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December 17 2004

A video interview with Summer Glau at the premiere of 'Meet the Fockers'. She talks about Serenity and the rumour about Joss Whedon doing Wonder Woman (some truth in it after all?). And in a very special treat, got her to do a shoutout to Whedonesque, click here to view (this will open up Windows Media Player).

That's pretty cool, though this interview seemed slightly more forced than the last lot. Was very nice of him to ask her to give us a shout out though.
Does appear that the Wonder Woman thing might be on the cards, still not sure how I feel about that, though anything that gets us more Joss surely has to be a good thing.
So, is this what the actors are going to be doing between now and Sept? Going to conventions and premieres? Interesting life!
It was very nice of him to do so, I certaintly wasn't expecting it when I opened the email this morning. It made my dad.

And I should mention:

"make sure you adjust the height and width since it was shoot for 16x9 widescreen"
I think you will see someone from the cast of Serenity at every Universal premiere from now until Sept., both Meet the Fockers and In Good Company are films from Universal.

However, I think we need to get the push out to the marketing dept. at other studios to invite the Serenity cast to their premieres, as more promotion for their films (not to mention promoting Serenity)- in particular Hitchikers Guide, Star Wars, Batman Begins, War of the Worlds, Fantastic Four, and Bewitched which all come out before Serenity.

Even though the marketing dept at Universal may have it's own plans, I don't think we should leave anything to chance if we can use our own resources to make Serenity sore even higher. By inidating talk shows with post cards asking for Serenity cast members to be guest, getting them seen at premieres and such can only help drum up interest (from the non-fan base) in the movie as well as the DVD's, getting the Sci-fi channel to cut adeal with FOX to run the series over the summer would also help the cause. Some one has to take the initative and if we don't who will. We have a unique opportunity before us that has not been seen in almost 30 years and even then it was over 10 years between the series and film - this is a much closer time frame.

Ok I really need to get some sleep - cause I'm probably only making the kinda sense that doesn't make sense at this point in time or any other for that matter.

BTW - Look for White Noise from Universal to be the next premiere that a cast member from Serenity may appear at it's due out Jan 7th - so they may have a premiere very soon.
Nice interview! She's really a sweet person! I was just saying to my husband that I thought Gina would make a great Wonder Woman. She definitly has the bod for it!! If Joss is interesting in doing that movie, he must have a plan for it and that's good enough for me! I'm not familiar with the actual Wonder Woman from the comics so I don't know if the story is darker but either way I'm sure he'd do something fantastic with it.
It made my dad.

It made your dad what? ;~P
LOL, Rogue Slayer, I was going to say the same thing.

Summer is so sweet. I think she would make a great Lois Lane, she sure has the look for it. I also want to see Gina Torres as Wonder Woman. That would rock. Gina's so talented. I'd love to see her in more movies.

Nice Whedonesque shoutout. It's cool to know our stars are lurking around here...Hi, Summer! We love you! Hee.
We love you too summer! Some more affectionately than others.
"it made my dad"

so your dad is a made guy then

Great, may I respectfully request Don Simon, that he makes Universal an offer they cannot refuse.
I'm never going to live that one down am I?
She talked to US! A big thanks to!
Well Simon - you know - watch your spelling or you may confuse us Americans - I thought "Made by dad" was some special British saying :)
What an adorable person! I love how grounded and real everyone associated with Serenity seems to be -- no slick Hollywood soundbites, just honest, from-the-heart sweetness and warmth.

Don't feel you have to wait for the premiere, Summer! Come visit and hang out any time. We're all peaceable and friendly-like here. And if you wanna, bring that guy in the skirt with you. ;)

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