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December 18 2004

Gellar: The Grudge Promotion Rolls On. I know everyone got sick of all the promotion for 'The Grudge', but SMG has spent the last month travelling across Europe on the promotion trail.

She also attended the Dubai International Film Festival. Here is a brief extract from a press conference. She's her usual slightly evasive self, but there is mention of 'Southland Tales' and 'The Grudge 2', as well as her stock answer to a question about Buffy.

She's a pro, I have to admit.
By now she's had plenty of practice.

She must be quite annoyed if it's really true that she doesn't know her schedule for the spring ie. when Southland Tales or Revolver will start shooting, but that seems to be part of the uncertainty/fun of making films.
Poor Europeans. To have her inflicted upon them for a whole month. She could have just shown an episode of BtVS & got the whole movie promotion over with.
I read elsewhere that she returned to USA today.
Gellar has finished her European promotion now. Her last stop was the Berlin premiere on 16 December.

As to her being 'inflicted' on the Europeans, I think that is slightly harsh. She attended five premieres, a couple of other media events, the MTV European Music Awards and the Dubai IFF. Most of it was for the media. Fans (she does have some) got to go along to the premieres, scream at her, and maybe get an autograph. They were happy. Everybody else was probably completely unware that anything was happening.
Yeah, I agree that "inflicted" comment was unnecessarily harsh. She's promoting her movie just like any other celebrity is required to do and she obviously has fans, that's why The Grudge was a huge success. We hear a lot about her promoting this because people are reporting it here (and other BtVS/Whedon sites).

(formerly blwessels)
I've read rumors across some sites that she's supposed to be a drug-addict porn star, or something to that degree in "Southland Tales." That's about all I know.
SMG herself has said in a couple of interviews that she plays a drug addict porn star and before any of you get any idea we will be seeing "more" of her ,she has also said that her character keeps her clothes on

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What do ya mean dash-- SMG fans (she does have some)? hehe! Just kidding not starting another SMG dabate.
Amy Poehler on Saturday Night Live mentioned tonight that Madonna was reportedly going to be given a small role in Revolver by its director (and her husband), Guy Ritchie. Madonna and SMG, together in the same movie ... who woulda thunk?

I'm loving the idea of SMG's part in Southland Tales. It sounds so unusual and different for her, I'm eager to see how far Richard Kelly can get her to stretch her wings.
Wiseblood, there are more than one movie named Revolver being talked about and SMG is not being a part of the Madonna/Richie one.

The one SMG seems to be cast in is directed by Asif Kapadia.

One of the movies are likely to change name soon to avoid misunderstandings.
Having wasted a couple of hours of my precious life on watching ‘Swept Away’, SMG should thank her lucky stars for not being in a Madonna/Ritchie movie.
Miranda- didn't see the Madonna version but the orignal "Swept Away" was a good movie, if you haven't seen it you may enjoy it. I don't know how to spell their names but it's with Lena Wurtmueller and Giancarlo Gianini.
Having wasted a couple of hours of my precious life on watching ‘Swept Away’, SMG should thank her lucky stars for not being in a Madonna/Ritchie movie.

I couldn't agree more. It's a shocking film. Still, if SMG were to appear in a Guy Ritchie film, would she go for the Dick Van Dyke school of cockney accents?

What do ya mean dash-- SMG fans (she does have some)? hehe!

It's just a scurrilous rumour I've heard.
Nowhere else to put this - I just read on an Israeli entertainment site that the Israeli distributors of The Grudge met with SMG last month and that she expressed interest in coming to Israel to promote the movie:
She certainly has wanderlust.

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