = subjective and all that. And MT could've had more to do. And I honestly can't remember the set-up for the sibling make-out scene now - drink? drugs? something else? Still, as one-joke postcards from Europe go, I thought these were funnier than those in "National Lampoon's European Vacation", for example. Especially the Eastern European one.
WWBD: beyond work ethic, there are a whole bunch of similarities between SMG and MT :) They were both born in New York, they both started their careers at an exceedingly early age, they both did 100's of commercials at the start of their career, they were both moved out of regular public school classes (Michelle was put in gifted classes, where as Sarah transferred to a Professional Children's School), they both worked (and became friends) on 'All My Children' -- I could probably go on for a while, listing stuff. But they're two girls with very similar backgrounds who followed rather parallel paths. Which helps explain why they're so close in real life :)

EdDantes & SoddingNancyTribe: as you guys nicely illustrated, comedy is indeed rather subjective and a matter of taste. It's interesting, because RottenTomatoes lists the majority of the Eurotrip reviews:

And some opinions are very much in line with Ed's thoughts -- i.e., reviewers who thought the movie fell flat and relied on tired-out and overplayed gags.

Where as other opinions are very much in line with SNT's thoughts -- i.e., reviewers who thought the movie was rather funny and was buoyed by a warmth and camraderie that's missing in a lot of other teen comedies. The ratio of positive to negative reviews is an almost even split. Which goes to show that comedy is indeed rather subjective :)
The senior partners at would like to welcome SoddingNancyTribe to the team. SNT is now a moderator on the site.
I was wondering why SNT's username had gotten all fancy and colored -- congratulations, SNT :)
OMG, blinded by the fluorescence, can't see . . . hey, thanks inverse! I will naturally endeavor to continue in the wise and just tradition of mods past and present. Or I'll be the goofy mod who always screws up for comic effect. Now there's an SNT-shaped niche right there . . .
Ooh Congratulations SNT :) Was wondering why your nick was suddenly blue on a couple of other threads :)
Ooh pretty! I like that shade of blue! Congrats! Now there is a mod for this side of the pond too! (Is part of SNTs promotion to call you all over in Europe and alert you when there is a sudden "Joss" posting?!!)
Ed and SNT - maybe you guys can be the next Ebert and Roeper (but more charming and funny - and actually know what you are talking about!!)
Darn tootin', bl! I am la-la mod for la-la-land, and boy do I love this dirty town . . .
Congrats, SNT! You look very good in blue.
SNT - congratulations! I always read the threads in reverse order so only just found out the reason why 'hands of blue' struck. And on another 'Joss posts' day too!
Hey now look who's feeling all fancy and colorized! Congrats SNT. But of course, you are now a figure of authority. I must now defy you at every turn and can never 'hang' with you cuz, I gotta stay cool....;-)

"Ed and SNT - maybe you guys can be the next Ebert and Roeper (but more charming and funny - and actually know what you are talking about!!)"

Hah! That'd be cool! Of course, we might get boring since we usually agree on a lot of stuff, hehe.

"I thought that was great!"

"Me too. Wonderful."



*crickets chirping*

"'bout that weather?

Eh, would still be better than most TV programs these days.....;-)
Tim Fywell's a good director. I Capture the Castle (with Marc Blucas, interestingly enough) was one of my favorite films last year.

"She has eyes in back of her horns" actually made me laugh. Aloud.
Congrats, SNT! I always thought we needed a lawyer around here to make everyone toe the line :-) (I can only do very basic smilies.)
Well, I'm glad I kept checking threads to find out why SNT was suddenly blue. Besides his undoubted ability, was it his location/time zone that helped to put him with such exalted company?
Congrats SNT! (Can I call you SNT?) That isn't too familiar?
Congrats SoddingNancyTribe!!

Back to topic, i really want to see "Mysterious Skin". But here in Spain was very limited release. Maybe in DVD.
OK! Whew! Took me a while to find out what was going on as I tend to avoid MT threads...

SNT this rocks so hard! Good for you and major congratulations! Caroline, et al... what a terrific choice. SNT epitomizes all that's great about Whedonesque.

Heh heh on the "Ed & SNT show." Hey, I'd watch!
Well thank you Willowy. :) (sheesh, it's hard to post here semi-anonymously with the blue spotlight turned on . . . )

And, between you and me - and the other 2370-odd members - it's rather a nice birthday present (it's today).
Well Happy Birthday too! Man, this IS a good day for you, hmmm?
Then a very happy birthday to go along with my previous congratulations :)
Coming in late here, but happy birthday and congratulations, SNT!
Happy Birthday SNT! What more can happen to you today....?
I think Willowy expressed best why SNT was picked to be a mod. But yes, his location helped too - Herb was getting lonely in his timezone.

Happy birthday!

I'm going to rething the mod / admin and vip colours, though - they sort of don't really agree with the site design and the poor VIPS are white instead of royal purple on a lot of screens.
Its icy blue for the VIPS on my screen. Suggestion: perhaps using the 'sarcasm font' color would be cool for the vips? Nobody remembers how to use it anyway, and it IS a gorgeous color. Kind of wasted on the use it gets now. What do you think Caroline?

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