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December 17 2004

Wonderfalls nominated for WGA award. "Wax Lion" nominated for Episodic Comedy

Congrats to Bryan Fuller and Todd Holland

Excellent, it's nice to see this wonderful show get some of the recognition it deserves :)
Definitely agree with you Paul_Rocks
Cool. Looking forward to the DVDs. :)
Excellent news. I hope Wonderfalls DVD sales will be brisk.

Other snarky comments:

Episodic Drama

# "Memorial Day" ("The West Wing," NBC), John Sacret Young and Josh Singer
# "The Supremes" ("The West Wing," NBC), Debora Cahn
# "Falling into Place" ("Six Feet Under," HBO), Craig Wright
# "Long Term Parking" ("The Sopranos," HBO), Terence Winter

The West Wing? Is that still on? The winner here is "Long Term Parking," one of the most devastating episodes of the series. Ade! Nooooo!

Episodic Comedy

# "Splat!" ("Sex and the City," HBO), Jenny Bicks and Cindy Chupack
# "Pier Pressure" ("Arrested Development," FOX), Jim Vallely and Mitchell Hurwitz
# "The Ick Factor ("Sex and the City," HBO), Julie Rottenberg and Elisa Zuritsky
# "Pilot" ("Wonderfalls," FOX), teleplay by Bryan Fuller, story By Todd Holland and Bryan Fuller
# "Ida's Boyfriend" ("Malcolm in the Middle," FOX), Neil Thompson

IMO, Sex in the City and Arrested Development are wildly overrated. They're not bad, just overrated. "Wax Lion." Easy. But it'll never win.


# "Today I Am a Clown" ("The Simpsons," FOX), Joel H. Cohen
# "Fraudcast News" ("The Simpsons," FOX), Don Payne
# "Starcrossed ("Justice League," Cartoon Network), written by Rich Fogel, John Ridley, Dwayne McDuffie; story by Rich Fogel
# "Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore" ("The Simpsons," FOX), Julie Chambers and David Chambers
# "Catch 'em If You Can" ("The Simpsons," FOX), Ian Maxtone-Graham

I'm a sucker for Krusty episodes, but the Simpsons is long past its prime. "Starcrossed" may have been the best TV animated action epic of the past two decades.
The West Wing is excellent, although I'm still in the middle of season four. I hear season five was a turn for the worse and season six was an upturn in greatness. Shame Sorkin had to leave though.

As for the Best Simpsons Episode category, I think someone got confused, because there's a Justice League episode in there.

Although, having said that; The Simpsons, is that still on? I like to pretend it got cancelled in 2000. And that Dan Akroyd died in the mid-nineties.
Got to admit that while Simpsons IS past it's prime, it's still a fun half an hour show.

IT's very rare that I have a strong negative reaction to any Simpsons episodes in the last few seasons, and I tend to enjoy even the iffy ones.

On the plus side this last year has had some fun eps thus far.

Oh and goody for Wonderfalls, the pilot was VERY good, but I am waiting for the DVDs to watch the rest.

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