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"Get used to the feeling, Betazoid."
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December 17 2004

Whedon's Absence Leaves a Vast Wasteland. Ms. Magazine's daily blog on women, media and culture commenting on the recent "O Joss, My Joss" article.

Didn't know if this was too close to the other post regarding the "O Joss, My Joss" thread but thought I'd post in case it's relevant. Will understand completely if it gets deleted.

There's Quotes! No link to Quotes should get deleted!
Hey look at that - we're so close to Joss now that we get linked. Both Joss AND us rock!
Catalyst2, I had no idea what you were talking about and just went back and noticed the "Joss Whedon" link back to this site. That is pretty cool! And Puck, I honestly don't know what you mean but I'm sure if I made a mistake the mods will let me know.
I nearly posted this yesterday and did think that it might've been too close to "O Joss, My Joss", but the quotes were winning me over. Instead I went to bed though as I'm ill :)
Joss' comments still crack me up. What a sharp wit. I didn't notice the link either, blwessels. Chalk up another score for the Whedonesque team. BTW, hope you're feeling better Paul_Rocks.
Thanks Madhatter, I am feeling better today but I do now have a bitca of a cough - oh woe is me :)
Paul_Rocks Firefly Flanatic: "And Puck, I honestly don't know what you mean but I'm sure if I made a mistake the mods will let me know."

Oh my. A foreigner's worst nightmare: 'they don't understand me, my english is crappy!'
What I meant was..
You wrote 'Will understand completely if it gets deleted' - and then I read the article and saw some quotes from Joss. Which were pretty good - so I commented that no link to an article with Quotes should get deleted.

Man, I'm blabbering. Must be the flu. I hope.

[ edited by Puck on 2004-12-18 16:15 ]
Umm, I think you've got me confused with blw....Firefly Flan there Puck. :)
See: it's the flu talking.
Ahh, okay - I thought you meant "there's quotes - should get deleted! My bad!!

And for those who hadn't seen my other post I changed my name, formerly blwessels!

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