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December 20 2004

Astonishing X-Men: Gifted (trade paperback) review. MediasharX takes a gander at Joss Whedon's first six issues which are rather handily collected together in one volume and is now available to buy.

For anyone who hasn't read the arc, a spoiler warning might be advisable but I don't know how long we have to put them up for printed matter?

Still a strange review in the sense that I had this sinking feeling as the reviwer repeatedly referred to how badly cast BtVS the movie was cast (as if Joss had any input on that!) but then went into raptures once he got onto the real subject of the review. Great review - I look forward to the next issues.
I agree Catalyst I was just about to mention it.

Why start bashing him about his resume and the fact that he came from movies, and state other people who could have taken the run and than praise the series in the body of the review.

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