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December 15 2004

Buffy the Vampire Slayer in top ten list for internet searches. Not bad since it's not even on the air anymore if you don't count syndication!

Friends is off the air now but just ended. Charmed probably only beat it and was a contender because of Charisma Carpenter being on it.

Nice. That's one of the great things about BtVS -- even though it has a smaller cult fanbase, devotees of the show tend to be a very dedicated and loyal bunch. As illustrated here on Whedonesque, BtVS has a lot of diverse and thriving internet communities dedicated to it. So I can see why it still ranks high in internet searches.

As Joss has said in the past, he intended the show to have a deep and lasting effect, and wanted it to be something that people would think about and remember. And I think he succeeded in achieving that goal.

Because in terms of fan-interest, BtVS is one of those shows that enjoys longevity even when new episodes are no longer being produced. Which is a really great facet of the show :)
Well I know that anytime I'm searching anything from the Buffyverse I always include the word 'Buffy', because 'Angel' alone gets you all kinds of 'touched by an angel' cr@p, and 'Spike' gets you 'spike TV' 'Spike Jones' I use the additional word 'Buffy' which narrows down the search precisely.

That is probably a common thing...and probably boosts BtVS recognition on the search sites (altho I never use Lycos...).
I think they are counting it by the phrase "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and not just the word "Buffy".
Number of Google search results for "Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Thursday, December 16: 1,710,000

Number of Google search results for "Winston Churchill" the same day: 1,770,000
Well, we have to take these numbers with a grain of salt. First, Buffy is not #7 among all internet searches, just among TV shows, however that's determined. And it is often quite hard for a machine to determine what people are really searching for. BtVS itself is actually easy enough: virtually all of the top 100 hits for "Buffy" are indeed related to the show in some way. Same for, say, "Simpsons". But what about other popular shows like '24' or 'Lost', neither of which apparently even made the top 10? Was it because Lycos just gave up on counting them accurately? Or do they only look at search phrases that further identify "24" as a show title, such as "24 sutherland"? They're bound to lose some hits that way. Other shows, such as 'JAG' may get false hits from people searching for Jaguar cars, or what have you.

The best apples-to-apples comparisons of relative popularity would come from sites that treat all shows on an equal footing, such as IMDB or TV Tome. Unfortunately, they don't publish any search statistics or page-view counts that I know of.

My favorite -- if not necessarily all that accurate -- measure of a show's impact is the number of fan-written stories about its characters on Here, at least, BtVS is way ahead of the pack, with almost 25,000 entries; AtS is the runner-up with 5,700, followed closely by Charmed and X-Files. All the Star Trek series taken together only manage 8,000. Of course, the effect is somewhat self-amplifying, but it should still be safe to conclude that the Buffyverse inspires its audience to an astonishing degree, especially considering the rather modest absolute size of that audience.
Didn't mean to imply in my title that Buffy was #7 among everything on the internet in regards to searching. Was trying to keep the title short and sweet and I figured everyone would realize that when they read the link that it was regarding television shows.
Right, blwessels, I think your title is clear enough. My point was just that, whereas "top internet search terms" may be relatively easy to quantify, "top searches for TV shows" is a much more slippery concept, due to name collisions. So without knowing the precise methodology Lycos uses, it's hard to say whether BtVS is "really" among the 10 most popular shows in any objective sense.
Ahh, I get where you're coming from. And I can see that just with searching for news stories for Buffy. If I just type in "Buffy" I get different articles from when I type in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".
There's Charmed fan fiction?
Yes, the best one is where Buffy shows up and kills them all for stealing her material!
...and doing such a bad job with it , sorry I really dislike Charmed.
I got an e-mail recently from a Charmed fan who was really ticked off Whedonesque was always slagging Charmed. I felt sorry and thought we maybe should draw up a rule about slagging other TV series. And then I had a good giggle.
lol, nice one Caroline. I have given Charmed a chance and I'm normally such a genre fanboy, the attractive ladies certainly help as well, but I just can't stand it. I'm not saying I'd rather watch reality tv or anything that drastic, it's not quite that bad, but I would rather turn off the tv and just sit in silence sometimes.

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