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December 16 2004

Angie the vampire slayer. An interview with Angie Hart who sang twice at the Bronze in BtVS and who also played one of the outpost whores in Firefly. (Added) And a couple more posts from Joss.

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This is wierd because today I read an article in the Melbourne Herald Sun about her, and as soon as I heard "Angie Hart" and "Frente" in the same line it finally clicked for me! But to my disappointment there was no mention of Buffy or Joss, and I was left racking my brain to see if the Frente (big hit back in the day down in Aus) lead could possibly be the same woman who played at the Bronze and wrote a song with Joss for Conversations With Dead People! It is! I don't know if this is my Aussie pride kicking in or my teeny-bopper love of "Accidentally Kelly Street" (which I loved even more because I lived in Kelly Street when the song was popular), but yay, I love new Buffy trivia!

Thanks ranchofiasco.
I thought she did fine in that episode of Firefly. She didn't stick out as an awkward character anyway, she fit in nicely. And I liked her singing "Amazing Grace" at the funeral.

I always loved her singing on Buffy, especially (and who can forget this one?) in Conversations with Dead People. Beautiful and haunting, that was. Plus, she's pretty.

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Also Angie's husband was a key instigator of guitar lines in OMWF. See the October 21, 2001 entry here:

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This link doesn't work for me. Could someone give the URL?
Okay, so how could that article not mention that Angie and I wrote "Blue" (From Conversations) together? Which was an interesting experience. You wanna talk about nervous? Angie isn't lying about how she is on stage, and me, I can't actually play an instrument, to say nothing of the fact that I was a Frente fan before I ever knew Angie. We were hilarious -- like Viola and Sir Andrew Aguecheek trying to duel. But we got it done, and I love that song. Anyhoo, nice to see m'bud getting some press; she has the most extraordinary voice. (And the song she and Jesse played at the Bronze in "The Freshmen" I actually came up with while listening to them play it at a club. Creativity is a beautiful circle.) (My god, I actually just wrote "creativity is a beautiful circle" and meant it. Must... deflate sentimentality.... activate.... sarcasm/and or abstract silliness... NOW!) Uh, goats.

Well, that was fun, and I think we all learned something about ourselves. Bye-ee!
Hey Joss, I love "Blue" too. But which parts were you and which parts were Angie?

And, ya know, you might have dished a least a few words on Serenity. Pretty please? About the preview screenings? Or anything else? (pant pant)

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Okay, so I wrote something that made no sense. (Again.) I was listening to Angie at the club play a SONG and came up with the SCENE in which they later played the SONG again. Sorry. Am writer I perfessional english man job.

And SNT, I had the basic idea, an opening musical thread, structure and some lines. (I knew exactly what I wanted the song FOR - that really helps.) I started playing, Angie started singing, no words, just her voice, and she started going off in her own direction and I scrambled to find chords to fit under what she did. Then we shored it up and played with lyic notions for the second verse, most of that's hers. That's a specific breakdown given in guilt over my horrific confusing post.

And for a Serenity post, well, try the screening thread. Since you asked.
Hey, Joss. I loved "Blue". I actually had to listen to it again after I read this article. The lyrics really get to me. I think you might have the soul of a poet.

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Specific breakdowns work for me - thanks JW!

And I tried the screening thread (I even skimmed the spoilery one with one hand over my eyes), but found no posts from yourself. Which is what I was looking for. Just wondered what thoughts you might have about the audience reactions, is all. No pressure. Oh no. I can wait the 9 months. Happily . . .
That song has been in my head for days at a time since I started watching the season 7 DVDs. I'm planning to learn to play it. It's not available on a soundtrack, is it?
Oh frabjous day - I can't believe I'm only the third person to respond to Joss' post!! Procrastination during work has beautiful rewards sometime!! I love it when I come here and see the opalesque glint of Joss' name.
Edited to add - bummer. While pondering how to describe the colour of Joss' name, I became the fourth person to respond.

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SNT - I just did the same thing! Totally spoiler phobic!

Joss, can't wait to see this movie! Any way you can bump it up to say, June instead so the wait doesn't seem as long! I promise to go and see it at least three times (plus my husband and two kids!!).

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Ah, Joss is giving us the playful run-around. Now he's just posted back on the Dark Worlds thread - and at length. Hurrah.
Blue is so one of my favorite songs. So perfect in the episode. How surprised I was back then to learn the connection with Frente, a fave since "Labour of Love". Watching the DVDs brought it all back to me how perfect that episode was in every single way.

And this is maybe off-topic here but I don't know where else to post this: I want to say that I don't get why Joyce's appearance as the First (as has been confirmed a couple times) was so different from the others. The First was never really that big with the spooky any other time. Any chance the thumps and the creepy stuff really WAS Joyce trying to talk to Dawnie and being STOPPED by the Forces of Evil but that Niblet cast her out instead of the baddie???
dreamlogic: It's one of my favorite Buffyverse songs too. And yes, it is on a soundtrack - the Radio Sunnydale one. I actually just bought it a few days ago, and just downloaded "Blue" on to my (brand-new!) iPod yesterday and was listening to it. So this thread seemed very timely and topical to me.
It's a beautiful, haunting melody.

[Edited to add: That song actually, by itself, justifies getting the Radio Sunnydale soundtrack to me. I found the rest of the (US version) CD a little disappointing - with a few notable exceptions, like Sarah McLachlan's Prayer of St. Francis but am so glad to finally have "Blue"]

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And here I was, confusing Angie Hart with Aimee Mann.

Personally, my favorite guest-band would have to be Cibo Matto. I'm quite a fan of theirs nowadays, and I only discovered them through Buffy.
Thanks acp, the CD will be worth the price just for "Blue" for me, too.

This link still doesn't work for me, and I still want to read the interview (even if it shamefully doesn't mention the Joss collaboration). Could someone help?
acp and dreamlogic, both Blue and the Buffy version of Charge are available on the band's web site.
dreamlogic: sorry, was falling asleep at my desk, and failed to understand what you were asking for.

Here's the url:

Not sure if that takes you direct to the page, or if you have to enter the userid and password as kindly provided by ranchofiasco above.
Thanks, SNT. I just can't get there any which way. I'll try again when I'm off this crap system.

Everybody who's interested *do* check out herb's link to the band's web site. Not only are there downloads, there are also guitar chords for "Blue" and a bunch of other songs.
Come back Joss! I'm already reading instead of working, give me something to be really guilty for! I loved Blue. For a song partially about a vampire, there seemed to be a lot of werewolf to it. or is that my imagination?
Lioness, the word "wolf" is in the lyrics.
That's probably why I think there is as much Oz as Spike in the song. But given its time and place, that doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Not that it matters. It's is a beautiful song.
Just to point out, the article said that Angie Hart had appeared *twice* on Buffy, but it's actually three times. Her first appearance was with Splendid in "I Only Have Eyes For You" playing "Charge." Another devastatingly beautiful song. Wanna win over a girl? Make her a mixed CD with that song at the top.

I was lucky enough to see Angie Hart with Frente! guitarist live recently. They only do a handful of shows each year, but they're just as good as ever. Great fun, and "Accidently Kelly Street" live is one of the high points of this boy's life.
I lovelovelove "Blue" -- After the episode, I found it on the band's website and downloaded it, followed by everything else they had made available. Such an achingly lovely (and catchy!) melody, evocative lyrics, and Angie's voice is nothing short of angelic.

Beautiful/melancholy is probably my favorite musical vibe, in general (I also dig Dead Can Dance, Elliott Smith, Cocteau Twins, Scud Mountain Boys, Boards of Canada and Brian Eno for comparison), and I find myself constantly listening to bands and picking out which songs of that tenor could represent any given BtVS/AtS character. Fun game!

Joss writing more music with Angie would make me *really* happy. Since he doesn't, you know, have anything better to do. ;)
Damn I love it when people we respect post to things we all read and contribute to. I think the Whedonverse creative guys are the best all round and dang down to earth straight shooters I've ever had the honour to envy. All of 'em, and their cotton socks!
Hey - just listened to Splendid on Triple J on the way into work this morning (not that I am posting from work or anything.....). Sounded good. Whoa - Joss posted! Wonderful to see the Joss connection!
"blue" is a amazing song, Joss. I remember after the episode aired I rushed around the boards to find a MP3 of it. It blends in so well with the scenes of the episode, that everytime I listen to the song I see Jonathon's blood pouring over the seal of danthalzar. Isn't that lovely?
Just re-read the lyrics to "Blue". Is it just me or does that song have a serious atheist undertone?
Is it just me or does that song have a serious atheist undertone?

Not really in my opinion. But if it did then I would like the song even more.
'Blue' is one of my favorite songs from the series. I aways interpreted it as the conflict that existed between 'Buffy the woman' and 'Buffy the slayer'. Her discussion with Holden in 'Conversations with Dead People' describes the conflict she feels within herself. The lyrics of 'Blue' is the battle between Buffy and the slayer. That's my view. Then again, maybe I'm just reading too much into it.

Hello Mr. Whedon!
Wha?!?! Having just read this thread and the screening one with His did that all happen in the one day I don't check the site! I was out of town last weekend and I got to a computer! Take one day off and Joss posts twice, SNT suddenly turns blue...Sheesh.

I must be more vigilant. Sigh.
Wonderful song - wonderful thread here too - Joss is so sweet to post here.
A thread about Angie Hart and comments from Joss in the thread. I think I'm in heaven right now ...

Wonderful, wonderful Angie. I was lucky enough to meet her a few months ago when Splendid played a small show at my uni town, and it was absolutely amazing. They played 'Blue' with the intro "this song is from our favourite TV show", and I think I may have died in that moment when they kicked off into it.

I'm new to the shiny Firefly DVDs, but I watched the last few eps for the first time last night and ended up literally falling off my chair when I saw Angie, and calling out to my aunt "ohmygodthat'sangiehart!", and being told to shut up and right the furniture. Happy happy happy times. :)

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