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December 16 2004

Buffy Cross up for bid on Ebay This is a 12'' by 7'' wooden cross that has been used throughout the series. Expensive though. It is currently at $175.00.

I think that this is the cross used durring "The Wish" in Season 3. Giles holds it up to Vamp Willow while Vamp Xander is holding Cordelia.

Man the actual props are so expensive on Ebay. That store we went to that had an auction of Buffy props should've put it up there, they would've gotten so much more money than the cheap prices they gave it. (and it was for charity so that would have been wise.) I don't think they had an inkling of the fandom BTVS has...
Call me cynical, but I don't think I would buy any prop without a COA. Some props are just too easy to forge. I'm not saying that particular cross is not a genuine prop, because how would I know? But I wouldn't spend the money without a COA.

edited to say I read further down where they say they will provide a COA to those who request them.

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