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December 20 2004

BBC reducing online presence. Popular "BBC Cult" site to get the axe, among others.

Sorry to see this go -- it had great Buffy features and stuff.

I'm sad to see this section go too. As anyone started a petition yet?
Slightly diffent take in today's Guardian where they say:

"A cult TV and film site devoted to shows such as The Simpsons and Buffy will be pruned to concentrate on upcoming BBC shows like Dr Who."

But I will be sad to see the Buffy and Angel pages go, they had some really good interviews there.
It will be sad to see the Buffyverse sections go, but if this means more resources will be put to developing online availabilty of their content, I'll manage to survive.
That's a shame. It's a great site.
Idiotic decision for idiotic reasons. I love the BBC, and making it worse so other people can compete seems contrary to any kind of logic I can come up with.
Yet another reason why i'm going to resent paying the license fee next year.

I'm currently watching exactly one hour of BBC television throughout the entire week (Little Britain and QI) so the only area where i'm actually getting any value for money at all is Radio 1, which i listen to all day whilst i'm working.

It is obvious to me that the BBC is no longer planning on showing any decent U.S. series. Buffy is gone, the various Treks aren't coming back, The X Files (assuming it returns) is relegated to a late night slot, 24 is a no go, the empty promises of Farscape getting a possible repeat run are just that, empty, The Simpsons has moved tha Channel 4! And if they think i'm going to get excited about the dire news that Doctor Who is coming back (couldn't stand it growing up so i can't see me enjoying it any better these days) they are severly mistaken.

Basically the BBC no longer provides me with any value for money when it comes to television so i'm now paying for a television license in order to listen to the radio! All the television channels i actually do watch i'm forced to pay extra for anyway and the only way i'm legally able to watch them at all is pay the BBC for the right to have a television in the house in the first place!!!

Not really fair is it!
The loss of the writer/actor interviews will be the saddest part. Some of those are surpassingly good. It's too bad they are streaming, so that it is a little tougher to save them (and some have already been gone for a while).
Has Jordon Levin been hired by the BBC?
Unfortunately, it's not a decision the BBC wants to make. It's pressure from the government and commercial websites/tv networks that have forced them to do this.
I really liked the BBC-site when I was still watching Buffy on the BBC. I went there every week to discuss the newly aired episodes (also because it was the one site I knew which used the BBC-schedule of airing episodes as spoiler-indicator, whilst on the rest of the internet it is very hard to avoid spoilers for episodes shown in America, but not on the other side of the ocean). However since they stopped showing Buffy I did not go there anymore, but it's still a shame.

It is not clear to me from this article if the entire cult-section will be removed. In particular I'm wondering what will happen to the Ghosts of Albion section as that is still an interesting project. Does anyone know?
oh how sad, I really liked that site also.
Are the pages still up? I don't know the url, but if they are couldn't one just save all the content to a archive??
The pages are currently still up. How long they'll be there is something I'm unclear on.

But for those who haven't had a chance, I suggest you check out the interviews section of the site. There's some really great stuff there that's in both text and video format.

There's also a cool Angel section that likewise has some great material. These are sites I've enjoyed a lot in the past, and it'll be rather depressing if they're indeed wiped off of the web. So for those who haven't seen them yet, I suggest you take a peek.
I really hope that doesn't mean the end of the 'Ghosts of Albion'. I really enjoyed 'Embers' and was looking forward to further stories after this one.
Media consolidation has had a pretty dramatic impact on a lot of things, such as (indirectly) the cancellation of "Angel." It's a shame what's happening to public broadcasting in Britain. It's always been hamstrung here in the U.S. by commercial interests but it seems it's now under siege everywhere.

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