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December 16 2004

Zoic Helps Create Space Raiders For NFL. Interesting ship there ... sort of reminiscent of our very own Serenity, if I'm not completely mistaken.... Could this be an exquisitely subtle form of cross-brand subliminal advertising for the movie?

Maybe not such a crazy theory, if Director Dave Meyers is a Firefly flan. We are legion. :)

Could it be the plan is to instill familiarity with Serenity-like visuals in football lovers (a broad and more mainstream cross-section of the U.S. population), who will connect Zoic's spaceship image to Serenity promotion, resulting, hopefully, in increased interest in checking out the movie itself come September?

Whether it's intentional or not, I hope it works!

[Edited for topic sex appeal. Did it work?]

I was trying to figure why anyone would do an American football ad for a UK brand of corn and wheat snacks.

But I do like Zoic Studio's work so hopefully this'll be online in some shape or fashion.
Pickled onion flavor? Wow, break out the breath mints! (Sounds like they'd be almost as strange as the salty licorice a friend from Denmark once got me to try. It was not, despite her insistence, delicious.) Are they actually popular?

Maybe I'm being a little fruitcake about the Zoic/NFL/Serenity/subliminal angle, but it's only because TV commercials are becoming more sophisticated and multi-leveled all the time, making me suspect everything that appears too coinci-
dental. If Mutant Enemy (or whatever Joss's film production company is called now) is a client of Zoic, why mightn't Zoic use this incredibly broad-based and well-funded NFL campaign platform to create a subtextual consumer familiarity with Serenity, if it could be done in such a way that it didn't detract from their primary client's message?

NFL football is a huge market in the States, and appealing to a broader range of potential movie-goers this way will reach more eyeballs than any conventional, narrow-band advertising ever could. I'm sure Universal will generate its own campaign, as soon as they decide how to market the film, but why not start the media saturation now? There's broad appeal to the U.S. sports fandom on one level (who generally also tend to enjoy action/adventure films), and a subtextual message to sci-fi fans and potential Serenity-goers on the other....

Yeah, yeah, I know. Fruitcake.
Yeah pickled onion flavor are fairly popular over here, especially in "Monster Munch" crisps.

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